God’ idea of Himself

God is all knowing and perfect. God therefore has idea of himself. God’s idea of himself is exact and perfect. It is so exact and perfect that it includes everything what God is.

Therefore if God is self existing and eternal, the same with God’s idea of himself is self existing and eternal.

If God is almighty, the same with God’s idea of himself is almighty.

God who generates that perfect idea of himself is Father.

The perfect idea generated is Son.

A God that has no Son is a God who has no perfect and exact idea of himself.

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  • I get it. I am God!

  • Http://www.patheos.com/blogs/rolltodisbelieve/2015/01/11/the-handbook-circular-arguments/

  • There is circular reasoning when the conclusion proves the first premise.

    Our proposition is this:

    The God the Father generates the Son mentally or intellectually the Son being God the Fathers perfect and exact idea of himself. Hence the Son is God himself. But the Son is not the Father. We dont go back or circle but move forward. We do not say that the Son is the Father. They are different.

    The reasoning is linear. The Father generates the Son both are one and the same God. In mathematical formula it is 1x1=1.

  • Is there logical fallacy is the formula 1x1=1?

  • Is it a circular reasoning when we say 1x1=1?

  • 1. God made Eve, Eve is imperfect, God is imperfect.

    2. Freewill = God is not all powerful. God is imperfect.

    You -cannot- have a God that is able to do anything and know everything, but have something out of his control.

  • That is not God.

  • God made Adam. Eve was made from Adam's flesh. So therefore, if you believe Eve was imperfect, so was Adam - Adam would've been imperfect first, as he was created before Eve. Also, God created Lucifer. Is Lucifer perfect in your eyes? Is god deemed as perfect, even though he created imperfect beings such as ourselves? No one is perfect, so move on man.

  • WTF? An actually intelligent post on this site. And with clever comments?

  • This is either Blasphemy or Utter Nonsense.

  • Who cares! Next

  • Which one is blasphemy? Why? Which one is nonsense? Why?

  • State your reason why it is a blasphemy or utter nonsense. You simply jump into conclusion without showing me why?

  • The perfect idea of God, the Son, being also God, also has a perfect idea of themselves, being all-knowing and perfect just as the Father is. The Son generates their own Son in this manner, and then it's turtles all the way down. I believe in God the Father and the trinity, but I don't think this thought exercise can adequately validate what I believe.

  • Okay thats good observation. To that kind of question my only response is that our finite mind cannot really fathom the knowledge of the infinite God so therefore we only believe what is revealed by Jesus. Our task is to explain what was told of us about God. We never speculate what is not revealed. What is revealed is that the one God has an only Son. From the we explain that the only Son was generated eternally from God who became his Father. Hence, the substance of the Son is the same substance of the Father. By virtue of their consubstantiality the only Son is called God. The only Son can do what the Father do( see john 5:18 and series) hence equally powerful. Now even though they are equal in their substance, in their relationship or function is not. The Father cannot be the Son. It is the Father who sends and determine the date of the end of time. It is the Son who obeys the Father and make judgment. In the same fashion although they are the same God, it is the function of the Father to generate the Son. It is therefore not the function of the Son to generate, it belongs to the Father. If the Son will generate he ceases to be the Son. He beccomes another Father and that is not what we believe and it is contrary to what was revealed. We believe only in one Father and in one Son. So, there are functions that are proper to the Son and are proper to the Father. And the function to generate is only proper to the Father only and not in the Son.

  • You should look up the definition of "circular reasoning"

  • Circular reasoning? Maybe but at least you did not point out that it is unreasonable. The only point of that “circular reasoning” as you point out is that God’s own mind reproduces Himself exactly and perfectly and that is the very nature of God being an all knowing God. There was no time in which God did not know Himself perfectly. The two existed in eternity, the God who exist on its own and his idea of himself also exist on its own since it is exactly like God in everything.

    The best thing to describe it is not “circular reasoning” but “mental generation” or “intellectual generation” in which God can see Himself in his own mind just like us humans when we imagine ourselves. The only difference is that God idea pf himself is perfect. It includes the very substance of God while our idea of ourselve is not perfect since we are imperfect finite unlike God infinitely perfect.

  • Basically, what I'm trying to tell you is that the structure of your argument is sound, but it's saying nothing, and circuitously reinforces it's own falsehood. Also, you have to qualify the first premise. You can have a perfectly rational argument but if the premise is false or even merely unverified then the rest is just nonsense. For example, replace the word "God", with "belly button lint" and the structure is sound, but you're still not saying anything. You need to qualify "God is all knowing and perfect"

  • I see. I understand what you mean. You do not believe as true the first premise that “God is all knowing and perfect”. That was not really my point to prove the first premise. My main point was to prove that God has a Son hence to accept as true the first premise or if you are not accepting the first premise as true, to temporarily admit it as true to see if from that premise we can conclude reasonably if God has a Son.

    To prove whether God is all knowing and perfect maybe good for another post.

  • I think the Colonel who invented the worldwide franchise KFC, is my god!! His chicken is finger licking good, don't you think?

  • The way such businesses operate and advertise with Iconic Logos has much in common with religion, and go hand in hand with same 'snake oil' 'selling' techniques of Christianity - which is also a business.

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