Tag teamed my wife.

So two months ago my wife and I were out with some friends, One of my friends came home with us and we were drunk and talking about s** and stuff, Between the two of us we came up with a plan. I had been telling him about my wifes body and he has always been...Intrigued by her, She is short and a little chubby but soooooo hot, Huge b**** and a great booty, sexy legs, Just overall a great package. Initially I was just going to leave the door open to the bedroom so he could watch me nail her but that changed.
I had my wife in bed and he was supposed to be sleeping downstairs, I stripped her naked and since the kids were all at the in laws for the night she didn't even notice I had left the door open a crack, I tossed all the sheets off and had her flat on her back, I was going down on her and watching the door out of the corner of my eye, I could see he was standing there and I motioned for him to come in, He got down on all fours and crawled in which almost made me burst out laughing but I managed to hold it together, I was licking my wife and she was sucking her nipples and squeezing her big t***, I don't even think she would be able to see down there without lifting her head anyway but we sneakily switched places and I watched as he dove right in and started licking her.
I was kneeling beside him and could barely keep from blowing my load, He reached up and started grabbing her b**** then looked at me and mouthed "Holy f***", I smiled and he went back to licking, I crawled up beside the bed and watched my wife as she moaned and groaned loving what he was doing. I got up on my knees beside her then realized she had her eyes closed.
I sneaked back to where he was and switched with him again, I told her to roll over and she got on the bed face down, I spread her legs and switched with him again, He got on his knees behind her and shoved it in her. She tensed up and moaned then he started pounding her reaching around grabbing her b****, I walked up beside the bed and she just had her eyes closed loving every minute, Unfortunately he started coming right when I rubbed my k*** on her lips, She opened her mouth and started sucking me as he was coming in her from behind.
It took about 3 seconds or 5 pumps and she opened her eyes, Shoved me away, Screamed and scrambled away from him, she was trying to cover up and he crawled on top of her as she sat with her back against the head board, He was still coming and put the last of his load on her stomach then wiped his hand across it and rubbed it on her b****, My wife had her hands up blocking her view of him and trying to cover her b**** with her arms which wasn't working at all, He pinched her nipple and she slapped him away then looked at me, Looked at him and gagged, She said "did you just...GAG...Did you...GAG" and he whispered "I just came in your beautiful p****", My wife wiped his come off her b*** and said "Go...Just go..." and then went to cover her face with her hands, She wiped his come on her cheek then looked at her hand and gagged jumping out of bed running to the bathroom.
I could hear her gagging in the bathroom as we giggled and I told him he better go, I went in when I heard the shower running, She was sitting in the shower with her head in her hands so I opened the door and stepped in, She looked at me and said "Nope...You f****** go too", I said "What...", Her eyes got wide and she said "WHAT...For real...WHAT...You just let your friend...GAG", I styed in the shower touching her and groping her saying "You sure didn't mind it at the time" and stuff like that, She was pulling away saying "Yeah, I thought it was you" and stuff like that.
Eventually She relaxed a bit and we started messing around, I jerked a load onto her t*** and we got out, We went to bed and she kept saying "I'm not ok with this", "I don't even know how to process this right now". Next morning she got up and showered again, Never said a word to me but when I came out of the bedroom she handed me a note explaining that she was not ok with what I had done and was going to stay with a friend.
A week later she came back home and we had a long talk, It's been a month and we have tagged her 6 times, Always at his house because we have kids but I think I may have created a monster and she loves it.

Oct 11, 2018

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  • Shared my wife with friends, co-workers and strangers for years. Any where from 2-8 guys at once. Nothing hotter than watching your friends turn your wife into their w****.

  • Hi rich its sashas mom here xx

  • Oh I love you both so much.

  • Morn rich and hope you have a nice day. sasha is still sleeping and is a stubborn little mynx rich. even when i tucked her in and said. now baby doll i will be makeing changes and if you dont start behaving. then i will be calling my friend rich again. she said get out off her f face. i quickley pulled covers down and flipped her over and spanked her a handfull off times. she clutched her bottom and buried her face in pillow rich. i coverd her up and kissed her and said good night. just too keep you informed also. i have set her out pink skirt, with a white t, shirt and white socks and panties with multi coloured love hearts on them and her runners are pink and white. thanks for last night and as i have said. she is convinced you can see her every move and will come over. im too do a few bits and pieces later. maybe before we leave. you could give her a stern lecture on what she said too me as i tucked her in and plus behave herself when we are out and throw in maybe her clothes she will be wareing please xx

  • Amanda hope you are handling things OK. It is rough when you have a stubborn girl. I will help where I can she is afraid to be naked.

  • She is now testing waters rich. im getting very tired off it. i will put her on for you if thats ok rich xx

  • For a short while.

  • Meant too say thanks rich xx

  • She is on now rich xx

  • Sasha I thought you were going to help mom through this?

  • Im not do f** anything mr kk

  • I think it is time to take you away and put you with other girls that are just like you.

  • Whats that f** mean mr kk

  • A special vehicle will come to your place a woman will come in and take you with her and you will go with her to the place. When you get there you will be stripped and checked over and showered and then you will share a room with other girls that do not want to behave and want to do their own thing.

  • Well im f** run off now mr kk then

  • She will find you she has ways. I just talked to her she is on her way to pick up a girl now.

  • Well im get my stuff now mr kk and going mr kk and im go take knife with me mr kk and stick in them if they f** try mr kk

  • She is trained very well she might even strip you before putting you in the vehicle. I will call her now and have her come and get you I will tell her the directions. That you are wearing a pink skirt a white t shirt with white socks and panties with multi colored love hearts on them and pink and white runners.

  • Mr hold on a sec kk how you f** keep no what im ware all time mr kk forget it mr kk

  • She has your information about you and she said she will be ready to strip you outside before putting you inside vehicle. She has two boys and three girls so far.

  • Wait a sec mr kk i want talk with you mr kk

  • Sasha what is it ?

  • Make a deal mr kk

  • What are you offering?

  • If i go shops with my mom mr kk and tell lady to go back home mr kk

  • Will you listen to mom and be a good girl ?

  • Fine i will then mr kk listen to her and its stupid mr kk

  • Stupid is not listening. I will call the woman not to pick you up. Sasha I am proud of you and I do love you.

  • Hi rich its amanda xx

  • Yes sweetheart.

  • I am so greatfull she is in a mood. but she at least is brushing her hair. i wish i could show you her little face as she stomped off holding her hand on her bottom rich. she is totaly convinced you see everything she does. i told her any bad behaviour while out and she is resciveing a sound spanking like never before. i got a little grunt from her but thats it. we love you rich xx

  • That got me excited thank you. I do love you both.

  • Sasha wont say it now rich. but she does love you. i need too be firmer myself also with her. should be intresting day out. you would love her little bottom. its a little bubble butt so too speak rich xx

  • It would be nice to kiss.

  • Well rich i van guarantee you now. if she acts up when we are out. then with your help later. i will give her a roasting she wont forget. then you can talk with her in bed and maybe soothe her xx

  • We shall see.

  • Morn rich and i hope your ok. im at my wits end with sasha. she is starting too think you wont go come over. as i said you wanted to talk with her ove her behaviour out with me. i wont repeat what she called me. my brother inlaw has fixed our windows and door and we may head home today or tomorrow. although my sister is insiting we stay longer. my brother inlaw wanted too spank her rich. but i said no and sasha realy is becoming so bratty. i would aprecciate if you can talk with her later rich. so you know she is wareing a purple nightie and no panties and i have left out her rabbit slippers for her when she wakes up. tell her you seen what she said and did out at shops with me. curseing, ripping a dresse, walking away from me and alot more rich. i thank you once again. love sashas mom amanda xx

  • Sasha wants to become a bad ass girl that cusses and do what she pleases. Her friends are bad ass girls also so she wants to fit in. It will be challenging wish I could actually hug you both it would be much better. I will keep trying to do my best maybe I can have my grand daughter talk with her later.

  • Hi rich and that would be great. if your free too talk with her i would aprecciate it. i should leather her little bum xx

  • Hello amanda I am back.

  • Hi rich and she is here and ready when you are thanks xx

  • Hello sasha my beautiful girl.

  • Im ok mr and you kk

  • I am glad you are OK I was worried about you.

  • Xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  • Meant say tell my mom to get out of my face mr kk tanks

  • Whats all xxxxxxxxx for mr kk and will you tell my mom to get in my f** face please mr kk

  • All the kisses are for you. However I just got off the phone with a couple of shop owners and what I heard from them I did not like what I heard at all.

  • I dont no what you mean mr kk

  • Well one told me that a young girl ripped a dress and a young girl caused a disturbance in the shoe shop.

  • Can i go now mr i kind of have plans you no mr kk

  • Sasha it was you they were taking about. Anyway my grand daughter wants to say a few word to you.

  • How do you no mr kk

  • Hello sasha it's me emma.

  • What do you want emma kk

  • Sasha when i was looking through my moms stuff i found something it looks like a willy.

  • Emma is that realy your grandad and he is f****** super strict and what did you find anyway kk

  • Sasha he is my great grandpa he can be strict when he wants to be. I have gotten spanked by him a couple of times.what I found is rubber thingy and looks like a real willy with veins in it.

  • No way emma and have you got it now and how come you let him spank you like and how old are you emma hugs

  • I have that thingy in my hand and it looks so big and it is bouncy and it has a button on it. I know if I get mouthy sometime he would spank me. I am 13.

  • You have a nice name emma and will you not get into troule haveing it. i bet your cool and do you have a dad. i dont think i would let him spank me if he was my grandad hugs

  • I do not have a dad. I put that thingy between my legs so I can type on computer keyboard. i got spanked a couple of times and he had all my clothes off when he spanked me. i have small b**** and have some hair down there. you want to know something.

  • I have no dad either emma kind of and i dont like him. does it feel nice have that between your legs and he realy takes your clothes all of. what do you want to tell me hugs

  • It feels nice between my legs and i have no panties on.i wonder what that button is for. yes he really takes all my clothes off for my spanking and you know i kind of enjoy getting spanked.

  • You are crazy funny emma and sound pretty. i cant wait till i get b**** and hair down there. how can you like getting spanked hugs

  • At first i did not like it but lately even when my mom spanks me i get wet between my slit and i love when mom rubs lotion on me and she even puts lotion on my thingy.

  • Are you messing emma. my mom is trying too make lots off rules. i dont no how your grandad found out about me ripping the dress at shop. he always even knows what clothes im wareing and everything. your mom realy does rubb you down there with oil hugs

  • I have rules to I do obey them but if I want to have my mom rub me than I purposely do something that annoys her and then I would get spanked nude my nipples would get hard and the I would get wet.then my mom put lotion on me and does that feel good. I think I will give my mommy a massage and I will touch her thingy.

  • Did you go emma hugs

  • Is your mom there now. i cant beleave you like to get spanked emma and rules suck so bad. my mom says she knows your grandad a long time. your lucky you get to ware a train bra and my mom says i dont need one hugs

  • Sasha I do not wear a bra my mom has not worn one in years either and I go without panties a lot except when I have my period.
    My mom is with some friends. I am going to surprise mom and give her a massage and I will rub her like she does me.
    My grand dad knows many people.

  • Sasha I pushed the button oh my gosh does that thing hum and vibrate.

  • What did it feel like emma hugs

  • It feels wonderful I have the tip at my opening oh my.

  • I hope you dont hurt yourself emma hugs

  • Sasha did you go?

  • I asked grand dad and he said you are wearing a purple nightie and no panties and some rabbit slippers.

  • I was doing something emma and how does he no what im wareng all the time. do you not even ware panties to school hugs

  • No I do not I love the air touching it.
    That thingy is making me so wet I wonder if I could slide it in me.

  • Do you have lots of rules emna andba bedtime hugs

  • Oh yes but I obey them unless I want mommy to rub me.

  • But you even have a bedtime emma hugs

  • Nine most of the time.

  • That is early and if you told your mom to f*** off then she would go mad at you emma hugs

  • If I told her that and wanted to get rubbed by her then I would do it otherwise no I would not.

  • But how do you like follow all the rules and go to bed early emma. can you sneak and find out how your grandad knows what im doing all the time please hugs

  • Grand dad has ways of knowing and he knew I took mom's toy and was using it. He just knows a lot.I can not wait till later I want to know what mo's thingy feels like.
    Sasha has your mom ever rub you?

  • Mom rubbed my bum a while ago like maybe a week ago after your f*** grandad made me get spanked emma. are you staying with your grandad and is it just your mom and you there. were is your dad gone to emma hugs

  • My dad ran off and who cares. Yes we are staying here a few days while the house gets fumigated.
    Did you like your mom rubbing your thingy?

  • My dad did same and he was not nice. my mom was just rubb my back and bum emma and i fell asleep hugs

  • You should have your mom rub your thingy it feels so good.

  • No way and she is fighting with anyway. i called her names and lots of stuff emma hugs

  • You want her to spank you don't you? You are doing it on purpose so she can rub you.

  • I told you emma i dont f*** like being spanked. your grandad is always talking with my mom. i bet he is going to let her spank me over yesterday. she f****** blew a gasket hugs

  • Go get spanked and start enjoying it like I do. My mommy even spanks my thingy when I really mouth off to her. I just love it.

  • Well if you like it i dare you to go and break something and call your mom a bad mame so hugs

  • Sasha you hate getting spanked then quit breaking things and mouthing off simple solution.

  • Are you realy going to break something emma and plus i like being my own boss emma hugs

  • Sasha granddad just left and said he is on his way to see you.

  • Emma did you f****** tell on me and you better not of emma hugs

  • Grand dad knows maybe he is following some communication I did not tell him anything.

  • I hope you did not say anyting emma hugs

  • What tell him to go back emma and why the f*** is he come over here for hugs

  • You tell me maybe he is going over to spank you. He does this with other parents kids and he means business. I do not know if I can reach him.

  • Sasha you are in deep s***.

  • Did he tell you why emma and i did f*** all wrong hugs

  • I dont no why emma and cant you ring or text him now please emma kk hugs

  • He wants to know if you will give your mom a massage and kiss her lips.

  • No emma im not f*** doing that. please tell him i will say sorry though kk hugs

  • Sorry sasha and he is going onward.

  • Tell him im out emma please kk hugs

  • He is not responding oh s***.

  • Can you ask your mom or somebody to call or text him emma. tell hiim im gone out kk hugs

  • He is not answering sasha you are in deep s*** he follows through with what he says,

  • Do you think i should run of emma and why is he f*** come over here for hugs

  • I will do that and I am going to get spanked and I will enjoy it .

  • What if your grandad or somebody sees you emma. is it realy big hugs

  • So if they see no big deal he has seen me nude. I am nude now.

  • How can you let them see you and is your mom with her friends now emma hugs

  • I play with myself whenever I feel like it and I do not care who sees me.
    I wonder what my mommy's thingy feels like.

  • But thats your mommys thingy emma hugs

  • So what I am curious and I wonder if she get's wet like I do.

  • You dont have to be cheeky with me emma hugs

  • Do they no who did it mr kk

  • I think i no what happen mr i might have rip dress by mistake mr kk and i dont think i shout in shoe shop mr kk and it might not of be even me you no mr

  • Are you there rich and sasha threw a wobbler in shoe shop. if you can please have a word with her xx

  • Were heading out door now and she was huffy and rolled her eyes. i cracked her skirt four time and she ran too car. we love you rich and thank you xx

  • Fine im get ready mr kk and mom wants you mr kk

  • Hold on mr a sec kk

  • Sasha is here though she is falling asleep. thank you for remining firm and careing with her rich xx. i will put her on now

  • That's a risk you take. If you encourage your wife to make deposits at another bank, she may just decide she likes the tellers over there better and moves her account.

  • My wife is a hotwife, and I don't know why, but it really turns me on when she f**** another guy. She's been f****** her coworker lately, but I think she's doing it too much. Before she would f*** someone else maybe once or twice every few months. But last month she asked if she could f*** her coworker. As usual I said yes. So the next day she went home with him after work and didn't come home until 11pm. Every night now after work she calls to tell me she's with him. They either go to the bar or back to his place. This has been going on for a month now. I want to spend time with my wife, so I asked her to come home tonight and she got mad. Told me I was changing the rules in the middle of the game. I told her no I just wanted to spend time with her. She said she would think about it, but it's almost 10pm and she's still not home. I fear I have lost her to another man. I'll be taking to a divorced lawyer tomorrow. Keep that in mind when you share your wife.

  • Your wife is a w**** , i am sure she had more than 100 d**** before u

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