Mexican Boss

I don't f****** understand how an American company can put a Mexican in charge of a Region allowing him to bring all his friends that are Mexicans as well taking out the americans who are working and being productive and have a track record. Also , he is bringing people who he does not shy away of saying , " They are not smart, but they do all I want ." Its like he wants people to not have their own opinion. He is a nasty f*** who is constantly scratching his beard full of dandruff and I caught him eating his ear wax twice. I resigned because it was either that or beating the s*** out of him. The guy changes plan on a daily basis and will not listen to anyone. Just for the record I am Hispanic as well , and by no means do I want his position . I am just venting on how this company is going to s***.

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  • POS 'merikkkant do nothing but act privileged because a person obviously is better qualified than you.
    May Karma catch up with you soon!

  • In answer to your initial question - Because the MD is making so much f*cking money, he simply doesn't care.

  • Yeah they have no idea what it’s like to be Patriotic passionate and understanding
    They come here and immediately leech on US benefits like nothing. Everyone thinks they come here wanting another chance.... but most people have no idea what people are coming across are harden criminals, rapist, thieves,, gang members. Don’t get me wrong but some want to become citizens but others want and know how to f*** our system. Our own people won’t deny them cause it’s too much trouble and it boggles the system. Go Trump !!

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