Take me virginity please!

I’m a 24 year old guy and I wish some one would kidnap me, pull my panties down and rape my a******!
I’m a virgin so I’m still sexually tender

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  • I'm a over the road trucker hi! My name is Gerry and I would love to kidnap you and rape your virgin hole. Then pass you around with my trucker buddies. When we are done with your hole you could drive a KW right through it and not touch the sides. How about a Pete after that. 10 4 good buddy.

  • Hey when can you come get me! I’m srs

  • When are you coming to Texas

  • What’s a kw and what’s a Pete tell us!

  • I’ll pull your panties down, your vaginas gonna regret it!

  • I would rip you open and stretch you out. You would fall in love immediately.

  • You wear panties...? A******

  • A****** play nice

  • He wears panties because he's gay as h***.

  • I will roll play with you I'm a male comment on my story under fetish called first time flashing for a picture of me naked leave your number so I can text it to you

  • Who’s gonna put the details your daddy?

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