Does my boyfriend/father of my child like want his sister?

When I first met the father of my child things fell right into place. It was like fairy tale to me almost.. Well getting to know one another I learn about his family. I hear about his sister. She just turned 20, he is 26.. He's said things about her not needing make up and how beautiful she is.. How close they are and how much he misses her and misses being a kid with her. He talks about her like he doesnt have a sister closer in age, shes 24.. But never brings her up.. Only his younger one. He's never had luck with girls, has never really tried. Well his sister told me about him trying to jump her as kids. In the pool, in bed.. He would play rough with her and get her into position and she would kick him off. She hates him. He loves her. Its weird and he always brings her up and it makes me feel uncomfortable because his dad had raped his sister when she was younger. The sister he never speaks of, she was raped and his dad was sexual with her for years. Hes the only boy.. Should he get help? What should I do? I worry about him and our new born son.. What is wrong with these men? Why is incest such a normal thing to white people?

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  • Incest isn't normal for white people. If you know some loser who wants his sister then you know a weirdo. Why is he your boyfriend? He needs his head examined. I wouldn't touch a family member in a sexual way for any amount of money. Its disgusting.

    Having said that there is a lot of accidental incest in the black community. Black women having more than one male s** partner often have several children by different men. When the men get other black women pregnant in the hood it sometimes happens that black youths get together with their half-siblings and don't even know it. An extreme case in Ohio was when a black woman found out that her older husband of fifteen years was actually her own father.

  • Incest between adults is ok and it's not disgusting. I've had s** with my sister many times and it was lovely and it's not caused us any harm at all. As long as you use protection and its consensual, I think its totally healthy.

  • Take it you are black then?!

  • Woman’s body is her greatest enemy. Incest is happening all over the world. Leave his ass you could be the next victim

  • I'd have a coffee and go watch the footie. You are way over thinking it.

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