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My brother in law, My wife's sisters husband made a bit of a revelation to me last night after we had more than enough beer in our systems. My sister in law is quite good looking, Short, Well kept and works out just enough to keep her "Mom bod" looking good, He works away pretty steady to maintain the lifestyle they lead, He had kind of offered me a job with him but I told him I didn't know if I could do it with the fact I have always wondered if there was something going on one weekend while I was away on a stag and when I returned my wife was very awkward about a friend of mine. Her husband told me that him and his wife have an "Arrangement". From what he told me she has a "Friend" that she is allowed to have over when he is out of town.
I was surprised that he said that because he is a pretty rough and tough kind of guy that I would have never thought he would go for but he told me "Hey, A woman's got needs and if that need is to get a dick once in a while when i'm not around I would rather know who and when than have her sneak around".
I guess his idea makes sense, I just don't think I could ever do it.

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