Old ladies know best

I was not always good with girls, and i was a bit slow when someone was dropping a hint. When i was 21 years old, i decided to become a bus driver, and i took my license. Nice ladies, over 50, flirting a little, but i was always a professional and didn't pay any attention.

One day i had a lady, over 60, that wanted to go to the end of the line, but the ticket machine was broken, so i told her to come for free. She thought that i was just flirting with her. Once we arrived there, just the 2 of us, she asked if she should pay me. I answered that since i didn't print any ticket, she should not give me any money. She came closer, and she asked if she could thank me in any other way (The end of the line it was a park on a mountain, and there were no people around since it was cold).

I didn't get it first, and she placed her hand on my private area. I shocked a bit and jumped from my sit. She told me to relax, and grabbed my hand and took me to the last sits at the back. She told me not to stop her, that she was a woman, i was a man, and she wanted it. I should learn to satisfy all women, not just the young ones.

Although i didn't like her (she was the bad version of an old lady, with everything hanging, thin, and smelly), i decided to do it. Just from grabbing me down there, you could see that she felt alive again. The sucking was out of this world since the lady was really hungry, and i thought to just leave it there. Not go any further. But she had other plans. She was not really that wet, and the body in bad shape, but it felt so good having her slowly ride me, and letting me leave everything inside her, even the last drop.

Ever since i am crazy about older women, and i have done it with married ladies, plus a Brazilian 70 years old yoga instructor.

Oct 28, 2020

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