Work 3rd shift for crazy

This happened to me when I was younger and worked at a gas station over 3rd shift. I used to see a lot of crazy people, but one was more memorable than the others.
I was 21, had just turned 21 and was put on 3rds to work alone. Not long after I went to 3rds this girl started coming in every night around 2AM. I think the first couple times she came in she got a soda but then she stopped getting anything and would just come in to talk. She would stand and talk to me for about an hour, sometimes two, and then she'd leave returning the next night. After the first several nights with her not buying anything I became suspicious that she may be stealing something, but I never caught her, she only ever stood and talked. So one night she asked me if I had a girlfriend. At the time I did, so I said yes. She then asked me if I had ever screwed around on her. At the time I hadn't, so I said no. Then she asked me if I wanted to. I was shocked and said no. She apologized and left. The next night she returned and apologized again. I asked her if she was serious about having an affair with me. She said she has a boyfriend and had no intentions of breaking up with him, but she thought I was cute and just wanted to have s** if I wanted to. I told her I was interested, but I lived with my girlfriend and didn't know how we would hook up without my girlfriend becoming suspicious. She winked at me and said "I'm sure you'll figure something out." Then left the store.
The next night she came in again. I told her I had figured something out if she was interested. I took her back into the refrigerator where I could see through the racks and glass door into the store. I bent her over and we f***** while I kept an eye out for anyone coming into the store. She came back every night I worked and we would f*** in the refrigerator. There were only a few times where I had to pull out and run out to help a customer, but I always returned and finished the job. We f***** like that for about 7 months until I found a better job and couldn't hook up with her any longer. She ended up marrying her boyfriend, and I ended up dumping my girlfriend because she was psychotic. I still see her around town ever once in awhile, we stop and chat, but never hook up anymore. Although I'm sure she would if I asked her to.

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  • Lol worked the same shift- had many of pleasurable night at work.

  • F uck ur slow this time fella. You said you see her around. Do the deed on her. You might an ice chest this time.

  • Had a friend who used to work third shift at the truck stop. She said all kinds of weird people came in on her shift. She said one night she was working and this guy came in, trucker, probably 50 years old. He went to the bathroom and after several minutes she could hear him screaming for help. Thinking he was having a heart attack she rushed into the mens bathroom to find he had stuck his p**** the a hole in the wall where someone had ripped the toilet paper holder off. His p**** got hard and was stuck in the hole. She could see his p**** in the stall next to his and he kept begging for her to jack him off so it would go down and he could get free. She refused and told him he would have to wait until it went down on its own or she could call 911. He refused 911 help and said he would wait. About 10 minutes later he was still stuck when this woman truck driver came in. She told the woman about the guy in the bathroom and she said she would help him. So she stepped in the bathroom and sucked this guy off so he could get free.

  • Said she also had this guy come into the truck stop one time, he was drunk as f***. He kept rambling on about it being hot outside eventhough it was winter. She tried to get him to just sit down for a while so he didn't fall down and get hurt. That's when he started to take off his pants. She said he didn't have any underwear on and he was stumbling around with his p**** hanging out. She said the guy was probably in his 30's so not too old, but my friend was 26 at the time, so older than her. She did say she was still impressed because of how BIG his p**** was. She said it had to of been a good 10 or 11 inches long and it wasn't even hard. She said she kept "accidentally" touching it when she was trying to help him get his pants back on. He finally said something about calling his wife to come get him and handed her his phone. She looked through his contacts and found his wife, then called her. She came and got him, and thanked my friend for calling her. His wife made the comment that at least he has his clothes on this time, my friend just smiled and said yes, good thing.

  • I let a guy at the gas station finger me one time for a pack of smokes. Me and a friend was driving across country to see her dad. I didn't have any money and needed smokes. We stopped at one of them all nighters and I told the guy I would show him my t*** if he gave me a pack of Marlboros. He said you show me your t*** and let me finger your p**** and it's a deal. I stepped behind the counter lifted my shirt and bra up and unzipped my pants. He pushed his hand down my pants and slipped a couple finger inside me while he rubbed my t*** with the other hand. I let him finger me for a few minutes and then I told him that was enough. He gave me the smokes and I left. My friend asked me what the h*** took me so long, I'm like I had to work off my smokes.

  • Had one come into an all night store I worked at and wasn't old enough to buy smokes, she said if I would give her some she would suck my d***, I agreed and got my hand in her knickers finger f****** her at the same time

  • So you're a paedo then?

  • Yes, I wish she had a younger sis with her so she could watch me do her too

  • I worked 3rd at a gas station for a while in my early twenties. There was a woman that would stop to chat late at night after the bars had closed. She looked to be in her late thirties and was usually a little tipsy when she arrived. She would always hit on me, so one night I took her into the back store room and we had a h*** of a row! Probably 30 minutes the first round before a customer pulled in. Then another 30 after they left.

    We did it a couple of times until she showed up one night so drunk she was soaking in her own p***! I sent her on her way and I saw her only once more when she came in to apologize to me, then I never saw her again.

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