Cuckold Sissy Husband

I'm a submissive, married crossdresser. My lovely wife knew of my dressing since before we married; but does not participate or encourage me in any way.
I would love for her to play the dominant role in our marriage; even to the point where she cuckolds me with other men. I've had these feelings and fantasies since before we were married; but could never figure out a way to tell her. I don't think she could be open-minded; or accepting enough to include them in our marriage. The thought of her with other men has always been a turn-on for me; as well as her ordering me to wear nylon panties, and sheer nylons on a regular basis for her inspection; seeing as I enjoy keeping my legs so feminine.
I guess I can only dream. Maybe too little; too late.

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  • You are not alone at all. My wife has actually bought me panties, dresses, stockings, high heels and lots of them. She has put makeup on me too. I have a purple nightie I wear often to bed. She tells me I'm a sissy. The real deal is when she has me wear my pink/black maids uniform with my pink cage on and clean house all day. I wish she would cuckold me with a steady boyfriend and make run around dressed up like a s***. Even clean her creampie after they were done. I so love this.

  • Something so close. I'm a submissive husband. Last night my wife and I kissed passionately and her fingernails scraped gently across my chest. She undid one shirt button and caressed my nipple. Then she squeezed it tight tighter then the other. That got me hard.

    Then we undressed and I put on three condoms. We have been practicing me bringing her to o***** but me not. After I was in her gently of course then she rolled us over so she was on top. That's actually easier for me to withstand but she likes me to thrust in and out with her on her back so we rolled over a few times alternating with her on top. Eventually she came and t relaxed.

    I of course did not get to c**. I usually get an o***** about once in every 1 to 2 months. Always at her command.

    While we were lying there side by side naked she said that she wants to whip me. It's coming into summer down here in Australia. She said she'd like to do it soon so the welts heal before we go to the beach at Christmas.

    This is exciting and frightening. About twice a year she has me strip and she tries me usually spread eagle to the bed. Gags me and whips me. It's excruciating painful.

  • My wife turned me into a cuckold. And makes me stay smooth from the neck down has me dress up like a woman even puts makeup on me . She tells everyone that i am house b****. Lets her friends do what ever they want to me.its a lifestyle that you have to want. I don't mind being used. And she's happy with her boyfriends . And its a big turn on to watch them having s**

  • You married her knowing going in this wasn't her thing. I knew my pretty wife when I married her wasn't into swinging as I was so that is something I tabled her ever doing. It's not the end of the world guy just a choice you and I made, Im good with my choice I hope you are good with yours too.

  • My wife has me dress up as a pretty girl when she has her f*** buddies come round. Panties, bra, short dress, heels, usually in a wig too, sometimes tights or stockings. She makes me serve the guys drinks and sometimes stroke their d**** to get them super hard. I usually watch and lick her clean after. I've licked a few d**** clean as well. I've been f***** by a couple of the guys too. It's fun having my wife watch me taken in front of her. Sometimes she puts on a strapon and f**** me too but mostly I pleasure her orally. We were married without all of this for 10 years, one drunken night, a d**** and some lingerie and she came like mad. It's been 2 years and she has f***** 50/60 guys.

  • You married a w****..congo

  • My wife is the dominant one in our relationship. She got into o***** control a few years back. She's not into cuckloid but does love me to abstain. She'll let me o***** about once every 4-8 weeks. The best bit is her teasing and edging me

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