I wish to work with zero humans

Any human resources office will site the statistics that you are more likely to get fired over your social skills (or lack thereof) than you are for being incompetent at your job. I have had about 30 jobs. Either quit because I was getting harassed and bullied, or I was let go. I have a college education. Poor social skills. Most people Ive ever met have treated me poorly. Bullied all throughout school. Im nearly 40 and still cant seem to find a job I can actually do that pays enough to support myself.
I just want a job, full time, normal hours, where Im left alone. Zero other humans. No animals either (nothing against them, I just don't have the patience nor desire). I hate to get too picky, but I seem to be quite limited at what I can do. Ive lived with major depression and anxiety for years, recently got diagnosed as aspergers. I don't do well in high temperatures. I have some difficulty driving. I don't do well with others.
Is there one single job out there, that someone like me is suited to do? All I want out of life: A clean, quite home, which I earn everyday, working a normal schedule, preferably Monday through Friday dayshift, by myself, earning enough to afford a decent, safe apartment or small home, living by myself. Plus enough to pay back my student loans and healthcare. If such a job exists, I will work it til the day I die. I seriously would never want to retire.
Any suggestions welcome. Currently living in the Southeast part of the US but would relocate almost anywhere. Preferably to a city.
And that's all I truly want out of this life.

Nov 21, 2018

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  • I am just like you but a little younger thanks for showing me my future doesnt wanted to insult you in anyway

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