Round two

15 years ago my wife and I had a one time fling with her best friend and her husband, Well ex now, We were in town for their wedding and 2 nights before the wedding we all got wasted and ended up in bed together, I with his wife and him with mine. My wife was always super embarrassed about it and basically denied that it ever happened if I ever brought it up.
This past weekend we were at a huge outdoor concert festival which is kind of an end of summer bash every year that we always go to, We had the camper there parked beside another couple we usually go with, Around midnight or so they headed back to the campground and as we wandered around drinking and dancing we stumbled across her best friends ex who I am still friends with but we just can't all hang out together anymore so I don't see him too often, We had a few drinks and sat around talking for a bit then when they were shutting down the bars we decided to go back to the camper since it turned out he was only three rows away from us.
Me and him were sitting outside talking and my wife had gone inside to mix a drink when I decided that I should try to get him to f*** my wife again, While she was inside I leaned over and whispered a proposal to him and he just laughed saying "Yeah...I don't think my girlfriend would be too happy about that", I told him that obviously she didn't need to know and he looked at me then over his shoulder toward the camper and said " she on board", I shrugged and said "She doesn't even know yet", My wife came back and handed us our drinks, We drank them and 10 minutes or so later when she went back inside we followed her.
My wife was pretty trashed and we had indulged in some "recreational" stuff, She walked up to the counter and I walked up behind her, Put my hands on her hips and she leaned her head back, I kissed her and slid my hands up her shirt, She had her head leaned back on my shoulder and whispered "Did **** go home?", I just grunted and started groping her, I pulled her shirt and bra off and She was getting all hot and bothered, When I spun her around she wobbled, Looked right at **** and then at me, I could tell she was pretty drunk as she squinted her eyes and then covered her b**** and said "Uh...Cough...Uh...No", I motioned for him to come closer and he did, He just leaned in and kissed her neck and shoulder and she looked at me wobbling back and forth.
I took her by the hand and led her to the couch where we sat one on either side of her and she just kept drunkenly staring at me, She took a deep breath and said "No, Baby", **** cupped one of her b**** and she looked down at his hand then put hers on top of his holding it still and said "Hic...I...No...", We kept kissing and touching her and she was already h**** so she took a deep breath and groaned an unimpressed "MMMMM" I turned her so she was facing him and leaning back on me, I knew she wasn't wearing underwear under her skirt so I put her one leg on the couch leaving the other on the floor and she turned her head to face the wall as I spread her legs, She covered her face and **** got on his knees, Lifted her skirt and then looked up at her saying "That's new" (5 years of laser hair removal) She looked down and put her hand over her p**** and he moved her hand leaning in and burying his face in her p****.
She was leaning back groaning and grunting as he licked her so I slid out from under her and laid her back, I dropped my pants and shoved my d*** in her face, She started sucking me and it was on, We switched back and forth with her sucking and licking one of us while the other licked her, I had my d*** in her mouth and reached down lifted her one knee up to her shoulder and **** went right for it, He started licking her bum which she has only ever let me do once but that night she was totally down for it, She turned her head to face the back of the couch and whispered "Oh F***, Oh f***", I was reaching down rubbing her c*** and she just had her hands balled up in fists as he licked her little pink butt hole.
My wife was shaking and moaning, She whispered "F*** me, Ffffuck me now please", **** got up on his knees and shoved it in her, She tilted her head back, Arched her back and I leaned back watching him pound her, My wife thinks her b**** are terrible after having kids and want a b*** job but I have always said no so I was a bit surprised at how willing she was to let him play with them, He was sucking her wrinkly nips while her little, Saggy b**** flopped around, We kept banging her and switching back and forth, We ended up on the floor with him straddling her face while she had his b**** in her mouth and stroked his d*** until he came on her chest.
I didn't even stop, I just kept pounding her while she rubbed it in then I pulled out and shot my load all over her chest, I wasn't even done and her b**** started jiggling, I looked back and **** was pounding her again, I took a break after that and sat on the couch watching him pound her then he rolled her over and she put her face on a pillow on the floor and stuck her ass in the air, He shoved it in her from behind then wet his thumb and rubbed her butt hole, She didn't even try to stop him as he slid his thumb in her, She just lifted her head a little and moaned "Oooohhhh yeah", He pounded her for a bit longer and when he pulled out I was already hard again.
This went on until sometime before sun up and we must have spent 2-2.5 hours hammering her hard before she finally swallowed a load from him and then pushed him away saying she had to stop, She stumbled to bed and I told him to crawl in with her, I slept on the couch and in the morning I woke up, Looked over and they were both naked with no covers, He lifted his head and looked at me, I motioned for him to do it again and he grabbed her ass, Spread her cheeks, Put some spit on his k*** and shoved it in her, She took a deep breath, Whispered "Oh f***" and he pounded her from behind then rolled her face down, He twitched and came inside her then pulled out and before she could move he slid out of the way and I shoved mine in her, She looked back at me and grunted "Oh f***", I pounded her for a minute before dumping a load in her and she grabbed the blankets covering up.
He said he had to go but he knelt on the bed and she looked at him as he leaned in, Slid the blankets down and pinched her nipple then kissed her, She kissed him back and he left, She pulled the covers over her head and I could hear her whimpering, I slid in behind her and held her as she laid there whimpering, After a while she fell back asleep and when she woke up around 11:00 she went straight to the shower, After getting out she looked at me sheepishly before getting dressed. We had one more day of concerts, Packed up the camper and headed home around supper time, My wife has told me she is embarrassed, Upset, Sad and about a hundred other feelings but at least she isn't denying it happened.


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  • Update: So my wife and I talked about possibly doing some more stuff, She says she is not looking for more from our s** life but if I want more and I enjoy it she is on board with taking a bit of extra d*** once in a while as long as it doesn't turn into an every time sort of thing, Hmmm, What to do with that.

  • So, was it worth it? Humiliating your wife when she was at her most vulnerable? This post isn't about s•e•x, it's about power and control. Power was the end; s** was only the means.

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