Call me princess

I want some one to call me princess I’m a 24 year old man who wants to be a girl because I have all the girl feelings and desires inside me.
I want you to Come home and talk to me while i give you a massage then I will make you dinner, later we will cuddle on the couch watching Netflix’s as I’m laughing away at the tv you kiss me while I get a shiver down my spine and I laugh at your sexy growl getting picked up and tossed over your shoulder being taken upstairs for a bedtime pounding I watch as you unzip your pants and give me your p**** I begin to make love to it with my mouth sucking deep while you call me your princess mmmm it’s so thick it won’t even fit in my mouth all the way if I had a v***** it would be soaked right now also I would be in trouble because that thing would never fit I get up and take my skirt off as soon as I pull my panties down you grab me and stuff your p**** right into my butt hole I squeal while you hold up my leg I have a really tiny p**** and tiny b**** so I half way to being a girl anyways I moan out as you press your weight on top of me you can have your way with me all night sometimes I ride it later missionary but in the end I always get it splattered on my face, it keeps me pretty if you want me to be a girl I don’t mind if you pay for it I’m happy either way as long as you call me princess

Nov 16, 2018

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  • I would love to make love to you my princess. to caress your silky knickers under your flouncy silky dress and kiss you madly while you strip me naked and adore my huge mature d*** throbbing as it pushes its way up your dress and into the side of your silky knickers like a python finding its way to your lovely bottom hole pushing inside I hear you squeal with joy as it starts to thrust into you my darling! Princess, princess I want you so much. Please reply.

  • I will slide my shaft in and out f****** you real nice pull it out put it in your mouth so you can clean all of your ass juice

  • ...okay...…..your a princess...….

  • Its best to just give the princess what she wants, don't question it, the more you question it the more it hurts

  • Oh, my dear sweet princess! Where have you been??? I have missed you so much!!! And I have REALLY missed licking your a-hole! Please come put it in my face! I love you! I LOVE YOU!!!!!!

  • I don’t want my ass hole licked! That’s gay

  • Wasn't talking you, you effing asshat. Was talking to the OP.

  • I’m the writer J******!

  • Hi princess

  • Hugs hi😊

  • I want a piece of you, too. I wouldn't presume to monopolize you or your time, but I would really truly LOVE to be the one that takes care of you when you're lonely, or sad, or needy. I would caress you -- in all those places that need caressing -- and would rim you with sweet kisses and an eager tongue. I think you deserve that. And you KNOW you do. Please, let me rim you. Please?

  • I want to do you. Not once. Not twice. Not a few times. Forever.

  • How and what would you do

  • I would call you from my office, during the day, just to say hello and tell you how hungry I am for you. Each time I called, you would ratchet up the seduction, telling me, "I'm ready for you, daddy", and then, "I need it so bad, daddy", and "My hole is aching for you, daddy!", and finally, "Do NOT make me wait any longer, daddy!" So, I leave work early, driving home on surface streets at 60-70-80 miles an hour, hurrying to get home and take care of my sweet sweet baby. I walk into our house, and you're laying on the sofa watching TV, with your shorts around your ankles, your d*** in the air, hard, stiff, leaking precum, angry, ravenous, ready. I kneel next to you, take your shaft in my hand, point your tip toward my mouth, and then swallow that c*** of yours. You explode into my mouth and down my throat, emptying your sac and gaining the relief you needed. I turn you over, knees on the floor, face on the sofa, I scoot over behind you, and begin to slide into your puckered delight, lubing you with my own precum, and then slither into your a***, past your sphincter, deep into your guts, pushing deeper, thrusting faster, grab your hips and press farther into your s***. I can feel your chocolate attaching to my shaft as I work back and forth, in and out, until finally I withdraw, and allow you to watch as I wipe your s*** off my d*** with my fingers......and eat it. "G*******, daddy! I didn't know you were so filthy!" And as I watch you writhe with arousal, seeing how dirty you've made me, I watch you c**, again, as I continue to lick your s*** off my fingers. And then I lean down and suck more of it directly from your ass. You are my princess. And I am your w****.

  • #sickfuck

  • Please read the other posts there worse then this sickfuck guy

  • WTF? He's talking about EATING the OP's s***!!

  • Which is lame I thought the guy letting the horse have s** with him was worse and when I say other post I meant stories not comments

  • Got it. Good observation. Thanks.

  • I would love you.
    I would call you my princess ("Princess W****").
    I would treat you like a princess.
    I would cuddle with you always.
    And yes...….I would pay you. (Or at least pay your bills.)
    You would feel so special. Because you ARE so special.

  • Awwww

  • In a loud and clear voice WTF

  • Spis sappin my sentri

  • (In a quiet voice) wtf

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