My gf wants me to clean up her p**** after s**, she wants to f*** my friends

Dec 28, 2018

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  • Ive been a cuckold for years. As soon as you eat the creampie your hooked.

  • I’ll fill your GF up, so you can clean it out, cuck!

  • My wife f*cks my friends. Well...they F*UCK HER!!!!!!! I sit back and watch. She f*cks a lot of them when I am not around. There are times she doesn’t even end up telling me about it until I find out from one of them.

    I am rather small in size and my best friend for instance is about 9.5-10” and VERY THICK!!!! He can F*CK her for hours and make her squirt and c*m just by pulling his HUGE C*** out for her.

  • I will let you f*** me I like being watched as well. so c** shoot your load in me

  • I want a bull that has that effect on my virgin fiancée. I want her to want such a stud to the point that she wants to have s**, for the first time, with him.

  • I've come home many times late in the evening, my wife is h****, we go to have s** and I find her p**** smeared and dripping with c**, she knows I knows but likes we pretend like she hasn't been f****** other guys while I've been at work. Sometimes I'll f*** her and she'll feel so sloppy and stretched, other times she has amazing o****** making me eat her out. She once told me she thinks I've eaten at least 60 different guys c**, at least 10 of those I know, numbers must be a lot higher now.

    Sometimes she'll thank me with the most amazing b******, or a***. Other times she just lies there and lets me f*** her. Once she was quite drunk, she kicked my b**** hard and told me I'm a pathetic loser and went to bed. She woke up with her face covered in several loads of c** which she loved.

  • I didnt like my gf f****** my friends and then licking her out, preferred when she f***** her ex or random big d*** guys.

  • Do it, you know you want to. Then tell us how it goes.

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