We found what works

My wife is 40 and I am 45, We married in our early 20's, Had kids relatively young and up until around 5 years ago always enjoyed a wonderful s** life, We had great s**, My wife is beautiful, Short, sexy, Curvy in all the right places and attracts attention everywhere we go, I keep myself in decent shape and we still excite each other but...About 5 years ago I...Well...We started to noticed changes.
We had both noticed that it wasn't as easy to get it up and it wasn't as hard as it could or had been, Things progressively got worse and soon I wasn't able to keep it up, Then I couldn't get it up at all. You have no idea what that does to a mans confidence or to a womans confidence level when nothing works. After assuring my wife it was nothing to do with her we decided I should go see a doctor. Well, I was diagnosed with ED, If you don't know what that is stop reading now. After much work trying different things I was getting discouraged, The little blue pill wasn't working, The exercises weren't working, Nothing was working.
My wife was super supportive and willing to try a lot of stuff, We watched movies, My wife put on some solo shows, We did a LOT of new stuff and nothing worked, One night we were laying in bed and I told her that I realized she has needs and she should take care of them, She was shocked, Angry and appalled but after sleeping on the couch sat down with me the next day to talk, I told her I wanted her to be happy in every way and that I was happy to do oral to help her but that I knew it wasn't the same. She did a lot of crying and we did a lot of hugging but over the course of the next month or so we had a few...Ok, More than a few talks about it.
At first every time I brought it up she tried to tell me she didn't need intercourse but then after a while she started saying things like "I couldn't, I could never go through with it" and so on and so on, One night we were out having drinks and a young guy started flirting with her on the dance floor and after a slow dance when she came back to the table I said "And...What was that", She blushed and said "Haha, Poor kid wasted a full 3 songs on me he could have been spending on a girl his own age", I asked if that was "The guy" and she just said "stop it".
I noticed him headed to the bathroom so I went and followed him in, We were washing our hands, He was about to walk out and I said "Hold up", I stood there looking at him and he at me until it was just us and then he said "Hey, sorry man...I was just playin", We talked for a minute or so and I told him I wanted him to f*** my wife. At first he was skeptical but then I told him to come to the table and ask me if they could dance, I told him I would give him permission and then he was to work on her. Sadly we went home just the two of us that night but she was h**** and got off in literally 2-3 minutes.
After that we talked more and she was obviously wanting something so I pushed her more and more until one night I was whispering in her ear about getting laid and working her over with her newest vibrator and she moaned "God I want to get f*****" as she came then collapsed on the bed.
That night set into motion a series of events that would change things forever, We started going out "shopping" and eventually one night she found "The one", She was so embarrassed, Her face was beet red as she pointed him out to me and I went to work, By the time we went home that night there were three of us. We went in the house and she asked what I wanted, I ushered them to the bedroom and walked out almost closing the door, I wasn't going to watch but couldn't help myself, I peeked through the crack in the door and watched them strip each other, My wife got on her knees and pulled his pants down. She was not the only one shocked when it flopped out.
Dude has a huge d***, Like huge, My wife leaned back wide eyed and then looked up at him, He smiled and winked. I watched as my wife tried to get as much of that huge d*** in her mouth as she could, He pulled her up standing in front of him and pushed her back on the bed. I couldn't believe I was about to watch my wife get f***** and honestly I had a million different emotions going on at once but to my surprise and delight one of the feelings I was having was a tightness in my jeans. My d*** was getting hard, Like hard hard, I couldn't believe it, I unzipped and pulled it out not really believing it was real, I could hear my wife breathing and moaning as they whispered back and forth, I peeked in again and he was going down on her.
I heard my wife whisper "come f*** me" and he got on top of her, I peeked in as she spread her legs and I could see her grabbing his shaft frantically rubbing it against her p**** which I could hear was dripping wet and then she moaned "Oh good god yes" as he slid it in her, He worked slow until he was able to get most of it in her and she was moaning loudly. I was about to come and I was so excited about having a h****** that I opened the door and walked in, I walked right up beside the bed and my wife looked over at me, I could tell she was in pure xstacy, She looked down at my d*** and her eyes got wide, He was still f****** her but she got excited and said "Oh baby, Oh baby, You're hard, Look at that" I started stroking it as I watched her b**** bounce up and down with him f****** her.
My wife said "Oh baby, Come here" and grabbed my c*** shoving it in her mouth, She sucked me for a minute or so and then he pulled out of her, Stood beside her and I jumped between her legs, I shoved it in her while she sucked him and she moaned the whole time, She swallowed his load and he stood back watching as she moaned "Oh my god yes" and bucked her hips coming hard, I grabbed her hips and came inside her then we collapsed in a heap on the bed, She pulled him onto the bed and I rolled over watching as he f***** her one more time coming inside her.
We have been hooking up with the same guy now every since and she is loving life.


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  • B.s. story!!!!!

  • You are a good caring husband as you took this intiative to make her happy again it is not about fantasy or s** but here you have showed a lot of courage which is not easy. I like the part where you came inside and i want to say this “raped her” ...good job

  • Wow man one hot story you got there I wish I was that lucky guy and I am glad you are able to get hard watching is very hot I have done it before with my girl he wanted her so bad I told her to tell him to come ask how I was doing if he wanted to fuc= her he did and we went to our hotel she sucked me and got me off I watched them go at it when he came I got to switch places and banged the h*** out of her while he got his sucked but when I shot he asked to clean her up he licked till he got all the juices and c** she was shaking begging him to stop said she was so weak and shaking that was our first time and being doing it since what a way to please both of us

  • Do you know how pathetic it is that you wrote and liked a response you wrote to your own confession? No need to respond, I think you know. Exact same writing style friend.

  • S**** you you wimp

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