Fingered my sister in law

Last weekend my wife had asked me to be the designated driver for her and her sister as they were going to an outdoor concert, I took my lowered regular cab truck since I seldom get to drive it anymore and it seemed like a good chance to take it out for a spin.
By the time we left they were both wasted and could barely stand, I pulled up and my wife asked why I had brought the regular cab, I explained that I don't get to drive it very often and thought it was a good chance to take it out for a spin.
my wife sat by the door since she thought she might puke which left her sister sitting beside me, I had been staring at my wifes little sister all night, Physically they are about as opposite as you can get, My wife is 37 y/o, 5'2" with small b**** and her sister is 26 y/o, 5'10" with huge DD's, We started the hour long drive home and within minutes both girls were passed out, My wife had her head leaning on the window with her sweater as a pillow and her sister had passed out on my shoulder, I had my arm around my wifes sister and reached over to my wife, I gently pulled her tank top and bra off her shoulder and pulled out her left b***, I drove down the highway playing with her b*** and pinching her nipple, I was looking down at my sister in laws cleavage and put my hand on her right shoulder, I did the same with her and pulled her tank top and bra strap down, I could feel my hand shaking as I gently slid my hand into her top and scooped out her huge, Freckly, firm b***.
I couldn't believe I was seeing and actually touching my sister in laws b***, I have stared at them for years and never had the chance to see them, They are big, round, and surprisingly firm, Her b**** have big, light pink nipples that got hard right away when exposed to the air and were the size of the end of my pinky finger, I gently worked her top down and got both of them out and played with them as we drove down the road, I reached down and lifted her skirt expecting to get a peek at her panties and to my delight there were none, Just her perfectly bald, pink p****, I was able to take her right knee and flop it over against my wifes leg and neither of them moved, I slid my hand up her thigh and pressed it against her p****, She was warm and soft, Shaved perfectly bald with no "B***** tongue", , I rubbed her p**** and she got wet in a few seconds, I spread her lips and rubbed her c***, She adjusted her head and let out a little moan as she pressed her hips forward, I worked one finger into her, I was surprised at how tight she was, She was breathing heavy and moaning a bit.
When she was good and wet I slipped my finger out of her p**** and slid it between her bum cheeks, I could feel her a****** and pushed my finger into it, She whimpered a bit as I pressed my finger in her ass and my thumb into her p****, She was moaning and whimpering and then clenched her thighs together letting out a long, soft moan.
I pulled my fingers out of her and fixed her skirt, I had shorts on and worked them down taking her hand and wrapping it around my c***, I used her hand and stroked my c*** until I came all over her long, Soft fingers.
When I was done I used a cloth out of my door panel and wiped her off, I fixed her skirt and when we pulled into my garage her and my wife continued sleeping, I gently pulled my sister in laws b*** out and played with it a bit then sucked her nipple, I opened her legs and rubbed her p**** a bit more then fixed her clothes and took her left hand, I used her hand and cupped my wifes t** then used her finger to pull my wifes nipple a little bit, I got out of the truck and laid my wifes sister on her back on the seat, Pulled her top down and her skirt up the straddled her face, I jerked off while looking at her beautiful body and blew another huge load on the garage floor, I fixed her clothes with one hand and pressed my other hand covered with c** on her lips, I worked a finger in her mouth and wiped my c** on her lips and tongue then cleaned up and carried her into the house and put her in the spare room, I went back and got my wife who woke up as I was carrying her Into the house, I laid her on the bed and she looked at me, Smiled and said "Come f*** me", I managed to get it up one last time and pounded her while thinking about her sister.

Jul 14, 2016

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  • Must have sucked when you woke up and found out that you dreamed it all. And that your wife didn't have a sister. And that you never had a wife. And that you never had a date. And that you never saw a woman undressed. And that you're still a virgin.

  • Fake as s*** story about a guy who rapes his sister in law.

  • I want your fingers inside my p**** now im wet and horney you can use your tongue to get me dry then put your d*** inside me

  • How do i get ahold of u to finger u

  • I would love to finger u

  • Let me plunge it in deep and spurt s**** into your hungry c***

  • I'll make your little p**** c** with my fingers

  • Im getting wet reading it hope you will use your tongue as well. I will keep my legs open wide

  • Great id use my tongue and lick your p**** until you begged me to stop

  • That didn't come out too well but you know what I mean

  • I like you're replying now yours my reply I wish I was there to use my tongue on you I love turn down a lot if you're nearby floats I'll be there in no time at all

  • Where do you live cause I'd f*** you senseless

  • I'm ready to sample all you can provide

  • I wanna hear more about the truck.

  • Why fingr use ur p****

  • What a pill of bs

  • Mmm, wish this had happened to me, so hot

  • Nice, very nice

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