Swing or no?

My boyfriend Is a bit of a dog when it comes to s**. We have s** three, four times a day and he still wants more. I have to be honest I like s** too probably just as much as he does. We are regularly on the internet looking at p*** or chatting on s** sites.

Our s** life is crazy always looking something new to push the boundaries. We had s** in the car, while driving. I have flashed other people my t*** while driving. We have been in so may toystores I can't even count them all. We have literally had s** in every place imaginable. The park, the river, a field, gas station bathroom, Walmart, McDonald's, burger king, you get the idea.

When my boyfriend asks me to do something new, I'm normally all in, but this time he asked something that caught me off guard. At first I was p***** and told him no, but know that I've had time to think about it, I think it may be fun. He asked me to go to a swinger club. I'm not sure I want my boyfriend having s** with another girl, but the thought of me having s** with another boy is kind of exciting. I really have split feelings on this.

The other day we went out to the interstate overpass and I flashed my t*** to everyone driving by. My boyfriend said that was no different than going to a swinger club, but I disagree. I have flashed people my t***, had other boys groping them, and I even flashed my p**** one time at an outdoor concert letting some boys finger me, but this is different. I would be willingly accepting another boy to have s** with me.

Am I right, is this different from what I have done?
Or his my boyfriend right?

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  • It's different, but you might like it. My boyfriend is also a dog who can't get enough, and we've been to a club a few times. The first time was weird. The people were older, 40's and 50's mostly, and I was being hit on by other women, and I'm not bi. It took a while to get comfortable and go for it, but it's kind of fun. Just relax and don't feel like you need to do anything but socialize the first time.

  • No they're different. Your BF is saying that to make you feel better about going. That being said you won't know until you try it out. Might as well give it a try. Also, you can go to a swingers club just to check it out. You don't have to do anything. Lots of couples go just to check it out

  • To tell you the truth I am from a smaller city and if there is a swinger club here I wouldn't know. My boyfriend says there is but won't tell me where it's at. I believe he does know where one is but I'm betting it's in the city. As in the major city we live about an hour outside of. I'm inclined to say yes to my boyfriend but I just don't know what to expect. You say we can go and just observe. Does that mean we could just walk around and watch other people have s**? Would we be expecting to be naked too? If we decided to have s** with others, how do we decide who, where, and when? Do they provide condoms or do we have to bring our own? What about oral s**, does that happen?
    Sorry for all the questions. I'm just not sure what to expect.

  • No one will push you to do anything you don’t want. Some people or couples can sometimes appear pushy but it’s all about everyone enjoying their view. You don’t have to undress unless you feel like. Couples may try and hold your hand as you walk by to let you know they have an interest. If you don’t really have plans to swing or s** I wouldn’t waste anyone’s time. First time we walked in we were there around 30 min when this Tom Selek type of guy grabs my wife’s hand. Next thing you know he’s moving her hand to his c*** and it startles her but she just blushes and continues to rub then stroke it his c***. She turns to me and says something then unexpectedly starts sucking on him. She looks at me again and says “Big”
    She couldn’t believe how much bigger (true) he was than me. I couldn’t believe how much fun she was having and would’ve thought she would have stopped. She finally makes him c** and while trying to swallow him she lets a lot seep out her mouth. We started walking around when suddenly I kiss her so hard my tongue is deep in her mouth and what I really wanted was to taste his load and I did. She was surprised and smiled asking what got me so excited just then.

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