I have asthma, ADHD and spinal scholiosis

God if you are really up there I have this to say. You are worthless. People pray to you for help and nothing happens. People's children die and you didn't help. People pray for healing and they die anyway.

What good are you? If the bible is true then the majority of the human race is doomed to an eternity of fire and torment forever. Do you enjoy watching people suffer? It sure looks like you do.

If you know everything before it happens why did you create the human race in the first place?

Aug 1, 2016

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  • Maybe before ppl try to claim to understand what created all this they should try to understand a little bit about our surroundings u know baby steps (science)

  • God's motives are likely to remain something humanity won't understand. God not intervening isn't because he like's seeing us in pain, he doesn't, it's because not intervening put's something better into motion, the effects may not be obvious straight away, or ever, and may not happen till long after the fact.

  • "So just put on a happy face!! Sure, life sucks now, but just deal with it until fairy unicorns trot out of the sky and make everything great! It'll totally happen, you'll see! Someday! Someday! Someday..."

  • ...someday....someday...

    "And stay happy and positive until then or I'll let you roast forever! Love youuu!"

  • There is simply no god - especially the one desceibed in the bible or whatever. Since there are so mamy inconsistencies in the bible, there is zero chance that the god described in the bible exists. Stop trying to make sense of something that fundamentally does not make sense. It is a waste of time.

  • There are lots of things we humans don't know about God. I struggle with that same question. Mind you the converse would be a little freaky. Limbs growing back. No death. Population explosion. Gods voice always in my ear.

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