Only attracted to much older women!

So I've always found women around 10-15yrs older than me very attractive, I'm 31 so they're all milfs. I've dated loads but lately have been going for even older women. I'm currently seeing a 63 year old women and am possibly her h******* I've ever been! Does anyone else get like this?

We go to dinner etc but mostly we stay in and then f***. She's is quite open to trying things and is better than most women I've been with giving b*******. But f****** her is a different level. She is nothing super special body wise, around 5'5, in decent shape for her age, a few extra bulges here and there, t*** are bigger than average and fairly saggy. But I've never got so hard and excited over anyone else as much as I do about her. I think knowing she is much older (although looks more around 50 facially) gets me so excited. I've had a few embarrassing times where I've c** in literally just a couple of minutes, despite her not being that tight. She loves it though. The sight of seeing her ride me, t*** flying everywhere just sent me wild.

Anyone else like much older women?

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  • If Margaret wants to talk with me I'm open for that, we can get her to be dominant! I'm white, six foot tall, over8 inch, nearly 6 in girth, dark haired, and live in uk.
    I am the person who you have been telling all this time.
    If nothing more I could be a diversion for you and Karen, let me know

  • Probably unlikely. Margaret has pretty much disappeared for the moment. On Friday, Karen took me to s** show in Soho (one of those dodgy places) and it was all good fun until I noticed Margaret and a few of her frisky friends sat there. Before I know what's going on, Karen is on stage and drags me up, we basically f***** on stage in front of a half filled room with mostly students cheering us on. Karen then walked up to Margaret, stood between her legs and bent over one of them, I then got behind her and f***** her with her bent over Margaret's leg. After I came, I pulled out and offered Margaret a suck. She didn't but Karen sucked it right in front of Margaret's' face. The students went mad over this. Karen then bent over in front of the boys and gave them a proper view. They loved it. Argsret then asked the boys who had the biggest d*** to take it out, she mentioned I was her ex and how much this young d*** was so much bigger than mine and then began sucking him off until he came and she swallowed. Margaret left shortly after and not sure where she is gone. I tried calling her today but it went straight to voicemail.

  • I told you' you was playing with fire, ok let's concentrate on Karen then if I start to have her you and Margaret can get back together

  • Sorry but I'm keeping Karen, a little less attractive than Margaret but utter filth, 69 and on the filthiest women I've been with, maybe she's trying to prove a point I don't know. H**** bunch these old women. Went back to the s** show place. Some students were there again, so Karen stripped in front of them and said to show her how hard they are, they all got their d**** out for her. Some of these kids were pretty well hung! She picked the one who and gave him a couple of tugs, next thing he's lost himself and started c****** lol then I got on stage and pounded her mouth while she rode a d****. I came on her face and then watched the rest if the show, her naked riding me, c** still on her face. If anyone asks how we met, she tells them she walked in on me f****** her granddaughter and wanted a piece of the action. The never know what to say lol

  • Well sort a brother out what about Margaret? She knows about me!
    Karen's also bound to have friends?

  • Wow you have a huge c***! Would you ever consider using it on a guy?

  • Do I get to have Margaret?

  • This is not the OP. I just happened to be reading and in my experience guys with big d**** will f*** anyone....

  • No, not guys was just trying to get to Margaret! Women yes I will f*ck a lot of them but not guys .
    You must have female friends you can watch

  • Probably my final update to all of this. Karen and I have continued our fling, it's amazing, she's 38 yrs older than me at 69. She is s** crazed and still making up for 40+ years of minimal boring s** with her ex husband. She is actually a bit of filth and quite up for anything. We got caught by some teens yesterday as she gave me a b****** in the cinema. We're definitely going to carry on with each other and so I went to see Margaret today to properly end things.

    Margaret was calm, upset, a little confused and a bit p***** off. Understandable. As we chatted, we got quite close and ended up kissing and she took me upstairs. I couldn't resist. She then blindfolded me and said she wants to blow my senses one last time and started stripping me. Then she started wanking and sucking me, then slipped her finger in my ass (which I'm ok with), then two fingers which I can handle. Then before long she stopped sucking and just fingered my ass, probing my prostate hard. before I know what was happing she had put a d**** in my ass and climbed on my d*** and started riding me, she was going slow while running her fingers down my chest. Then she got off and removed the d****, and caused a new world of pain as she attempted to put Lennox her massive black d**** up my ass, it wasn't happening. She stopped, took off my blind fold and stood naked over me, asking me to let her do this to me as she stroked my d*** with her toes. With no blood in my brain, I agreed, so I was now in all fours as she attempted to mount my ass with Lennox. She finally got it in and f*** did it hurt! She then begged me to suck her strapon she was now wearing, saying I owed her after the way I f***** her and left her, I didn't get much choice being tied up so I complied, she then removed both d*****, untied me and bent over telling me to take her.

  • I didn't resist and f***** her like an animal in the wild. She was screaming with joy and told me to shout about how good it felt and how it was the best s** ever. I then came in her like when a fireman turns on the hose, non-stop c** shooting out. It was glorious. She then squatted over my chest to show me all of my c** pouring out of Hereford licking it all up and sharing with me with a passionate kiss. I left her house frazzled and dazed. That was the most filthy, disgusting, exhilarating, questionable and incredible s** ever. I got back to mine to find Karen had let herself in and then showed me a video, it was a video of everything margaret and I had done only an hour earlier, all of it, d*****, ass f******, rampant f****** and c**. She was not impressed. Neither was I, Margaret had set me up and I was too h**** and stupid to see. Karen is now p***** off at me but says she won't let Margaret have had the best ever s** with me. She is now preparing something for Friday night. For tonight though, I'm in the dog house.

  • So the last few days have been difficult, Margaret came home and caught me f****** Karen is quite a dirty way, which she is finding it hard to forget. She basically came home and found Karen shoulders on the floor, back on the edge of couch, me standing crouching on the couch, holding Karen's legs, sucking her toes while f****** her a******. To add to it, Karen had a vibrator in her p****...and had put a small one in my ass. She walked in and saw me aggressively f****** Karen as she came and then watched me c** like mad and then licking her a******.

    She can't get over it, hasn't spoken to me in a few days. It's quite upsetting as I let myself get too wild and acted badly. And I've reacted badly too, have f***** Karen 4 times since, once in a park late at night. It's her birthday tomorrow night, she has plans with Margaret but now I have booked a hotel for us, she'll be 69 but I won't let it stop me from going hard at her.

  • Had to take Karen to the hospital, did her hip some damage at the hotel last night, she's quite flexible as she has been doing a lot of yoga, Pilates etc and has been more sexually activity 50+ than before this but I guess I gave it too hard. Nothing too serious but doctor said to be careful and definitely no upside down s**. Watching her tell the doctor that I was f****** her when it happened was priceless, when she asked if giving b******* was ok for her stiff neck, he nearly fell off his chair!

  • I did post the other day but it didn't register,
    You are a very very lucky person you have what every man wants! And now you both can plan for your futures I'm very proud and happy for you two.
    Could you please tell me more about Margaret her naked body, her turn on's or even if it is possible to talk with her?

  • She is around 5'5, generally slim, especially for her age, her body is good for her age, her face even better, has the face of a late 40s/early 50s milf. She has large-ish t***, quite a sag on them, she has a little tummy, a few extra grababe bits, small ass with a little sag, long slim legs, nice feet. On a night out, she looks great, a few light wrinkles but very youthful older woman, naked she looks a bit older which I actually like. Completely hairless too, small p**** lips.

    Karen however, is taller, around 5,7, so with sexy heels is taller than me, she is slim, almost skinny for her age, smaller t*** but sagger than Margaret's, they flap around loads when she rides me. She has a little more tummy, and a bigger ass, a little saggy but great shape and very sexy to look at and makes me want to pound her. Gorgeous legs and beautiful feet, she makes me massage, kiss and lick them, I have a bit of a fetish and she can really use them to dominate on me, she gave me a footjob and it was incredible. Face wise, she certainly looks older than Margaret. At 68, I'd say she looks 55-60. I think the fact she looks older and he body looks older attracts me more. She also has fuller lips, and the look great sucking my d***. Especially if I'm lying down and she is kneeling and I see those t*** dangling. She also loves to play with my ass, not the biggest fan of this but she knows how to find THE spot and takes my o***** to another level. She gave me a b****** in the park, one finger in my ass, which made it more exciting too. Crazy sexy milf!

  • Just to add, Karen hair a big brunette bush, but it's neat, beautifully trimmed all round, but quite big and thick, which I actually quite like, she likes me to c** all over it, its down to the tip of slit and then super hairless from there onwards and all around it. Which reveals her beautifully large puss lips that I love to suck on.

  • Wow ok, last time I was typing as Margaret got on top and slide onto my d*** hence the fumbled spelling and quick upload. She road me hard as plenty of people watched as the walked by. She kept shouting "you're too good for my daughter" and I kept saying she was the best mother in law ever, and she's better than her daughter. Neither of us lasted long, she came first, squirted the tiniest bit, then I came and emptied my b**** like a teenager having his first w***. Then she turned around and sucked my d*** as her p**** dripped c** all over me, which she licked up happily. She was bent over givng all the guys a good view of her p****. I saw quite a few of them touching themselves. When I went off to get drinks, 3 or 4 guys came up to her, she would cross her legs, then slowly open them and their eyes would wonder. One guy came up to her while we were chatting, cocky oh him, he said if she wanted some strange on holiday, he'd be happy to help. This guy was in his 60s probably but was well hung, which had caught Margaret's eye. She got up, he glorious t*** swaying from her sides to their natural sagged positions she spoke to him, she told him her daughter was flying out soon so would have to stop using the nude beach with me. I kept on sunbathing and then to my surprise the guy suggested that she use the nude beach with him. She liked the attention, she was more used to me getting attention when out so she was loving it. I was super shocked when she reached out and stroked his d***! This got a lot of guys attention, including mine. She stroked him several times and he got mega hard, and he was bigger than me! She even said to him that he was bigger than her son in law and he looked over at mine and smirked.

  • Then she got on her knees and started jerking him off, he was getting close but she was teasing him. Then out of nowhere she took him in her mouth and started sucking slowly. I was quickly going red with embarrassment and yet h**** with excitement. Then she wanked him off over her t***. I honestly couldn't believe it. I was quite angry, annoyed, humiliated, embarrassed. She said she'd see him around and he left in a good mood. Margaret cleaned up and turned to me saying that's how she felt when I f***** Karen. She said she really liked me but didn't think I felt the same as I f***** Karen in such a dirty way in front of her. We had a long chat and then realised we both really like each other and this was getting serious. I'm totally falling for her which is mad as I'm 31 and she is 64. We ended up staying on the beach till late and f****** during the sunset, what started as more romantic s** quickly got dirty when she told me she nearly gagged on that guys d*** but never even comes close to gagging on mine, which she knew was a trigger for me to pound her like I did with Karen. I then pulled out and came all over face and then she sucked my d*** clean. I f****** love this glorious old girl!

  • Sorry that's a lot of detail, there hasn't been as much activity since then. We spent yesterday in bed, ordered room service and had s** a few times. We're talking about me trialling moving in with her. Getting serious!

  • This is everything that you want, so let it get serious! Move in! And allow your selves to fall in love or you will regret it, I promise you that!
    Keep me informed and if marriage is on the cards I would love to be there for you both

  • Well things have escalated further, now we both know we really like each other, there is confidence that we won't lose each other but want to make the other jealous and h**** and have little restrictions on ourselves. When she was giving me a b******, I joked to do it more like Karen does it which prompted her to bite onto my d*** lol but we got talking about other people, she said she would be jealously h**** if I f***** a much younger woman, and I said I would be jealously h**** if she f***** anyone lol so we agreed to be little open with our relationship. Later that day on the beach, I got talking to a woman at the bar, mid-40's, skinny with a b*** job, her face was ok, she had had some Botox and lip fillers, you could tell she was trying to look young and it was kind of working. She then later walked past me and Margaret and stopped for a chat. It got a little flirty, I could see Margaret was getting jealous, especially as I went from limp to a semi. We went to the bar to get drinks and quickly started making out, so we ran back to her hotel and f***** twice. She was pretty wild, and very energetic compared to Margaret. When I got back, Margaret was in a bad mood, very jealous and being short with me. A little while later, that guy she sucked off turned up and started chatting to her, she lay back as she spoke to him, legs wide apart, he quickly started to get hard. Then out of nowhere she grabbed his d*** and said her daughter and husband will be arriving in an hour, and she wants his big d*** rather than my average one. Before I know what's going on, I'm watching him get between her legs and starts f****** her. She was moaning louder than ever, everyone started to watch. I went red with embarrassment. He really pounded at her, she had he legs wide out in the air, she muttered something about his huge d*** and then the both eventually came. It felt like forever, he got off her and stood up and she sucked his d***!

  • He looked down at me and my d*** dribbling a bit and smirked as he walked off, his d*** less hard but still looked bigger than mine.. I asked her what the f*** just happened, she just repeated our earlier agreement. Then she made a comment about the younger tart I f*****, and that this guy was the perfect size. My d*** twitched. She knows this makes me h****. She repeated how he was perfect size and can last like a real man, he was no 10 second shooter and winked at me. I was hard fully, so she ran her toes up and down my d***, applying pressure on my b****, she then commented about wishing it was bigger like that guys, then she flashed me her p****, c** leaking out, two mote foot strokes and in front of a few people walking past, I let loose an unamusing dribble of c** as she laughed. She told me not to clear it up, so lay there sunbathing with c** around my d***. That night we had dinner and a dirty s*** back at the hotel. She joked that she's still a bit strecthed after that guy so I said I'll start thinking of Karen to which she slapped me! I grabbed her saggy t*** aggressively and began pounding her, she was now moaning louder than this afternoon. She had her hands around my neck, just tight enough I wasn't 100% breathing clearly. I like this side of her.

  • You have to be careful you are playing with fire! She will eventually find someone who will f*** her and make her happier, or do you like seeing her with another man?
    If so Margaret I have an 8 half inches of hard c*** and can go on for a long time I also love oral front and back!

  • Well the last few days have been crazy, I've been f****** that you get tart everyday, she is f****** crazy and I love it, even f***** a 23yr old who was holidaying with her mom, I forgot what a young skinny body was like. Margaret has been f****** this old guy with the big d***, it's been turning me on, she went to dinner with him with no knickers and cam back with c** dripping out of her p****, she even f***** him twice in our room and again on the beach, while the young tart was riding me only 30 feet away. We have discussed it all, been open about it and realise that it has benn fun but we can't maintain that in a healthy way, so I (31) asked her (64) to officially be my girlfriend lol she is amazing though, face is beautiful milf, t*** are heavy and several inches south of where they should be, a little tummy with stretch marks, slightly flabby ass, good legs and pretty feet. And dirty as f***. My sexy old bird.

  • Checking into the hotel, the guy at the desk noticed our age difference so Margaret told him we were mother in law and son in law and have got here a few days early before our family arrives, that was quite amusing as his brain was thinking all sorts. So we made sure he saw us kissing later on to wind him up. Down on the nude beach right now, Margaret is lying next to me, naked, completely shaved with her legs spread so people get a good view. I'm always as shaved as can be and right now my d*** is struggling to hide my excitement. We noticed a few couples ping at it earlier. Margaret is now telling someone we won't get to do this when her daughter arrives. He is walking away and Noe a Margaret is climbing on top. She says to tell you all that she is going to ride me like a s** crazed mother in law. Oh her lps aer on mt tip of dich, finish stoty latrr

  • How is it going and say hello to Margaret xx

  • Fantastic!! I'm going to try and pursue a golf my self might need tips from you both as of what to do?
    Love the SIL- MIL scenario! Keep me informed (you are such a lucky guy)

  • A lot more of them are venturing online now, I met a few women in late 50's online. 60's online isn't as common, you can meet many at bridge/bingo/games night places. Or any where there is a senior discount like certain movie nights. I met Margaret through a colleague, she is in her 60's and was having a party, I offered to help with something on the day but was just getting my way in to see if she had any single friends lol

  • I cannot believe what happened last night! Margaret had me tied naked to the bed for about an hour after work, only coming in to stroke me every now and then, and then all of a sudden she walks in with Karen. Both wearing sexy nighties. My d*** instantly stood proud. Both sat on the bed next to me, Karen staring at my raging h******. Margaret said the only way I get to f*** Karen is if Lennox got to f*** her. Asking who Lennox was, she whipped out a huge black d**** next held it next to my d***, which it dwarfed in length and girth. She told me it was a strapon kind and fits over my d***. Before I know I'm wearing a huge black strapon thing and Margaret is riding me like an aged s*** while Karen watches. After Margaret came several times, she jumps off, reveals my d*** which is still hard but not that stimulated inside the d**** and rode me. feel nothing, like the other time, she was so loose, she looked at me and said my baby d*** is no good tonight. Then Karen started to strip and got on top, sitting just close enough to hold my d*** in her hands. Margaret sat on the chair to watch. I told Karen to untie me, as soon as I was free, I had Karen on her back and started eating that 68yr old p****. She wasn't that groomed or as good shape as Margaret but she did something for me. Her t*** were smaller and sagger, she was slimmer bug had more of a tummy and flabby bum. I worked my way up and began f****** her.

  • We took it nice and slow initially and then I pounded her like it was my last f*** ever, and came so hard in her. She came too shortly after. I then got her to suck my d*** properly as I stared at Margaret then back at Karen. I wouldn't have c** again, but she lied her finger in my ass and gave my man g spot a right good rub and I eventually shot another load over her t***. Then Margaret said if I ever wanted to repeat this I had to lick Karen,s t*** clean. So I didn't stop to tasted but cleaned her t*** with my tongue. Dinner was quiet that night but man I felt good f****** such a old girl!

  • You are living the dream my friend, understand not wanting someone else to be involved, but please keep us informed and at very least let these beautiful ladies know they have a fan

  • Margaret is aware I keep this updated, I'll tell her the stories have a fan. We are going away for a week to a mature nude beach, I'll probably be the youngest there and Margaret will be one of the older birds but she says even sound people in the 70's go there. I will try to f*** her on the beach, she said she is taking Lennox too, might use that on the beach too if there is anyone worthwhile to f*** there.

  • Well done mate, got to ask do you give her a***? And can she squirt?

  • We have done a*** before, it wS a bit of treat but I think she is up for it. We did talk about next she can f*** herself with Lennox and I can f*** her ass. She has only squirted a couple of times, not sure what was special about those times, other times she does still get very wet, makes as much mess on the bed as any 20-something I've been with.

  • So Margaret had her friends around again and I was again a naked butler for them. Before dinner, Margaret had me sit on the sofa with them and the started to strip, before climbing on top of me and started to ride me. Karen and the other older ladies watched on, Karen staring right at me, then I f***** Margaret doggy style in the middle of the room looking Karen in the eye as I came. I had banged Margaret so hard she was struggling to walk that evening. As Karen left I gave her a hug and rubbed my d*** into her and grabbed her ass. I can't wait to tap that 68 year old!

  • This is brilliant I would love to be a part of this! If you need assistance let me know? Until then keep up the good work

  • Thanks but we're all good Margaret, me, Karen and probably Lennox now.

  • Getting closer to a threesome, she and 2 of her friends and I all got naked after dinner last night, 3 60+ year old p****** in sight, they were excited with when I got my d*** out and watched me stroke it. Margaret then sucked me off in front of them. I stared her friend dead in the eye as I came and she rubbed herself. Magic.

  • Keep going mate, and keep us informed

  • Still waiting but getting closer, Margaret had her friends round tonight, I was the naked butler, got a few bum slaps as I served them dinner. For dessert, Margaret squirted whipped cream on the tip of my fully hard d*** and placed a cherry on it (yes, a cherry on top) and said her friends should eat the cherry but only the cherry. Helen went first and god I was excited, then Karen, but as she took the cherry, Karen licked a lot of the cream and her tongue definitely grazed my d***. Margaret saw my d*** twitch so squirted cream back on my d*** and told Helen to lick it off, Helen looked at her then looked me dead in the eyes and licked it all off so slowly like time stood still. I was fighting so hard not to lose control. I was almost quivering trying to hold back. Before I had a chance to relax, Margaret grabbed my d*** and yanked it only a few times and I had blown my load all over the floor. She told me to clean it up as the went off into the other room.

  • Keep up the good work and keep us informed

  • So I got my treat tonight. I got to hers to find her wearing only the skimpiest of bras holding up her large b****, and a thong literally made out of shoes laces it was so thin. She put on her heels a long coat and said we're going for a walk. We went to a nearby park, and found a semi secluded spot, where she sat me in a bench, stood back and dropped her coat. Then she undid her bra and her t*** fell to their usual position (slightly saggy with age but she knows I love that!) and then removed the barely existent thong. She got my d*** out and started sucking. She knows I've always wanted to do a bit of outdoor s** where passers by may watch. Before we know it, I'm on the floor and she is riding me like a p*** star. Then out of nowhere some kids see us from around 30 yards away. We were loving it, them one of them yelled "go on grandma". She then got on all fours and I banged her hard from behind and came with a huge intense o*****. She then sucked me clean. We walked back, her naked under her coat, she kept flashing me. I can tell she found that hard, but she owed me after the huge d**** night.

  • Another update: Got a shock today, we were playing our student and teacher role play (she is the teacher of course) and she makes me pleasure her. Well today she had been shopping and bought a toy for me to use on her. It was a huge d****! Rather long and quite thick! Much bigger than me! She made me use it on her and she was loving it. She then told me to undress and compared it to my d***! I must say that I did not compare well! But she really got me h**** by telling me how small mine looked and maybe she needs to find a real man and not a little school boy (I still had my school tie on). I then watched her f*** herself with it and put on a real show for me. When she finally calmed down (after lots of screaming and moaning) she told me to get on top and I'd have 5 minutes to f*** her before next class. To my surprise she now felt so loose, normally she is a good fit even with her age but today I was barely touching the sides. And she knew it. She made several teasing comments, finally saying maybe my d*** just isn't enough, she needs to f*** other guys, real men who have full size d**** and I just blew my load like a virgin. She told me that was fun and said she owes me a naughty treat after that. 63 years old and a real freak. Her ex husband was not much excitement in the bedroom apparently. I've got my hands full with her it seems!

  • I would love to talk with her do you want to make that happen?

  • Why? Lol

  • I could add some spice to the mix

  • No spice needed, things are nice and fiery with this old cougar.

  • Love older women. I will only date them exclusively.

  • Older women are the best. No bullshit games, they just want to be loved in and out of the bedroom.

  • I agree everything about them is fantastic, I planning on seducing another married one

  • Celebrated her 64th birthday the other night, she decided to try something she's never done before...a***! She wasn't that tight given her age but it was still fun, oldest a****** I've ever licked!

    And on her birthday meal with friends, she talked quite openly about me and what we get up to in the bedroom. Potentially setting up a 3 some with 68yr old friend! Her friend looks much older than her but I'm excited at the chance to go even older!

  • Good work mate, this is fantastic! I would like to hear more from you and what you do with your lovers

  • Always happy to share my stories. My friends think I'm gross but I love getting dirty with a much older woman. No news on the threesome yet. But tonight, she spent almost an hour teasing my d*** but not letting me c**, I was to the point of exploding, I was on the floor on my back, she was naked standing above me then she made me lick her toes, then she dragged her foot down my body and stopped jus before my d***, then she told me to c** as she stroked her foot from my tip to my b****, just one stroke, that's all it took, and I was c****** uncontrollably. It was immense. She likes having control lately and watching me c**, she loves me pulling out and c****** all over her. Loves a facial, the dirty old girl!

  • Taken the last 2 days off sick, mostly stayed in bed. We did some teacher student role play and also pretended she was my MIL, that sent us both wild. She completely shaved her p**** today, first time she has ever done it, she looks amazing.

  • I'm having s** with a 72 yo I'm in my forties the s** is unbelievable

  • Would you like to hear more?

  • Good work!

  • I am f****** my bestfriends mom. We just graduated high school last spring. She gave me s** for my graduation gift. My bestfriend don't know I am f****** his mom. He will be so mad when he finds out.

  • I find my wife gets hotter the older she gets. She's in her fifties now and I love that she enjoys us having s*x often.

  • I enjoy having s e x with your wife too

  • ^^But wouldn't you like her mother more?^^

  • If her mother is hot, h*** yeah I'd f*** her too.

  • Most men prefer their wife/girlfriends more sexually anyway

  • We both took sick days off work, she is mad, we f***** 3 times and she gave me 2 b******* and a footjob - her first time so she has a bit to learn. I even gave her a facial which she mostly licked up. Sometimes she makes me call her Mrs Hisker during s** to emphasise her age. I love it!

  • Mature women are awesome. Found a f*** buddy huge t*** and soaking wet p****. Warm and hot when we f***. Could hardly keep it up because she feels so damn good.

  • I haf this lady on the beach she was with her husband it was not that much crowded as it was a weekday so she was passing by me in her swim suit i complimented that she is still so hot and sexy she turned red i felt her and grabbed her waist and started kissing her . The best part was her husband calling out her name but she couldn't tell him as she was in bushes with me lying totally nude over each other

  • I like older women, but not that old. I'm 27 years old and I'm f****** a woman right now who is 42 years old. She has a smoking hot body, no stretch marks, and nice rock firm t***. Her t*** are so firm, that the first time I sucked on them I couldn't get any suction. At first I thought her t*** were fake, but they don't look fake and she says they're real. I don't know, I've never been with a woman who had as firm of body as this woman. And she's had 4 kids.

  • I've been with plenty of 40-50 women in great shape, several had b*** jobs after kids etc. A few were naturally still perky but not solid. I love women of this age, a bit more chilled and care free but I can't beat my 63 year old.

  • Nothing wrong with that. As long as you like her, that's all that matters.
    My woman has a daughter who is only a few years younger than me. I was actually friends with her daughter first, and that's how I meet my woman and started dating her. I never had s** with her daughter, we were just friends. But her mom and I got along better than her and I did. So I asked out her mom instead. She was p***** when she found out. She told her mom that I was supposed to ask her out. What can I say, I like her mom better.

  • You can't help how you feel! If the mom is right for you then glad you went for her! My gf has a daughter several years older than me, and she has an 18yr old daughter. My gf is convinced I'll leave her for her daughter or granddaughters lol I keep telling her how much I love being with much older women and that f****** a gilf really gets me off!

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