I Mastrabated While Wearing My BFF’s pants

So I was at a sleepover with my BFf, but I forgot to bring pajamas, so she let me borrow and t-shirt and sweat pants. I have insomnia, so I stayed up for a while. And.....you know....human nature. I felt h****, so I masturated while she was in a deep sleep. But as I was doing it, my idiot ass remembered that these weren’t my clothes, and.....let’s just say I got them a lil messy. I guess she never found out tho, cuz of course she washed them and then that was it. But I felt like the biggest idiot ever.....never again, lol

Dec 23, 2018

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  • Well

  • Keep it real

  • Tell the truth

  • Im 13

  • Yes do that

  • Would you like it sucked?

  • Yes please

  • Love to feel it grow hard in my mouth

  • Icant get through

  • I hope you get this

  • I would like that alot and i actualy wont be 13 till augast. i hope you would not laufgh as i have no pubes.

  • Yes and are you a boy or girl

  • Your age and dont worry about it....

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