I want my Step-Father to die

I f****** hate my Step-Father (if i can call him that, he is in love with my mom and he lives with us) He thinks he can control the house and everyone needs to listen to him He hits my little brother (5 years old) like he is nothing just a puppet and my mother says it's completely fine At least he doesn't hit my little sister (5 years old too) But if he touches me ONCE i'll take a knife and f****** stab him I don't really want to kill him because he isn't someone that really deserves death BUT If i could ever have the chance i would probably take a knife, cut his fingers off and start stabbing him in the leg and near his stomach and tell him to leave my family alone. He seriously p***** me off, i might even do it this year and i don't give a f*** about the police im only 13 years old, But i have an idea, a good idea. It's 2018 right now, so making a fake profile with a hot girl in the pictures isn't really such a problem, right? All what i have to do is to catfish him, and then i'll be able to f****** torture him without my mom thinking im a psychopath, because i'll just say that he tried to cheat on her, which i really don't give a f***, i just don't want my family to think (or basically know) that im a psychopath. Now im not saying that im a psychopath, but every test i did said im a psychopath, and to be honest... i do enjoy people's pain, but only if it's someone that deserves it. I'll never hurt someone innocent and won't enjoy their pain. So i guess those were 2 confessions. And i don't really know what REALLY makes me f****** hate him, but i think it's because he is getting inside my life, and OMG that makes me f****** insane when someone gets into my life especially if it's in a bad way, for f**** sake i would rather live alone for ever, i just want to be left alone.... So what do you guys think, let that b****** make me angry all the time, catfish him and hurt him a lot OR (i have another idea) catfish that b******, meet him somewhere, i'll tell him to give me money, so i won't tell my mom and by money i mean enough money for my dream phone (which is 500 dollars and my mom doesn't want to buy me it) and then tell my mom everything! to be honest i would have the time of my life if i could do that lol but i still rather to hurt him, the pain that i want to make him go through is more than just stupid 500 dollars. Soooooooo What do you guys think: 1. Do nothing about him and let him do whatever he wants to 2.Catfish him, torture him, and tell my mom that he tried to cheat on her 3.Catfish him, ask for at least 500 dollars so i'll stay quiet and then tell my mom anyways.


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  • I really feel you, my stepfather is pretty much the same but my mother doesn't give a f***.She was abused in her childhood too and complained that her mother never cared, but she doesn't realize that she is exactly like her mother.Personally, I would just like to destroy my stepfathers life, or maybe even better: Torturing him slowly and painfully until he dies.If he hits your siblings one more time, you should just record it and go to the youth's office.I think sometimes of killing him and then commiting suicide, but I'm not sure about it.

  • Make sure your in control only you're allowed to beat your brother and sister and it's your right as a brother

  • Maybe you should try to suck him off

  • Just go live and broadcast his actions next time he does them. Post it all over the place. Then simply wait.

  • Since i saw him hit my brother, he stopped. But i'll be sure to record it the next time he does that, Thank you :D

  • Don’t let him hit your brother next time he does beat the crap out of him with something and call the police

  • Yeah, that seems like a good idea too, Thank you :D

  • Throw acid on his crotch. Stab his eyes with knife. Cut down his hands and legs apart but make sure he lives

  • That's what i like to see :D

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