First time I exposed myself

I am a 28 years old guy who has an increasing interest of naked exposure. I live in a city with no nudist spa and no place to get naked with others.
I went today to the gym and when I got back to the locker room there was the cleaning lady mopping (girl around 25-30). We have no changing boots so I stripped naked and went to the shower not covering myself. She saw me. I felt really arroused. When I finished the shower she was still there (cleaning took longer than usual) I walked out completely naked and started drying my hair so I can be more time naked. I could see her beeing shy but still taking a quick look with every oportunity. My d*** was semi erect, I struggled so hard not to have a full erection, I was so horrny.
Can't wait to try doing it again tomorrow and thinking of similar ways to be seen naked. Do you have any suggestions?

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  • I had a gym like that years back. 3 Mexican girls used to clean the gym. I would go at lunch and the place was really slow. One day I go into the shower through the curtain I could see one of them cleaning the sinks. I pulled the curtain open a bit to possibly let her see. When I got out I was pretty damn hard in my towel. She definitely caught him poked through the towel.
    Another day I waited for them to go in and start cleaning. there was a younger girl that was near the lockers and I got all aroused in my towel again and set it in such a way that my hard c*** was pushing the towel pen so that she could easily see in. Definitely saw me as she and another lady was sort of milling around randomly cleaning and glimpsing over.

    I love exposing my c***. I did this a few more times with these ladies and then the damn gym closed down, so no more fun.

    Other places are risky for this kind of stuff. Sometimes play in my car to see if I can get someone to notice. But its risky since the license plate can get you caught. Sometimes I just get really hard and walk around places to see if someone notices. Had a cute girl in the mall parking lot check it out one day not to long ago

  • Be careful. You could get into trouble. Do this safely around people who don't mind seeing you, then there's no problem.

    Try nude modeling for an art class. Practice some poses and then call the art school. Students would love to draw you. However, erections are frowned upon.

    Nudist beaches or resorts are around, too. However, it will change your perspective on nudity. You will no longer have that momentary thrill you got from taking off your clothes. At nudist resorts, you strip and then go. Everyone sees you, all of you, and no one cares. You forget you're naked after about ten minutes.

  • This is good stuff, so good luck but like one contrib said, be careful. You may want to try recording it with a camera hidden in your stuff, even using an app so you can see it on your phone and see the perfect time to walk in. Good luck.

  • A woman at work who has total control over me uses me as a naked butler when she has her friends round. I usually get comments, the odd touch so I'm nearly always 100% erect, I'm ok size but not huge. I absolutely love it, knowing they're staring at my c***. Occasionally one of the girls will give me a few strokes until I c**, which usually takes 0.4 seconds. Being naked and cleaning my c** off the carpet, humiliating but makes me so h****!

  • Yes. I pay a h***** I know to get me semi naked just in the bushes in parks at night and tug me off. We act like we don't know people can see but that's what gets me off

  • Get changed or masturbation near a window, making it look as you don't know the curtains are even open.
    Women do this alot

  • Hi again, I went again to the gym another day and she was in the locker room cleaning with another girl. She asked me if they have to leave. I told them that I am fine and I have no problem if they stay. She says they don't want to have a surprise and left :( At least I now know that if the other girl is curious, she knows I am fine with stripping around her :D

  • I know what you mean. I enjoy being naked in front of women as well. Unfortunately in today's world you have to be careful. It doesn't take much for some b**** to get offended and file charges against you. And today the liberals feminist have the upper hand, as you have to prove you're innocent instead of the other way around.

    As you have found out, women love to see naked men just as much as guys love to see naked women. I would say work this woman for now, and if you want to expand, try looking for the nearest nature community. The only problem with them is it's only about being naked, not the s**. So be careful if you choose to go that way.

    You could try becoming a male stripper. Depending on your looks, you could get hired. If you're not a 9 or 10, you may want to try advertising on your own and doing private shows. That's how I did it.

    I had a friend who saw my d*** on accident one time, and she commented on how big it was. Later on she asked if I would strip for one of her friends Bachelorette party. I agreed and the women loved me. So I decided to do a little advertising on my own. I never charged very much, but it was fun doing it. Too bad I'm older and married now, or I'd still be doing it.

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