My Step-dad

I f****** hate my step-dad. He tries to act like my real dad and influences my mom. Sometimes i wish he would just leave and make my life easier. The only thing that helps is music. But he is such an old fashion c*** that he tuns off the wifi when he gets mad at me. He never talks to me and i just hate him and his whole f****** family. And the worst part is that I'm an only child so there is no one to help me. I would love if he would just leave for a month, get his mother f****** s*** together and realize how to f****** treat a child and then just become a better f****** human. Then he might be better. But i love my mom she is the best. She understands me.

Oct 27, 2018

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  • God is to be blamed for everything my sweet he is watching the show indifferent to our pain with some old karma concept.

  • *same

  • Marriage breakup is so sad.
    It's emotional. Hard to understand. Why did my wife leave me. Sure I'm not your perfect husband but I did not beat her and I did not have an affair. But she still grew to dislike me and then to despise me. Then she moved out.

    My kids of course love both of us and I think hate both of us for separating.

    So I think you need to try to understand all who are now the adults. Your mom sure. But also she has emotional or romantic or sexual love needs too.

    Try to understated that

    Try to at least be nice to her new man. Your step father. He will feel awkward. He isn't your biological father and can never be. Let him connect with you.

  • Fed up with step father,mother,daughter

  • You need to face facts that your biological parents are not going to get back together and that is not your step father's fault.
    He loves your mother so much he is prepared to tolerate your and your selfish whining in order to be with her.

  • Bless you

  • ? how old are you hun

  • Sounds like you should have a real talk with your mom, but get help from a sympathetic teacher or counselor first so you don't make things worse. I feel for you.

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