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Every fall some friends and I have a little get together to do kind of an end of summer blowout, This fall we rented a couple houseboats and had 12 of us, 4 couples and 4 singles, My cousin who has been living with me for 4 months and his girlfriend were one of the couples. My fiance and his gf are friends since she is at our condo a lot and stays over quite often.
My fiance is 5'2" tall, 120lbs, Brunette, Green eyes and a 36C cup.
His gf is 5'6" tall, 140lbs, Brunette, Blue eyes and a 40DD cup.
My cousins gf complains constantly about being over weight but I personally think her body looks smoking hot.
First night partying was pretty crazy, One of our friends left his curtains open and about 6 of us watched through the window as he nailed his gf, One girl passed out puking over the side of the boat, Three girls were running around topless and my one friend said he watched one of the girls who was there as a single go down on his gf in their cabin.
Second night my fiance walked in on a friend getting head from another friends gf in the kitchen of one boat while her bf watched and stood there jerking off, She said she came back to our boat and walked in on one of our single female friends leaning on the counter while friends bf had his hand down her bikini bottoms fingering her from behind and there was a bunch of other people hooking up but mostly just couples.
Third and final night was the best night of all, Pretty much everyone was wasted and there was naked people everywhere, My fiance had her top off, I felt up a couple of our female friends and somehow my fiance, My self, My cousin and his gf ended up in the hot tub on our boat, My cousins gf who is normally very quiet and reserved was really letting loose and flashed a nipple a couple times but wouldn't take off her top, My fiance and her were fooling around in front of us kissing and groping while my fiance shook my cousins gf's b**** in my face. The two of them whispered back and forth a bit then my cousins gf jumped out of the hot tub and said "Let's go" to my cousin, He jumped out of the hot tub and looked at my fiance waving for her to come and she grabbed my hand as we all sneaked down the hall to my cousins cabin.
We went in and everyone was making out, My cousins gf stood behind him and pulled his trunks down right in front of my fiance and I who were sitting on the bed, He has always been (Hung) and when it flopped out I wanted to see my fiance's reaction, She stopped and stared with her eyebrows up then looked at me and laughed covering her mouth as his gf said "Told ya", My fiance looked away laughing and choking saying "Holy f***" then looked at it again, I took her hand and put it on his d*** and she wrapped her fingers around it lifting it up and inspecting it, She just sat there not saying anything until I grabbed her wrist and started stoking her hand back and forth, Then she looked at me, Looked at his gf then up at him, His gf crawled on the bed behind her and whispered "Make him hard".
My fiance looked at me and I just lifted my eyebrows a couple times then put my hand on the back of her head pushing her toward his k***, My fiance opened her mouth and started sucking him while his gf reached around her playing with her b****, A couple seconds in my fiance pulled back and gasped "Oh f***" and dove right back in, She was sucking him right in front of me and he grabbed her head then leaned down and his gf got up on her knees and kissed him. I turned my attention to his gf and started running my hands over her legs and grabbed her butt, She leaned over and kissed me and we ended up on the bed with her on top of me, My gf crawled on top of my legs behind her and said "Wait, Wait, Let me show him", My mind was going crazy since we have never really done any crazy stuff before that but my fiance untied my cousins gf's top and held it in place cupping her big b**** then slowly lowered it teasing me as she stopped right before exposing her nipples then tossed the top over my face as my cousins gf held my arms so I couldn't uncover my eyes.
My cousins gf took my hands and put them on her b**** guiding me as I groped her, I managed to knock her top off my face and wow, not only are her b**** giant and firm but they look great, My fiance took my cousin and laid him on his back beside me and sat on him the same as his gf was, By this time both girls were just in their bikini bottoms and my cousin was naked, My fiance was sitting on my cousins shaft sliding back and forth rubbing her p**** on it through her bikini bottoms and his gf shuffled my trunks off doing the same, Both girls were reaching down tickling and playing with our knobs and reaching back and forth touching both of us and kissing each other. I could tell my fiance was getting super h**** and sitting down harder as she ground her hips back and forth as she started breathing heavier.
I didn't want my fiance to come yet so I looked at her and said "Put it in you", She looked at his gf and she smiled and nodded her head, My fiance reached down, Pulled her bikini to the side and leaned over my cousin, She grabbed his shaft and rubbed his k*** on her p**** and my cousins gf leaned back so she could see, My cousins gf grabbed my fiance's butt as my fiance sat down slowly and I watched her stomach muscles tense up as his d*** slid into her, She got part way down and stopped then started sliding up and down trying to work his whole d*** into her, My cousins gf untied her bikini at the sides and whipped it off, I'm not 9" or anything but a solid 7.5" and at least as thick as my cousin so she took my shaft and sat down on my d***, She took a deep breath, Held it and said "Oh my" and shuddered a little then started riding me.
My cousin rolled my fiance onto her back and within a dozen strokes he was b**** deep in her, He shoved it all the way in and she arched her back moaning, I got his gf on her hands and knees and had her b**** in my fiance's face watching as she sucked her nipples then we worked them into a 69, When I was about to come I said so and my fiance pulled me out of my cousins gf and started sucking me, My cousins gf rolled off my fiance and started stroking me while i came in my fiance's mouth, My cousin pulled out of my fiance and his gf did the same for him and I knelt behind her fingering her from behind, I was still hard and when she bent over I shoved my d*** in her and f***** her some more with her flat on her stomach, My fiance threw one leg over her back and pressed her ass against my stomach, I reached down and fingered my fiance while f****** my cousins gf watching my fiance kiss and grope her from behind, My cousin stepped in front of them and they took turns sucking him until he was hard again and when I finished we switched and he nailed them for a while.
After we couldn't get it up anymore I was laying in bed on one side with my cousin on the other and my fiance in front of him, His gf in front of me and the two girls just kissed and touched each other, My fiance stiffened up and I knew my cousin was back inside her, She spread her legs laying on her side and my cousins gf rubbed her c*** until she finally tensed up, Shook and moaned that she was coming, I had already laid the other way and had my cousins gf's legs spread licking her and after my fiance came she rolled on top of me and sat on my face while my gf straddled me and sat on my c***, I could feel she was super slippery so I knew my cousin had came in her but didn't care I was grabbing my fiance by the hips while my cousins gf sat on my face getting her t*** played with by my fiance, I came in my fiance at the same time as my cousins gf grabbed my head and screamed as she sat down h****** my face.
We all passed out together in the bed and in the morning me and my fiance snuck back to our room which wasn't hard since everyone else was still passed out, Not much was said about it until we got home but the first night home my cousin and I tag teamed my fiance while his gf was at work, The next night we had a fourway again and the two girls 69'ed for us, Since then it has been almost every second or third night that either one of the girls gets tagged or one of us guys gets tagged or we do a fourway, Not sure how long this can last but I hope forever.

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