I can't control it

Hi, I'm 14 a boy and I have some weird stuff I love to do, first of all, I love to wear panties and girl clothes, I am in the closet bi to my parents, and don't plan on coming out soon. But I also love being embarrassed, I love people insulting me about my tiny d***, and my fat body, I love being controlled, I'm a total sub, yes I'm really 14, Iv been wanting to do this for awhile and just got to so, there thats mt confession i guess, thanks for.the comments



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  • Like too chat..

  • Yeah do you want to see my panties

  • On69my69back@gmail.com email me

  • Do you want to see my panties im a boy ilove wearing cute girls cotton panties

  • Do you want to see m panties

  • Any pics? I love boys that dress girly love to play together in panties

  • You can see my panties whenever uou want

  • You can see mine my email s petec5831@gmail.con

  • Yes you can see my pantiesim a boy i wear panties everyday do you want to see my panties

  • Steven.bonnell.ii@gmail.com

  • Do you want to see my panties im a boy ilove girls pantes

  • So your fat and have a tiny pecker. Yeah that's bad enough. So then you wear girls clothing you little fat peckerless puck wad. How's that did you enjoy my insulting you. I could come over and beat the snot out of your plump meaty ass for you if you like. Then I'll show you what a real big pecker feels like in all your holes a while. How's that you sad fat ass cross dressing peckerless pucktard.

  • F*** off d*** head..

  • Me next

  • Me nexr

  • You have just given this confused child what he really wants. Attention. Just ignore people like this don't encourage them. OK!

  • Personally I think he needs a good spanking over daddy's knee and feel something growing hard. Mind your own business you butt licker. OK!

  • Theres no harm done son and i would love too spank you naked or in panties

  • I want to do it too

  • I liked to be spanked naked I’m 35

  • I use to spank my husband but had to stop. It just went way to far. I beat him till he was bleeding then he begged for more. I got him to seek professional help and maybe you should also.

  • I'm with you have loved to be whipped and paddled myself. I even spank my self using various things. Anyway I guess it's all because my mom use to pull my pants and underwear down and whip my bare naked bottom. She preferred a switch she chose from a tree in our yard. I would get very aroused and she eventually stopped doing it when I e********* all over her dress one day. I miss my mum. Would love for her to whip me right now.

  • Man you need help my friend. Holy s*** you came on your mother's dress? Wow!

  • I'll spank dat ass for you. Make it all cherry red and hot. Then roll you over and suck on ya d*** for you. Oh sorry are you a guy. Just checking. Sorry.

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