I hate my husband's daughter

I have never liked my husband's daughter. She is the stereotypical spoiled millennial. Everyone knows that of daddy hadn't handed the bitch his entire GI bill like it was nothing she'd have been broke and drowning on debt like every other college student or recent grad in this country. DH and I were living paycheck to paycheck 6 years ago and she waltzes over with a brand new Toyota Avalon her mommy bought for her. Everything is about her and she's always been a total snot to me and the whole family adores her and is behind her 100% yet when I do something the right way and earn it I'm the one that's selfish. I've bought her stuff and tried to take an interest in her but was always snubbed. Now the bitch is pregnant and I am sick to my stomach over this because I'll never hear the end of it and the last thing I need is more people in this family that I don't get along with. Three years ago DH had a falling out with both his spawn and it was wonderful not to hear from those two brats. I wish those two spoiled entitled brats would get out of his life. They've never done shit for us!!!

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