Shadow self

At times there are people who really ** annoy the ** ** out of me, yet despite that I almost never crack this social mask we all wear this muzzle we all have that keeps us all in check, psychological studies show that when people have the illusion of anonymity they will say things they wouldn't in real life thus showing their true colors.
Last year I had a person who just couldn't maintain organisation and colleagues were allowed to just throw ** across the room scream loudly as I just sat there taking it like a ** once more this ** who knew I disliked them did everything to rub my nose in it because I dared question their methods openly it got to the point where I even asked my superiors to work in a different room to which they agreed but then this person couldnt have me let the final insult, that being me not liking their way of doing things so I'll cut to the chase, the agreement was is that I could work in another area and avoid co workers but that I would have to be briefed on my objectives and tasks and I was fine with that up until ** nose started finding reasons to keep me quote "intergrated" with the others, all's fine now in the present day I have someone new as team leader but man I wish I had told them to go ** themselves at the time still do, maybe if I get lucky and encounter them in a store I'll say ** you to their face lol but man it was complete ** ** at the time.
Does anybody else have any stories they'd like to share?

Sep 20

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