Tag teamed my wife.

So two months ago my wife and I were out with some friends, One of my friends came home with us and we were drunk and talking about sex and stuff, Between the two of us we came up with a plan. I had been telling him about my wifes body and he has always been...Intrigued by her, She is short and a little chubby but soooooo hot, Huge boobs and a great booty, sexy legs, Just overall a great package. Initially I was just going to leave the door open to the bedroom so he could watch me nail her but that changed.
I had my wife in bed and he was supposed to be sleeping downstairs, I stripped her naked and since the kids were all at the in laws for the night she didn't even notice I had left the door open a crack, I tossed all the sheets off and had her flat on her back, I was going down on her and watching the door out of the corner of my eye, I could see he was standing there and I motioned for him to come in, He got down on all fours and crawled in which almost made me burst out laughing but I managed to hold it together, I was licking my wife and she was sucking her nipples and squeezing her big tits, I don't even think she would be able to see down there without lifting her head anyway but we sneakily switched places and I watched as he dove right in and started licking her.
I was kneeling beside him and could barely keep from blowing my load, He reached up and started grabbing her boobs then looked at me and mouthed "Holy fuck", I smiled and he went back to licking, I crawled up beside the bed and watched my wife as she moaned and groaned loving what he was doing. I got up on my knees beside her then realized she had her eyes closed.
I sneaked back to where he was and switched with him again, I told her to roll over and she got on the bed face down, I spread her legs and switched with him again, He got on his knees behind her and shoved it in her. She tensed up and moaned then he started pounding her reaching around grabbing her boobs, I walked up beside the bed and she just had her eyes closed loving every minute, Unfortunately he started coming right when I rubbed my knob on her lips, She opened her mouth and started sucking me as he was coming in her from behind.
It took about 3 seconds or 5 pumps and she opened her eyes, Shoved me away, Screamed and scrambled away from him, she was trying to cover up and he crawled on top of her as she sat with her back against the head board, He was still coming and put the last of his load on her stomach then wiped his hand across it and rubbed it on her boobs, My wife had her hands up blocking her view of him and trying to cover her boobs with her arms which wasn't working at all, He pinched her nipple and she slapped him away then looked at me, Looked at him and gagged, She said "did you just...GAG...Did you...GAG" and he whispered "I just came in your beautiful pussy", My wife wiped his come off her boob and said "Go...Just go..." and then went to cover her face with her hands, She wiped his come on her cheek then looked at her hand and gagged jumping out of bed running to the bathroom.
I could hear her gagging in the bathroom as we giggled and I told him he better go, I went in when I heard the shower running, She was sitting in the shower with her head in her hands so I opened the door and stepped in, She looked at me and said "Nope...You fucking go too", I said "What...", Her eyes got wide and she said "WHAT...For real...WHAT...You just let your friend...GAG", I styed in the shower touching her and groping her saying "You sure didn't mind it at the time" and stuff like that, She was pulling away saying "Yeah, I thought it was you" and stuff like that.
Eventually She relaxed a bit and we started messing around, I jerked a load onto her tits and we got out, We went to bed and she kept saying "I'm not ok with this", "I don't even know how to process this right now". Next morning she got up and showered again, Never said a word to me but when I came out of the bedroom she handed me a note explaining that she was not ok with what I had done and was going to stay with a friend.
A week later she came back home and we had a long talk, It's been a month and we have tagged her 6 times, Always at his house because we have kids but I think I may have created a monster and she loves it.

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