I had a comment reported on another site.

I was looking at my comments and I noticed that they have been reported. It's not a total mystery because I think I know who would've had my comments reported. Because when I noticed that there was the report icon closer to where it says reply. I know why somebody would've reported my comments. It's because somebody may have been angry about me. Does anyone have any advice on 'what if my comments get taken from where they are right now ? What should I do ? Report somebody else's comments to get back at them ?

Dec 7, 2018

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  • Fyi He's not paranoid.

  • You totally are, OP =) Nice try!

  • The Grammar N***'s feel no remorse.

  • Somebody's paranoid...

  • Commenter. No, I'm not and I thought you knew what the
    Abbreviation stands for

  • La grammaire nazie, à droit. dis moi
    qui est-elle ?

  • Wtf are you even talking about? Are you on drugs?

  • Wtf is with the f@#!ing question about
    f@!#ing drugs. 13 hours ago comment
    really ! Like I don't know who makes
    every little comment ! comments I
    really don't care for are the comments
    about drugs !

  • Wait for it... Can I get a F#!"in' comment.? No, I can't.? D!#".!

  • Yes, you can. So answer the question. Are you on drugs, or are you being noncompliant with the ones the nice people at the funny farm told you to take? You're either a drug zombie or a r*****. Which is it?

  • Or have you been avoiding taking the drugs your psychiatrist prescribed?

  • Don't worry CP people are as corrupted as h***

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