Looking back

My wife and I were reflecting on a night we had in college, It was her that brought it up since we were talking about her friend deciding to get a b*** job recently and I said "Really...Why?" and my wife told me that she was not happy with the way they hang anymore, Then she said "Well, We are not 20 anymore, They don't look like they did in college" and we began a discussion which was kind of out of character for her since she would normally never discuss and slutty past stuff and even denies some of it ever happened which there wasn't a lot of before me but I did read her journals and there is a little bit in there.
Anyway, Me and her were fairly new at the time, We had been together 3-4 months I think and I was spending a lot of time at her college res which I never really understood the set up but they had 2 rooms with 2 girls in a room so whenever you wanted to "Be alone" you pretty much had to announce it but that night she couldn't find Courtney, the girl she shared a room with but we sneaked off anyway and went to her room, There was a party going on and the bedrooms and bathroom were upstairs with a second bathroom, Living room and kitchen on the main floor and just storage/Utility room in the basement.
I had my wife face down pounding her pretty good and she was loving it, Moaning and talking but I had drank a lot and was having a bit of trouble getting off which actually worked out for her, She was face down loving my new found stamina and her room mate Court opened the door, My girlfriend looked over and surprisingly didn't freak, Court didn't freak so I just kept going, Court closed the door and walked up to us obviously pretty drunk also and before I knew it she was down to her thong laying beside my wife and my wife were kissing and touching. I was in heaven, I would have never guessed that my wife would have but she wasn't putting up a fight.
Court back then was a bit thicker than my wife with really nice legs, Round jiggly bum, Big b**** and a pretty face, My wife was more short, Slim and small chested. I was groping Court a bit and jiggling her bum, My wife and her were still kissing and groping as I slid a finger between her cheeks, She spread her legs and laid on her stomach, My wife looked down at my hand and then at me then smiled and lifted her eyebrows at me which apparently I took wrong. Court was wet, Like super wet I remember. Court had a boyfriend back home but hadn't seen him in probably 2 months so she was more than ready, I pulled out of my wife and in one motion jumped on Court and shoved it in her from behind.
Court stiffened up, My wife's eyes got huge as she looked at Court's bum and Court made an "AAAAKKKK" noise, I went b**** deep in the first shove and she lifted her head, Shoulders and arched her back, I held it in her deep and she flopped back down on the bed whimpering, I started pounding her and she was moaning about how big I was. She only lasted a minute or so before she moaned "Oh god I love you", I came right at the same time and we all had an awkward moment as I looked at my wife who I think was in shock right then but back then I could go two or on the odd occasion even a third time so before she could freak out I flipped her onto her back and shoved it in her.
Court stayed and laid beside us watching and kissing my wife, As she started to show signs she was about to get off Court pinched her nipples, She almost sat up as she came and I pulled out putting a load on her stomach which was always her rule. She got up and put on her house coat heading to the bathroom and I was left naked with Court, I grabbed one of her b**** sucking on her big nipple but she pushed me away and whispered "I know you came in me, What if I get pregnant...ya gotta think more" and when my wife came back she went to the bathroom, My wife and I snuggled up and Court came back crawling into her bed.
We never spoke about it after that night until me and the wife talked the other night but I said "We should do that again some day" My wife said "Good f****** luck" and rolled over going to sleep.

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  • Sounds kind of like your woman and her friend were bringing in guys and sharing them. You are only getting one side of the picture. In College... everything goes

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