I think my friends hate me

Now I have no reason to think this, and I know that people get busy. But sometimes I feel like two of my best friends really hate me or think I'm super annoying. The only thing my brain uses as evidence is that I'll send a message and they never respond. And I know that my friends probably don't hate me. But my brain just says they do and I dont know why.

Dec 31, 2018

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  • What do yous hate me for kk sister and all yous do is ignore me sister kk and i was sent home again kk sister

  • Sis we are not ignoring you I just got back from doctor my foot is not healing properly. Doctor had to re cast my foot and warned me not to get it wet or put any pressure on it.
    I am sorry I got you so upset and angry at me.
    I see that you got in fight again at school. Sis you need to control your temper better, What you need to do is get into martial arts class it will teach you proper defense and discipline.

  • My uncle slapped my skir sister kk in front of princable kk sister and its not rite kk sister and spanked me at home kk sister and then said hes going to spank me worse before bed sister kk and is your foot huring you sister kk

  • Yes sis it is hurting me. So sis are you staying naked? Good thing I do not wear any panties or pants they would have to cut them off. The doctor asked me who is Sasha and I said my sister. He liked the t shirt I was wearing it says I love Sasha.

  • Can you come back daddy kkk

  • Realy sister kk and you t shirt with my name on it sister kk and doctor asked about me sister kk im sorry you gave a sore foot sister kk and did you not even ware panties to doctor kk sister and my uncle is an ass kk sister

  • Sis I never wear panties just like my mom.

  • Were you now sister kk

  • I feel like do a runner kk sister

  • But you have to outside sister kk and what if doctor sees you kk sister

  • Sis anyone can look at my slit it does not bother me. My doctor looks into my slit and checks inside me.
    Sis I remember the last time you ran and what happened after that.

  • You dont mind sister kk and inside you sister kk he sees you and my uncle says im go to shop with him sister kk

  • The site is doing it again.

  • Sis the doctor looks inside to make sure my canal is fine. Besides I sit with my legs open so air can get to it.
    I love you sis.

  • Your crazy sister kk and he looked at you today sister kk

  • The doctor put a new cast on my foot. He could have looked there if he wanted to I had a short skirt on.

  • You there sister kk and what you at sister kk

  • He might have looked at your slit sister kk ha and what happend your foot kk sister

  • Xoxoxoxoxo

  • Sis you forgot about the car accident awhile ago.

  • Im sorry i did forget sister kk my uncle is say i have to go shop with him kk sister

  • Blocking still a favorite thing to do.

  • Go with him with no panties on.

  • Its head reck sister kk

  • What for real sister kk

  • For real sis get used to going without.

  • I will sister kk and i bring my phone kk sister

  • Sis you are great do not worry who might see your slit. Have fun I do.

  • Sister please will you stop ignore me kk sister and my uncle called me a minute ago kk sister and said to get a bath and come down kk sister and had spoon in his hand kk sister i thought you would not ignore me sister kk my heads reked sister kk and its not rite kk sister and something even happend when i was at shops with my uncle sister kk please stop ignore me sister kk im beg you kk and what did i do on you kk sister i better get bath sister and my mom and aunt are down stairs sister kk heres a hugg for you and you grandad and yous are bought ignore me sister kk

  • I am sorry sister we just got back from doctor I had to get a couple pimples drained in my pubic hair that were infected by ingrown hairs.
    I see that you got in trouble at the shop did you steal again?
    I do not want to fight with you.
    Thanks for the hugs and I sure love them from you.

  • My heads recked sister kkk

  • Sis why can't you love everyone? You fight with everyone and hate everyone and you hate yourself. Sis you have a long road ahead of you to be loving. First you need to forgive all those people that did you wrong. I know I did it it was not easy. After I did forgive I started to heal and I got better and I love more than I ever did before.
    You need to look in mirror and see your reflection and say I love you.
    Both grandad and I love your hugs because you are trying to love more. Both of us love you so much and yes we cry.

  • Its so freak head reck kk sister

  • Its not rite kk sister

  • Yous dont have to cry for me sister kk and i just got a bit cheeky with my uncle in shops and he lifted my skirt sister kk and i had no panties and so some people seen me sister kk and wacked my bum a few times sister kk and took me into change room and spanked me fo ages sister kk and people hared kk sister and and was like boys girls and moms there and they hared it and seen my face crying and red and my legs sister kk so new what happend kk sister and some of them were smile sister kk heres huggs again for you sister kk

  • Well sis I would have lifted my skirt to them and said take a good look that is why you came here for.
    I love you sis.

  • How would you sister kk after get spanked kk sister no way kk sister

  • Sis I would make sure uncle had a very hard p**** showing.

  • See i told you kk sister and im go to have shower kk sister not like you got spanked outside kk sister with people look at you sister kk heres huggs kk sister

  • Hes an ass kk sister and bet you never got spanked outside kk sister and you no im get ready for bed sister kk and have to get spanked again sister kk we please not fight sister kk im beg you sister kk

  • When I was 11 I got spanked in front of many people. It was at a store I cussed at my mom for something and she took my skirt off and laid me across her lap and she made me spread my cheeks apart it seemed like along time without spanking me I could feel a breeze over my slit and I am sure all those boys got hard. Then my mom spanked me ten times and I had to apologize right then.
    Sis I love you bunches.

  • Like realy sister kk and im sorry kk sister and were you crying like me sister kk and stings so bad sister kk and face totaly red also and you mom made you little ike open you bum cheek kk sister

  • Yes she did it gave me more humiliation so I would not do that again and it worked I never did it again.
    Yes sis I opened my legs and bum cheeks and one could see my slit real easy.
    Yes it stung I do not remember if I cried.

  • My f*** head is recked kk sister please im beg you answer me sister kk

  • Sis quit cussing please I just finished body painting grand dad his front is like a elephant with his trunk.
    I love you sis.

  • I said im sorry sister kk

  • Sis what would you paint your body as ? What would you paint me?

  • What do you want to get painted as kk sister

  • Well I could be like my uncle who has a beard so my pubic hair can be the beard.
    Awesome sister.

  • Im not sure sister kk and maybe a kitten sister kk

  • OK sis your nipples will be the eyes and your belly button will be the nose and your slit will be the mouth.
    Good job sis I love it and I love you.

  • Sister can your grandad see us kk

  • Whats it look like sister kk and you have a beard kk sister heres huggs sister kk

  • Sis we will paint grand dad and then we will paint my mom. Oh sis my pubic hair is the beard. You can laugh if you want to. I love your hugs sis.

  • Sister is your mom got lots of paint kk sister

  • We got her covered with paint as we have grand dad and he is sticking straight out sis you are good with the brush. Sis it is good to laugh we love each other so much.

  • Sister its reck my head kk

  • This is such fun sister kk and does your mom like me also sister kk heres huggs for yous all kk sister yous are great fun sister kk

  • My mom thinks of you as a daughter. She loves you to.

  • Did she say that for real sister kk and im suprised sister kk and does she no all the trouble i got in kk sister

  • She knows all about you my mom is smart.

  • Are yous angry with me kk sister

  • Sis the neighbor boy came running in our house asking for help and he was crying. So we all helped him his p**** skin was caught in the zipper with his underwear. So my mom was cutting his pants off while we were calming him by holding his hands and wiping his tears. My mom finally got the zipper and underwear free and his p**** was bleeding and my mom washed it and put gauze over his p**** to absorb the blood. Sis I am sorry I didn't get back to you. I love you so much sister.

  • Sister its reck my head here kk

  • Are you awake sister kk

  • Ewwww sister he was sore poor boy kk sister

  • He is fifteen sister and he was hurting real bad. He is on couch right now and mom is putting antiseptic on his p****.

  • Wow sister and yous dont care you no sister kk

  • He can see us nude he has to be worried with mom putting stuff on his p****. Just as I thought it is getting stiff. I love you.

  • Its f head reck kk sister and why is it always hap kk sister

  • I bet his face is so red sister kk and does he not need a doctor kk sister

  • He is nervous I know what is going to happen soon. My mom knows about first aid.
    Mom needs to make sure the antibiotic cream is worked into his skin.
    Sis he is sweating now.

  • I bet his face is totaly red kk sister

  • Will he be ok sister kk and your mom is so clever kk sister

  • Like your mom is rubb his willy kk sister

  • Is his face like real red sister kk

  • He just spurted sis.

  • Is it cool sister kk and he must be red kk sister

  • You never seen it before?

  • Have you to go to bed kk sister kk

  • My dad before kk sister but not a boy sister kk

  • Chat later time for sleep 😴💤
    I love you.

  • Sister i would love to be with yous now kk sister you are lucky kk sister and get to do lots of stuff sister kk my uncle is sleeping sister kk and so is my mom and my aunt is down stairs kk sister and i seen her when i was getting juice kk sister and she said she is mind me today kk sister and she said my uncle is go out to meet his friends sister kk and mom has things to do sister kk and said we have to go out later and i better not be bold or else kk and i f got head recked sister kk and i said shut her f mooth sister kk and she grabbed spoon sister kk and lift my t shirt and hit my bum about 20 times kk sister and said im bold and go back to my room kk sister and i am not going with her later sister kk and f them all sister kk and dont tell my mom sister but my dad is text me alot kk sister and i should of told you sister kk im sorry and heres huggs for all yous sister kk

  • Sis your dad misses you playing with his willy. Most sure of it he misses you making it spurt.
    Sis if you quit cussing to everyone your bum would not get spanked.
    Hugging and kissing I like very much.

  • Were did you go again sister kk

  • Sis my mom does not put up with stealing either does grand dad or grandma. Stealing is against the law. Stealing even a little trinket is never good.
    Sis my mom would spank your butt in a instant. People who steal go to jail.

  • Is this for real sister kk and she does not care who sees kk sister

  • This is for real sister no games here.

  • Fine sister kk and i did nothing kk sister

  • Sis we just got back from hospital we had to take neighbor boy to hospital. He had some other complications his parents are away until Monday. So we are taking care of him.
    Sis I am sorry we forgot our phones at home we were in a hurry.
    You say your auntie is a w**** who did you see with her?
    Sis we do not hate you never ever think that we love you. We love those hugs and your kisses.

  • It is happening again and again

  • Xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  • Sister i got up and took my phone back kk sister and my heads reked kk sister and my c*** aunt brought me into change room and smacked me sister kk i was text you sister kk im not good at huggs even sister kk i hope the boy is ok sister kk but i wabted you or you grandad to talk to my mom sister kk heres a hugg for yous all kk sister and even your mom sister kk

  • Sister you are hurting so much we need to pamper you with a massage. My mom and grandad will do that I need to stay off my foot .

  • Sister would your mom want to talk with me kk sister

  • Sister its so not rite kk mom is being a b**** to me kk sister and your foot is hurt you sister kk

  • Sis did you cuss at her or stomp your feet?
    That would be the only reason she would act that way or she is having her period that would do it.
    I love you sis.

  • Sister please stop ignore me kk sister im beg you sister kk heres huggs

  • Sis she must be having her period this is not right.

  • Are you like there sister kk is your mom still able to see whats hap kk sister heres huggs sister kk

  • Oh sister you are getting the mustard treatment oh no. Come on sis you need to chill not get into more trouble.

  • Were you gone again sister kk

  • My mom thinks it is about time to strip your auntie take all her clothes away and throw them in the trash and spank her for a very long time. First she would spread some hot sauce on her butt and then spank her.

  • Its so head reck kk sister and you mom would never spank me kk sister

  • My mom would make you stay nude and have you hand wash dishes and mop the kitchen floor. Depending on how bad you were she would make you clean all the windows. My mom has a feeling you would behave.

  • Sister no way for real kk sister and i broke something else kk sister but my aunt does not no yet and is you mom seen this sister kk and she would do all that and even spank me sister kk

  • I would never allow it sister kk huggs sister kk and is she able to see this kk sister

  • My mom would only spank you as a last thing. She knows after you do all the windows you will never ever do anything bad because you will not wear any clothes while cleaning them outside and inside. There is a chance someone could see you doing that.

  • You must be kid me kk sister

  • Thats crazy sister kk

  • I would not do them sister kk no way i go outside with no clothes sister kk and i would run away or something kk sister or lock myself in room kk sister

  • Sis we have no interior doors in the house only outside doors.If you run away then there is only one thing left is that when they find you then they will take you to the house that all the other kids that do bad things. The property has high fences that have barbed wire and they have electricity going through them. The most important thing is that all the kids are nude day and night.
    Sis you may end up there.

  • Please stop fight with me sister kk

  • Stop fight sister kk with me

  • Does your mom not want to talk to me sister kk

  • This is so no fair kk sister and let me talk to your mom please sister kk

  • Sasha you behave or you will be doing these things or would you rather I spank you instead it is entirely up to you and I will have the whole family watch you getting spanked. My suggestion for you Sasha is start being a good sister for Emma. You can be good if you try harder. I will tell Emma's grand parents on your decision.

  • Hello like kk

  • Yes Sasha I am Emma's mom and I will do those things as Emma has said your choice be a good girl or if you choose to be a bad girl you will suffer my wrath.

  • I cant even beleave this is happen kk and will i tell my c*** aunt i broke a phone kk

  • Sasha you are cussing and why?

  • I still dont think its rite kk

  • Sasha do not do bad things do good things. I do love you very much.

  • What am i go to do now kk

  • You have to think of a loving way to be better and sorry and really mean it.

  • By the way she rang my mom kk and my uncle kk and my uncle say he will tann my bum before school kk it is so dumb kk

  • Oh sis you need to change your ways and it will take some time for them to trust you again. There is saying that when you stir up manure it stinks real bad.

  • Sister and my uncle is get worse kk sister and im nearly ready for school sister kk but he made me get spoon myself kk sister and he woke me up earlier kk sister and said i will get spoon myself and go to him sister kk and it is so red kk sister and stings so bad hes an ass sister kk and mom told him to dresse me kk sister and im not a baby kk sister and he did dresse me so mom said leave panties of sister kk and no panties in school they are f*** dumb sister kk and my uncle said we are all go to his friends later after school sister kk and said he is go to brng spoon with him sister kk its not rite sister kk and you grandad and mom is very nice sister kk and you are to sister kk and your awsome but do you think they could tell my mom uncle and aunt im to big to spank sister kk and please im beg you and my uncle is taken me to school sister kk and mom was be f*** smart kk sister and she said to uncle make sure to lift my skirt in car so my bum is touch seat sister kk and i opened my mouth then mom said if i answer back he will take skirt of till get to school sister kk its so not rite heres huggs for you and grandad and your mom sister kk

  • Sis what you are going through at least your like me not wearing panties any more. I love you sis.

  • Sister please answer me kk sister im beg you sister kk it was not my fault sister kk im in alot of troule sister kk and maybe you mom knows my teacher sister kk huggs you sister kk

  • Sister can you answer me kk please

  • Sister will you please answer me kk i got sent home kk sister heres huggs sister kk and dont tell your grandad and your mom kk sister

  • Sasha why don't you want to tell me? Emma is doing her school work right now. Grand dad is taking care of grandma.

  • I told you i will run kk and now im f*** lost kk and im get so many texts and calls kk and i have money kk i took it im try to text my friends kk and they wont get back kk and im so in trouble i found a hideing spot kk and heres huggs kk and if yous hate me thats ok i do be ok on my own kk and a man asked me what am i do kk and if i want help kk so i also took my uncles drink kk and its so not rite kk huggs to you and my sister and her grandad kk i dont care if yous hate me kk

  • Sasha you are acting real stupid .. The police need to get notified that you are being abused by. your mom,uncle and aunt. You are the one that needs to start this and be rescued.It appears that you need to be placed in foster care to be looked after.Grand dad.

  • Im back and my uncle collect me kk and wacked my bum kk and said im so bold kk and said i need to be listen. kk and his feiends and all see me daddy kk

  • Blocking again.

  • Sis your back and safe I need to hug you so much ❤️💕. I love you so much.

  • Why wont you answer me kk and im not f stupid kk stop say that kk i even gave yous huggs kk should i call my mom and uncle kk i am skared kk i drynk mom is go ty get me kk in siry im so bold kk im bedur of leave my mom kk huggs yous kk

  • Hi and you no and we are all going to my uncles friend soon kk and he told me they have 3 kids and a girl and boy nearly my age kk and said he does not care and im get my butt spanked kk hes an ass an i plan to just run kk when i get there kk so f*** them kk my dad keeps text me kk

  • Whatever rite kk and i even gave yous hugs kk

  • Please can you chat with me kk im beg you kk im in so so much trouble and will you talk to my mom aunt and uncle please kk and tell them not to spank me kk im beg you please kk heres huggs for yous all kk

  • Hi there kk and please stop ignore me like kk

  • Can you answer me like kk

  • Please be honest kk

  • I need to ask you something kk and if its truth kk my mom told me she is going to ask my teacher over for tea kk tomorrow kk and said she is going to let her spank me kk and i dont think she is allowed do that kk and mom said she is her friend and even said she is friends with emmas grandad and do you no my mom kk

  • My sister is busy so kk

  • Im in so much trouble kk

  • Hi and i kind of got in trouble kk and i thought you might not see this kk and i dont no if you no my teacher kk and her name is mrs ryan and i may have got in trouble with a girl in my class and hit her face with my pencil case kk and by mistake cursed at my teacher kk and my uncle had to collect me kk. and he said infront of my teacher in hall that im going to get a good spanking later and my face went f red kk and he said to her if teachers were allowed to spank he would let her do it kk and its not rite kk heres a hugg kk and are you very mad at me and i have meeting tomorrow kk over it kk

  • Kk sister and good night to yous all kk and heres huggs sister kk for yous all

  • Like stop and please chat with me sister kk

  • What does that mean kk sister

  • Are you there emmas mommy kk and my aunt seen the phone kk and i got in serious trouble kk and she put suds in my mouth kk becouse i kind of lied and told her it was broke already kk and she new i was lieing kk and smacked me kk like 100 times kk and were is my sister kk and grandad kk mom had no rite to spank me kk over hardley nothing kk

  • So will i will go into her or not kk

  • She better not f spank me kk

  • Fine i will go to my aunt now kk

  • Thanks kk and will i not tell my aunt kk or what will i do kk

  • Fine i try no curse kk and will i tell my aunt about phone or not like kk

  • But im nearly 11 you no kk please you must be mess kk

  • This kind of crazy kk

  • Hi is this emmas mommy kk and realy you would spank me kk and can i tell yous something kk

  • I wish yous do that sister kk and its not rite kk sister huggs all yous sister kk

  • She is get it sister kk

  • Im so mad rite now kk sister my bum stings and is red sister kk and mouth feels awful sister kk did your mom no what happend sister kk and my b**** aunt used spoon sister kk and like ages with nose at wall and spanked me again after timeout she did kk sister

  • This is head reck sister kk and please answer me sister kk im beg you to sister kk

  • Sister will you answer me kk sister im beg you and i banged my door sister kk and mom is out kk sister and so is my uncle and my aunt wont let me play out sister kk and she said im get spanked for throw tantrum sister kk and i broke light sister kk and i cursed by mistake sister kk and she said she is get musturd sister and spoon kk sister heres huggs sister kk

  • I hardley did anything sister kk i promise kk sister i wanted to go out and mom. said no sister kk

  • Stop ignore me sister kk its not rite kk sister and stop fight with me sister kk

  • Please answer me kk sister you wont beleave what happend sister kk my aunt is a w**** sister kk and she has no rite i will pull her hair sister kk and she rang my uncle and put him on loud speker kk sister and he said to get my butt in bed and he see me tomorrow sister kk f them kk sister and moms out with her friend so i can legbit sister kk its not rite sister kk heres huggs and bet yous all hate me and would you mom truely spank me sister kk

  • My f heads reked sister kk im go out with my aunt kk sister and i bring my phone sister kk huggs sister kk

  • This this stupidesd sister kk i want to chat kk sister and heres huggs kk sister

  • Please anwser me sister kk and its reck my head sister kk

  • Sister im go out in a while with my aunt sister kk and i thought your mom might just ground me instead sister kk is she looking at me now talk with you kk sisterband she want to talk to me sister kk

  • I cant hardley beleave it kk sister

  • Im nearly 11 sister kk and she nos i took things kk sister and curse and stuff kk sister and that is crazy kk sister

  • Sister this stop me and reck my head sister kk

  • But sister my aunt was be smart kk sister and i hate my dad sister kk and i still dont think im good at kiss sister kk and did your mom realy no all the stuff i did kk sister heres huggs sister kk

  • Sis my mom knows what you have done she knows some of the shop owners. My mom loves you as she does me.She knows you can do better and she knows you will. She knows you are free spirited like a young filly you just want to run and jump.
    Yet she knows there is a time to be serious and well mannered.
    Sis we all love you we like your hugs and your kisses.

  • Can i ask you something sister kk and i dont no if its stupid kk sister

  • Sis you should know that asking us anything we will not think it is stupid. How are you to know if you do not ask.

  • Was i stupid kk sister heres huggs sister kk

  • What if i did something wrong kk sister like steal and other stuff sister kk and you mom would prob do what she did to you sister kk and thats not nice abd she seems loveley sister kk do you think she will chat to me sister kk

  • Sister your mom and grandad no so many peope kk sister and you no my mom and uncle said if teachers were allowed to spank kk sister the said they would let my teacher do it kk sister and your moms a teacher how is she so nice kk sister and then spank

  • Kk sister night and huggs to yous all kk sister and even hugg for you mom sister kk

  • Please let me sleep in your bed sister kk

  • Have you to go assleep sister kk and can i sleep in you bed sister kk

  • Sis you have never seen your dad or friend's brother do that?

  • Thats amazing sister kk and you see each other kk sister

  • No way sister for real kk and like how old is he kk sister

  • Sister what you do now kk

  • What did i do kk sister

  • Sister if i did all that kk sister you mom would def spank me sister i think

  • Was she mad at me kk sister and my uncle says if teachers could spank sister kk he said he would let my teacher spank me kk sister and my mom said it also sister kk and your mom is a teacher kk sister

  • Kk sister and even your mom is seen me sister kk and paint each other sister kk its fun kk sister and is you mom laufgh at me sister kk

  • Kk im sorry sis but im in bed sister kk and my uncle spanked me and nose in corner again sister kk and at least you get to stay up kk sister and get to have fun with your grandad sister kk

  • I just want to chat sister kk and my uncles a d*** kk sister

  • Will you pleasee answer me kk sister im beg you kk sister

  • Sister can you please stop ignore me kk im beg you sister kk

  • Sister can you please answer me kk sister and im just home from school kk sister and mom sent me straight to my room to studie sister kk and its not rite and was horribale with my uncle in shops yesterday sister kk its so dumb sister kk and that sounds sore kk sister and your face must be so red sister kk and do you or you grandad want to talk with my mom or uncle sister kk please im beg you and heres huggs for you and you grandad kk sister

  • Sister i realy wanted you kk and something happend kk mom told me to get to sleep this minute kk sister i wish i was with you and your grandad sister kk heres huggs for you and your grandad kk sister

  • Please sister dont do this kk im beg you and something happend sister kk answer me please kk sister im beg you

  • Sister can you please answer me kk im beg you kk sister kk heres a hugg kk sister

  • Sister can you please answer me kk im beg you kk sister plesse

  • Kk sister i do it kk sister

  • Sis you are awesome.

  • Sis you want to be like me right?

  • You did say that to me or was I wrong.

  • What did i do on you kk sister

  • Sister my heads recked kk sister and im ready nearly ready for school my uncle is a b****** sister kk and he spanked sister kk me and nose to wall sister kk and i hate school sister kk and why are you ignore me kk sister and you and you grandad are ignore me sister kk heres huggs sister kk for you and you granfad

  • I guess i wont chat with yous again sister kk im sorry i got you in trouble before sister kk please give your grandad a hugg for me kk sister and plus one for you sister kk im crying and dont want my uncle to hare me sister kk

  • There you are sis I thought I lost you forever. Thanks for the hugs and sis you are awesome.

  • Sister i thought maybe you were glad i was gone kk sister and i forgot were i text you again sister kk my uncle just spanked me a few minutes ago sister kk and im just dressed and washed my face kk sister and mom said not to ware panties and so my bum be sore on chair in school kk sister and i have to go with my uncle to see princeable sister kk sister and my uncle said he wants me to apolgise to him and my teacher or i get it worse later before bed sister kk its not rite and im sad kk sister and i realy wish your grandad or you will talk with my uncle or my mom sister kk heres huggs for yous bought kk sister and your the awsome one and i always dremt of haven an older sister kk and you no my dad is text me again sister kk s*** i got to go sister my uncle is shout at me to move my butt now and get into car i love you sister kk

  • Please im beg you sister find me kk

  • Im here kk sister kk

  • Please find me sister kk im beg you sister kk heres huggs sister kk

  • I can be a friend(with benefits)

  • You sound a bit needy to me. If you are just correct yourself

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