I'm sad.

I put this under embarrassing but I don't really know if I am embarrassed or just sad or if I feel stupid or really what the heck is going on in my mind.
My best friend Shan and I share a condo her parents own, They let me stay rent free so really it is a great deal for me, Shan is, Was and probably always will be quite comfortable with being naked in front of people so when we got our own place it was no surprise that she spent a lot of time naked, Topless, Bottomless or somewhere in between, I had kind of started to follow suit and found myself maybe topless a bit more often than I used to or more comfortable to walk back and forth from my room to the kitchen or living room topless or in my underwear and really hadn't put a lot of thought into it until she had a boyfriend who started staying over once in a while.
Obviously I started wearing more clothes when he was around even though I did catch myself walking out of my room with no top on a couple times and had to spin around and go put one on and a couple times I was in the bathroom getting ready and didn't realize he had stayed so I didn't close the door and had no top on so I am pretty sure he seen my...Jugs at some point once or twice but that would have been it. Shan and her boyfriend Marcus were not at all shy and I would sometimes come home late and find them on the couch or with their door open, Usually they would cover up or go to the bedroom and close the door, Marcus is a good looking guy, Nice, Personable and friendly but he is Shan's man so I honest to god never thought of him in that way even though she had, On many occasions told me about how hung he is.
Last weekend I came home from work around midnight which was a bit early for me and I walked in on Shan on her knees in front of Marcus sitting leaned back on the couch, Normally they would have covered up, headed to Shan's room and closed the door but, They didn't, Shan leaned back and had Marcus's unit in her hand, He looked at her, She looked at me and I turned my head away, I turned my back to them and hung my coat in the closet by the door then as I turned to walk down the hall Shan grabbed my arm, She turned me to face her and I could see that Marcus was just laying back slouched down with his stuff all out in the open, Shan looked me straight in the eye and whispered "Hi", I said "Uh hi" and she took my hand pulling me toward where Marcus was, It probably took me a full second, Maybe two to figure out what she had in mind I pulled back and she pulled me forward.
I'm not even going to try and lie, I hadn't been laid in a few months and the sight of Marcus there definitely had my juices flowing, I knew what Shan wanted and I knew I was going to do it but played hard to get anyway, I stood in front of him and said "Oh, god, No" yadda, Yadda, Yadda. Shan looked at me and said "It's Marcus's birthday and I was thinking...", Shan knelt down and pulled me with her.
Before long I was on my back in the living room with Marcus pounding me and Shan sitting on my face which is a first but WILL NOT be the last, I had my first paralyzing o*****, Shan worked me back into a frenzy and we 69'd until Marcus was ready again and we traded positions, We f***** until morning and then all passed out, I plan to walk into Shan's room tonight buck naked and do it all over again and again and again.

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  • Lame fake assed story

  • You go, girl! It's gonna seem like forever for work to end every night :)

  • Hi angel.......

  • Shut up

  • T*****...

  • How old are you

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