Feeling of Impending Doom

Back story: We have been going to this fair for 4 years, usually on a Saturday. Last week I was asked if I had any interest in going this year. Of course I said yes, per usual. On Tuesday (It's now Thursday night), I asked what time I should meet at their house. I was told "I don't know yet, I have to ask ______ on what they'd like to see." I have yet to hear anything in over 48 hrs, and we are moving rapidly into 72 hrs as of tomorrow, which is Friday.

Confession/Vent: Feeling a premature sense of doom in regards to plans my friend and I have made for this weekend. All due to a situation that took place last year. The person whom I left blank was supposed to come, but their plans didn't fit my friends (who was doing the driving). So, my friend never got back to them. My friend ditched this person, and then later blamed them because they didn't check in on what was going on until that morning. Granted, they should have asked prior, but at the same time it's not also fully up to them. Communication works both ways.

I have a gut feeling that my friend will, for whatever reason, do that same thing to me. Which is make a selfish decision that involves me, without me. Ditching me. Probably to only turn around and say it's my fault for not asking for a timeframe. Except... I did. I was invited, I said yes, and a few days later I asked when I should meet up with them. Never to hear an answer again in regards to a timeframe. I feel guilty in thinking like this, since there's still 24 hours to go for them to reach out and communicate with me on what the plan is. I shouldn't be thinking badly of them because of mistakes made last year, but they never learned the lesson from that. So, I fear it can repeat itself since they don't see what they did as wrong.

Real Guilty Confession: The most guilt I feel is that I'm totaly ready for this to happen, and already know how I would respond. It will not be pretty. It will have screenshots of our conversation along with my general feelings. It may mark the end of the friendship. I have thought about all of this tonight. Prepared myself for the worst outcome. Even though I also know I'll reach out tomorrow just to cover my own bases... I keep thinking: "What if I get yet another indesisive response? Do I call it out as it seeming like they are second guessing my invite, in that they don't want me to come?" It makes me feel so s***** to be this prepared for something I don't even know will happen.

Last vent: All in all, I feel as though I shouldn't be the one constantly reaching out for a timeframe for this. It takes more than one person to communicate. I already asked, they didn't have the answer yet. It's been more than enough time to get one.

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  • Too much anxiety about nothing important...you may have a disorder

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