Playing sardines

At party at home with friends someone decided we play sardines. (Hide and seek). A few drinks had flowed and so all tiddly. My house has several cupboards and small places. One said to spice it up if hiding with someone you ad to swap some clothing. Playing were five of my women friends three of their partners my son and one of his friends who was a girl. Few games and swapped items. I had two men's shoes and a tie. I lost necklace bracelet. One woman lost her blouse. I had a French kiss with one guy who had my bracelet. Only found who it was when saw it. Next time I headed for same small cupboard very dark. In cupboard with a man and French kissed and he felt my b**** and sucked my neck and I took his belt he took off my stocking.
Back in lounge was hands up who got kissed. The man I first kissed I thought I had again. But my son had my stocking over his shoulder.I was only one wearing tan ones

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  • That's kinda hot. have you talked to your son about it yet?

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