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So basically im 16 years old and my boyfriend is 29. Yes i know this sounds so terrible or whatever, but to be completely honest this guy makes me so happy. I still go to school and i have a part time job and he works. My dad has gone completely nuts about it- as you would expect. But i have been trying for months for him to come arpund and all i have really gotten is that if i dont break up with him my life will be h*** from him. I then suggested maybe i should move in with my mum, who knows the guy very well and isn't as against us. But dad wont let me. There is so much awkward tension and he says really hurtful stuff to me to obviously try and minipulate me. Im trying hard to better myself and have no clue what to do about my dad. Any advice?

May 1, 2016

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  • He is just looking out for you. My dad is the same when he cares he makes you feel awful about yourself


  • First, it's key that you have the maturity to realize that due to your age & inexperience, you don't have all the answers so you are seeking advice. Second, due to that same maturity, I choose to give you the benefit of the doubt here regarding your read on this 29 year old gentleman. In other words, I'm betting against your dad's speculation that your life will be h_e_l_l from him. Your dad is permitting his emotions to alter a clear decision, you feel the happiness this man brings to you, and mainly your mom knows him well enough to trust him and she must know he is balling you thus ; proceed per your current decisions girl. Your schooling isn't suffering, your dad is trying to manipulate you due to his separation from his wife, yet you are finding a way to stay happy as you balance all these variables & have a manfriend. I'd say you are doing well as is. Smooth & steady ; good luck girl.

  • A lot of people want to say age is just a number. That can be true if you are dealing with two people who are both emotionally and mentally mature. And at 16, you're really not. The laws can say you are an adult. And you think you know everything, but you don't. Scientifically, there is A LOT development mentally and emotionally that still needs to happen. Aside from the obvious sexual reasons, you have to wonder why a 29 year old wants to date someone who is still in high school. At 29, he is most likely very socially immature. Because it's true, what does a 29 year old and a 16 year old have in common? You are both in totally different areas of your life. You are still in high school, He's been out of high school and college for sometime. You haven't lived on your own yet, he has. Because he cares, your dad has every reason to be alarmed and concerned. And really good for him for being angry that his daughter is not making the best decisions for herself. Sort of wonder why your mother isn't. Here's another thing that is concerning about dating someone so much older - how much do you sacrifice? Meaning, you should be hanging out with kids your age - because you aren't 29. You should be looking into going to college - and everything that college is for. Don't let someone rob you of the things you should be doing when you are 16-17-18..etc. Because you don't get those years back. If this relationship is going to work, then all the things that come with relationships can wait until you are age appropriate for them. Your dad..maybe if you were 18 this would be an easier pill to swallow. Would you be so on board if your dad was dating an 18 year old?

  • Your a child and he is a grown man who should know better. sounds like a troubled situation to me.

  • Yep it sounds like you will regret being with him one day. with the age difference, cuz when you are 20 he will hitting 40 and look creepy old and you will think do I want to touch that wrinkle bagged d***? no I am out of here to get some better d- i ck.

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