Awkward massage

My wifes mom and I had an awkward moment, I was helping her move some stuff out of the basement to the garage, She is a nice looking 48 year old woman who has been divorced from my wifes dad since my wife was three and 10 years ago "found religion" so says she wont have s** until she gets remarried so its been 10 years since she has had s**, I slipped on the steps and went down, Felt like I blew my groin right out and across the driveway.
My wife helped me up and into the house, I sat down for a while and I started to feel better so finished moving stuff with my wifes mom telling me it wasn't necessary and to just leave it, My wifes mom is a nurse and also did some training as a sports massage therapist and kept telling me I could cause more damage, I played it off and muscled through getting done, The next day I couldn't get out of bed on my own and after my wife helping me out of bed limped to the kitchen, My wifes mom was quite concerned and tried to get me to let her look at me or go to the hospital, I told her it just needed to get loosened up and would be better.
My wifes mom finally said "If your not going to go to the hospital at least let me look at it", my wife said "you really should at least just let her see if you need to go to the hospital", I said "ok fine", I stood up and she asked where it hurt, I told her basically all the way from my lower thigh to my groin area, She gently squeezed my leg starting at my knee and worked her way up my thigh, I was wearing some loose fitting pyjama shorts and she slid her hand up and under my shorts, I didn't think about it but my c*** was dangling to that side and she inadvertently grabbed it when she went to check my upper thigh, She didn't even react and just brushed it to the side with her fingers as she continued her evaluation.
When she was done she looked at me and said "I don't think its too serious", She offered to massage it out for me and I said "no, I'm good" but when I stood up I could barely move again so my wife said "Ok, that's it, Let her do something for you", Her mom got out her old massage table and set it up, My wife helped me onto the table, her and her mom left the room and my wife returned with a hand towel, She grabbed my shorts and gently worked them off tossing me the hand towel and saying "here, cover your junk", I did and her mom came in a couple minutes later with a hand full of oils, She explained everything she was doing as she applied oil to my leg and thigh, my wife was sitting on the couch talking to me and her mom then came and stood beside me, Her mom worked her way up and was massaging my inner thigh and her hand kept brushing against my b****, I was trying to concentrate on something else but my wife still hadn't put on a bra and everytime I looked at her I could see the outline of her nipples through her tank top, Just then my wifes mom slid her hand under the hand towel and started applying oil to the right side of my groin, she had the side of her hand against my c*** and was pretty much massaging my groin with her other hand, She said "let me know if this hurts you in any way", I could feel my c*** getting hard, my wife said "I should get dressed" and left the room, I thought at least I wouldn't have to worry about her reaction and after about 20 seconds I was fully erect, I'm not bragging but I have an 8 inch long c*** when its fully hard and my wife says its the biggest she has ever had, I looked down and there was a huge bulge under the hand towel, My wifes mom said "How far across the groin does it hurt", I said "basically half way", She took my b**** in one hand and held them to the side and massaged my groin, She wasn't having any reaction to my erection and just kept going, When she was done she turned to look at me and looked right at the hand towel, She said "How's tha...." Cleared her throat and swallowed hard then said 'Um...Is that any better", I worked my leg up and down a couple times and said "Actually, that feels a lot better, just right here is still stiff" and reached across pointing to my upper thigh, When I took my hand away I purposely knocked the towel off and she looked right at my c***, She swallowed hard and I covered it back up, She told me it would loosen up with time and told me to go ahead and get dressed, I stood up before she could leave, Tossed the towel and grabbed my shorts, I could see her peeking out of the corner of her eye as I pulled them up.
I looked down and adjusted my erection which was still very obvious and said " the way...Sorry about" and looked down, She looked down and said "Oh no, that's fine, Its actually common".
Now every time I see her I think about how soft her hands were, Might have to see if I can get a "checkup"

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  • She’s mature woman if she wanted something she would let you know you’re going to make a big mistake if you try to move forward with this. she was all the professional

  • Don't try to mess with your mother in-law. This was kind of a risque moment you can mentally enjoy, but leave it at that, please.

  • Don't listen to them. Try to get an oral massage ;)

  • She acted like a professional. If you want a woman to give you a massage and play with your c*** have your wife do it. Have some respect for the woman.

  • Definitely get your MIL to do it instead

  • Very erotic and h****.

  • You'd probably say the same of a turkey wadding across the barnyard.

  • Ahahahahhaaa

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