Cannot stop fantasizing about my 25 year old step daughter

So I started dating my gf three years ago. Before that though I’d always had a thing for her daughter. I’m 44 my girlfriend is 48 and her daughter is 25, but when I met her she was 20 years old. This was before I ever knew my girlfriend. We’d hung out at bars and venues, as I’m a musician and play many shows around the area.

My gfs daughter and friends used to come out to the shows and then we’d hangout after wherever, get drunk, get high, make out, some heavy petting so forth and so on. So now here I am three years later and she’s moved back in with her mother, who I’ve been living with for the last two years. I’ve seen the daughter nude twice since she’s moved in. I’m pretty sure she planned both. She is quite loud when having s**, but only has s**/masturbates when her mothers not here, but it doesn’t matter if I’m here or not it seems. She’s gone topless in the hot tub with me when her mother has been gone. Also she is constantly flirting with me.

I cannot stop thinking of her, and all of the things we used to do together. I especially fantasize about her while having s** with her mother. There are pictures of her up all around the bedroom, and while I’m having s** with the mother, I’m staring at all of those, and thinking of the daughter. What the h*** am I supposed to do? I love her mom, but I want the daughter. It’s just ridiculous, as I’ve never been unfaithful to anyone I’ve been with, but I’m trying so hard to not do anything with the daughter. Any advice would help! TIA

May 15

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  • In your place I would tell this feelings both to your gf and her dauther. Maybe when you three are together somewhere in your home.

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