Men are such simple creatures.

17 years married and my husband still asks about the one and only time I was with a girl, Yes it was in college and yes she was my room mate and yes dear it is the one friend of mine you fantasize about.
Get over it, It only happened once, It will never happen again, It was great and we both came in 69 and fell asleep naked snuggling Which is how we got caught otherwise I never would have even told him.
Grow up, I am a married, 40 year old woman with kids, I am not going to start going down on my friends now if I haven't done for you in the 19 years we have been together.

Oct 2, 2018

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  • I understand but don’t think the issue is exclusive to men though. I am a guy and I had a same ** relationship 20 years ago at university. I told my wife about it and every now and again it crops up and she asks about the details.

  • Why is it ok for women to get on by other women but when a man thinks it’s hot for two women to be together it’s that he’s such a simpleton??? You are or were obviously turned on by this ** girl experience otherwise it wouldn’t have occurred, what makes it so wrong for men to be turned on by it? God forbid...

  • Quit ** at least he's still interested in you.. I hope he gives up on you for being such a ** and ** your friends behind your back.

  • Lovely . Sums up the men women divide . We all live for a bit of truth like this . **

  • Who cares?

  • He has never performed oral ** on you?

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