I want to be a pretty pony princess

I’m a man who lives on his own and has a great job I haven’t been successful dating, all the woman I meet are too needy,rushy and want tons of kids, I’m a young guy I’ll have kids later thanks, I have needs like every other man around the world but... mine are a little different you see on the inside I’m a pretty pony princess and I want to be treated as such but no woman understands that I wanna come home and not be judged for who I am on the inside... I need a woman who’s a man so I can be your man and be your woman... I want to be taken to the bedroom by the hand and have my pretty pink panties taken down
So I can do all the naughty things girls do maybe you can finger my a****** and get it ready to take that 8 inch strap on, I know I squeal and moan, and maybe when I misbehave or embarrass you in public you can take me home and turn me over your knee and tan my f****, I really want to be a pony princess if you think you can fill the role let me know below

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  • Your the idiot that works in the WWE office. Shut up you freak

  • Whats in it for her?

    every relationship has to have benefits for both. We see what your benefit is but what about her.

  • Simple, I’ll be her b****

  • I'm a man. And I want to rim you until you go insane from it.

  • It says I need a woman dumb ass!

  • ….a******...……….major a******……………. retarded a******...……………………………..

  • Major POS

  • Who you?

  • Yes I am😔

  • F***** rat b****** a****** m************ m***********

  • Such anger you must be a virgin

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