I was at my cousins wedding reception and it was the end of the reception late at night. I was sitting at the bar and this woman walked up and sat down next to me. I had seen her in the church and really noticed her because she had the most beautiful face I've ever seen. Her face and makeup were perfect. I hadn't noticed it before but she was much older than I face looked. She was very heavy in her b****** and butt area. Her husband was with her and he sat down to he had to be in his 70s but she didn't look more than 30 by her beautiful face however her body did look like 70 year's old. We were all drunk and chatting together when she started to run her hand across my chest and she unbuttoned my shirt some to run her hand across my bare chest right there in front of her husband. I acted like I had no idea that she was doing this. Soon she said we have to go and told her husband she would go get the car. As soon as she left her husband said to me that was my wife what's wrong with you. He was trying to make it seem like it was all my doing that his wife had her hand's all over me. I just smiled and got up and went outside. I saw her in a brand new Cadillac so I walked up to the window and she lowered the window I leaned down in to the window and put my hand straight down the front of her dress feeling her big b***'s and nipples. She said what are you doing and I responded you had your hand in my shirt all night now it's my turn. She just looked at me and smiled as I took her blouse down over her shoulders and took her big b***'s out of her bra. She didn't say a word. I saw her husband coming so I told her here's my number call me and I walked away. Thinking she would never call me I forgot about her. Three months later she calls me and wants to meet with me. She said her husband hasn't had s** with her for years because he can't get it up. Normally I don't go for big ladies but her face was so incredible to see and I think she was the most beautiful face I've ever seen even if it was from plastic surgery. I had s** with her for months and months behind her husband's back. She was buying me all kinds of stuff that I told her I really didn't need but she insisted. I was having s** with a woman over 70 years old and getting paid to do it. Life is good. Because she was really thick in her hips and butt area she was so incredibly tight and I filled her with so much sperm over those months I couldn't believe it. When her husband passed away she asked me to move in with her but I had a girlfriend that didn't know I was having s** with a 70 year old lady. Now she is in her 90s and I still have s** with her sometimes but it's hard for her because she's so old now and has trouble walking around. I really can't believe that I'm having s** with a woman in her 90s

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  • I'm having s** with a woman of 72, she is the best I have ever had!
    Please tell more

  • There is absolutely nothing better than having s** with a mature woman especially if she is over 70 years old and really wants to have s** with a young man who can make her feel better about herself because she needs to feel desirable and wanted by a man even if it's only for her p**** for him to use. My favorite lady was just under 90 and in a wheelchair for many years but I really enjoyed having s** with her when she was totally exposed to me while I was caring for her as her in home helper from the nursing program. At first she was shocked when I touched her b***'s while bathing her and I would slip my fingers into her v***** while I was lifting her up and slip them in and out of her p****. At first she said please don't do that but soon enough she was begging me to bring her to an o*****. She agreed to have s** with me anytime I want to explore her body and that was everyday for months until she passed away

  • That's beautiful, mine is very h**** for her age, and when I do come inside her, it's magical!
    Are you the same person down below?

  • Let's chat about it

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