You have damned yourself to an eternal corner of some horrid place of torment. You aren't even fit for H***. Jehovah himself will see to your eternal torment which is even worse than what Satan himself could do to you.

You took the life of many of Gods chosen people and you will pay a price for that sin that will go beyond mere eternal torment in some fiery H***.


As a devout Christian, I know that Jews are Gods chosen people and you have destroyed those blessed people chosen by God himself.

You will not get away with this vile murder and your punishment will be worse than you can ever possibly imagine in your orse nightmares.

G****** YOU.

Oct 27, 2018

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  • You support the jews? Pathetic. God hates the Jews and will cast them into a lake of fire when judgement Day comes, and the shooters shall be rewarded a place in heaven, for they have cleansed the earth of such scum.

  • BRAVO! You prove that they are a lot of Christians out there that are against anti semitism. Let the rest of the world know that there are people like me and you that want to eliminate both anti Semitism and all forms of racism off the earth! I know I have a unpopular americain Jewish opioin but I am a Zionist! Christians can be Zionists too right? Are you one? I could go on and on but I will stop here.

  • Agree with OP, minus all the Jesusy horse$hit. You don't have to be some self-righteous fundamentalist to care about other people. In fact, there's a lot of evidence out there that the louder someone claims they're a loving Christian, the fouler of a person they really are.

  • This religious stuff is pure crap. I am openly secular.

  • The OP of course exemplifies religious zealotry. Emphasizing the idea that one race is "Gods Chosen". It just winds everyone up. The Muslim nut cases. The far right Christian fundies.

    And it's at odds with jesus's message of love and equality.

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