I'm bisexual

Like the title says, I'm bi. I've never been with another guy, but I know I'm sexually attracted to other men as much as I am to women. I wish I had realized this when I was younger. If I had, I'm sure I would have experienced s** with a man. I feel like its too late now for me to act on it. I'd love to know what it feels like to go down on a man, and to feel a man penetrating me. As things are, I just explore it with the p*** I look at and when I m*********. In my last relationship, I was honest about my sexuality and I had hoped we could try a threesome but my ex wasn't open to it. Now, I don't know if I can be out and look for a relationship with another man. I'm just kind of hoping the opportunity happens to me without me having to take a chance. TL,DR: I'm bi too late and too much of a coward to act on it.


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  • Like to dress in women's panties garters nighties the thought of being a woman I slide my wife's d**** into my man slit tasting and licking my precum fantasizing pulling my panties to one side as I slide my c*** into his mouth I also like his tounge licking and sucking my. Bum hole I like to call it my man slit just before he f**** me he puts his c*** to my lips I open my mouth and began sucking as he holds the back of my head as I suck and lick his c*** like a good girl should...momspantysniffer

  • See us men in our 60's can't get laid and have to let a man suck our c**** if you are near me you can suck my c***

  • It's not too late. I met 2 guys and a tranny and had some form of sec with all of them. I loved sucking on the team's big nipples while I reached inside her pants and played with her big hard co*k. I did her 3 times. The other guy had a gorgeous pen*s but I never got a chance to suck it like I wanted. I did ja k him off a lot. I loved holding his di*k in my hands while I stroked it back & forth. The last guy I ja*ked him off a lot and his was the first adult pen*s I had ever put in my mouth. I loved being a c*ck sucker. I didn't let him come in my mouth although I wish I had. I sucked him 3 times. I'm 64 and this was my first time with men. I'd sucked a lot of little boys teeney weenies before in my younger days.

  • Im 60 and never sucked or f***** a c*** but I would love to j*** of a big hard c***

  • I thought I was straight- then started watching gay p*** out of curiosity a year ago. Now I can’t stop thinking of it.. Went on instagram and created a profile to follow gay men. Been chatting with a few guys and Im getting hooked. Im 58 and Im going gay- I love the feelings. Im sure Ill be having gay s** soon. I want a man now...

  • Sounds like me

  • I met a guy he's 60 I'm 45,went back to his flat next thing he had me in bed we spent the afternoon just making love talking I got to try on sexy underwear,panties suspender belt and stockings he adores me I let him f*** me we had 69 and I swolled his s****,and let him c** in me when we was having intercourse,although I'm happily married,do you think i.ll be able to meet up regular for s** with him and keep it from my wife. Has anyone had this experience,please let me know.

  • I’m 64 and I still cruise regularly. I still enjoy that feeling that I get when I suck a strange c***. Sometimes we go in the men’s room and I suck them off until they c** in my mouth. Sometimes I have oral s** with 10 or more men in an evening, and I get so turned on being such a s***. I love it when these men call me f** or q****, it makes my c*** hard when men call me names out on the street like f***** or h*** because I am such a c*** sucker. I love it.

  • Nothing better than a thick uncut c*** in your mouth emptying all his creamy s**** down your throat.love to have 10 guys like you,do you swolled all that s****?

  • You bet I did, every drop. It made me feel hot and h**** to suck that many men in one evening, it made me feel dirty. I loved it.

  • What's biggest c*** you've sucked,do you rather uncut c****.i sucked a guy once he told me he had f***** his wife before and had not had time to wash propaly,USAID I didn't mind he had a gorgeous thick uncut c*** really musky smell of his wife's c** on his c*** and b**** but I got really turned on with smell and taste of her,I tongued his a*** and b**** and took his c*** in my mouth and sucked him I felt his butt tightening and know he was ready to s**** .he empties his b**** into me,it was gorgeous

  • Not too late at all, I recently met up with a guy (I'm happily married), he is 61. He had me wear panties and we got a bit kinky. I ended up sucking him off and on for probably half and hour. Here's the thing the more I sucked him the better I liked it. I've found that I am a natural c*** sucker and he shot his c** in my mouth which I also liked. We have continued getting together and if I wanted I could get him off in 5 minutes but I love sucking d*** now so I make it last. Yes you should try it and let go and just enjoy it, sucking c*** is one of the best things I have experienced in my life.

  • I’m in the same boat. I’ve played around a bit with other men but have never been f***** and have never sucked c***. I want to so badly I can taste it. My worry is that I’ll lose all interest in my wife which, let’s face it, would be a problem. So I don’t let myself go there.

  • Your mileage may vary, but I first started experimenting with men just a few years ago and realized I love it. Fast forward to today and I'm now a huge c*** s***! I love sucking c*** and swallowing c**, and watching my own c*** disappear in another man's skilled mouth is a huge turn on. But even more than that, getting sucked by a man, the exquisite helpless feeling of being pinned down, the ecstasy of his c*** driving into me again and again, and the feeling of pleasure and pride when he loses control, grabs my as hard, and unloads, is something I wish I'd discovered decades ago!
    And yet, my l*** for my wife and for women in general hasn't diminished the slightest bit. I LOVE f****** my wife, eating her p****, running my hands over her body, making her c**, and unloading deep inside her! S** with a guy and s** with a woman are very different experiences, and neither could replace the other.
    Don't let your fears hold you back.

  • It's a pity that you want to try getting f***** and suck c*** and take a load of s**** in your mouth ,have you ever tried wearing panties when you w*** off,nothing better than having a 69 with a guy in panties as well.

  • Not to late im 59 still meet guys im a smooth married bottom find a guy stay with him i have been seeing the same guy for two years now its its safest that way

  • Not too late at all. As the previous poster said, there are alot of dating apps and websites. Not all gay bars and clubs are geared to younger guys. Plus some young guys like older men, I speak from personal experience!

  • Never too late. All dudes are s**** so you shouldn’t have any problems. Just use grinder and get your groove on. What’s to lose?

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