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My wife (8years) has come out as lesbian though she’s never tried a girl. Our s** life used to be pretty decent with ups and downs. Recently it’s been down. Last night she told me in the spirit of openness and honesty that she doesn’t really like s** with me anymore and really wants to find a girlfriend BUT she wants to stay with me to raise our children. we both work full time jobs. She still might want to f*** me but this is new territory and she’s nervous and unsure. Part of me just wants to say why bother sticking around like some s*** cuckhold loser but she agrees that if she’s f****** around so can I. What would you do?

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  • I am in a girl girl relationship with a lady I originally met at our kids play group. I still love my husband and want to stay with him so our kids get two parents one male and one female. At the same time the s** and connection with my mother lover is f****** awesome. Hot hot hot. We meet for coffee and sometimes strip and cudle and touch. There is a bit of a BDSM aspect to it as she is dominant and I am submissive. She orders me around and spanks me and makes me do some cleaning of her house or sets me tasks to do at my house. I guess what I am saying is your wife can have it all and so can you.

  • Deal with her if n only if it is a 3 some

  • If you are sure your wife is into lesbian relation, then let her continue with it. Lesbianism is the supreme dimension of sexuality. I am into it for more than 25 yrs but I do have a couple of bfs, all my hubby's friends with whom I have s** as lesbians do want hard male f**** at some time or other. Lately, I am into 3-some with my hubby and gf - ffm. We enjoy a lot in our s** sessions.

  • Ditch her. It's only going to get worse. Get a divorce and bang all of the p**** that you deserve.

  • Decide if I have a kind for being a Cuck. If yes, go with it. If No, peacefully end the Marriage, and do everything I can to decently hare the parenting responsibilities and perks.

    Since she works, alimony is likely out of the question, so a life with self respect and decent means is available to you...so is a life of disrespect and getting your submissive jollies...what kind of example is that of manhood for your kids ?

  • I see what you mean

  • Divorce that c*** and fight for child custody with good lawyer. As a good father with children, many women will find you attractive. Don't forget a prenuptial agreement - this is a must.

  • That's hot. Why not have a 3some?

  • Tell her to p*** off and the children are staying with you

  • If you are ok, with her getting laid 1000x more times than you

  • The problem is she can get laid 1000 times more than you will because she's a woman. so you will get the short end of the stick

  • Make her suck Ur p**** and lick it clean and f*** the h*** out of her till she can’t take any more then it some more part of staying keeping kids ok. Thenshe can have her girl friends just remind her there will more each month. See what she say then U know what to do Get after it😉😎👌

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