Why 13-17 years old are adolescents and 18-19 are adults.

You stupid uneducated idiots. Just because they had the teen thing in, their age doesn't mean they are literally teenagers. It does not make you a child if you do things or act like a child, that's just the way you act and the actions. Cause you are biologically an adult or an adolescent if you still act like a child or does kiddie things. You can still act childish after your brain is fully developed. Wow, they used to say your brain is finished developed at 18, then 21 now its MID 20s??? WHAT THE **?? AREE, THEY ARE CHANGING IT???? I am 14 years old, and I am in high school. I'm a freshman and I consider myself an adolescent/teenager. I think most people are lazy to know the differences and are likely rather older adults or some guy with no brain. I think young adults and teenagers are more mature than older adults honestly. You also need to shut up and know the difference before you say "13-17 YEARS OLDS ARE CHILDREN" and "18 AND 19 ARE STILL TEENAGERS" There isn't only children and adults, why is there such thing as infants, toddlers and 13 to 17 years olds. I think child to adult transition is just a myth and why adolescence is actually a stage. A Child/Kid means anyone who is under 13. And 4-12 years olds are considered children or kids. Adults are indeed 18 and over. A child and a kid are the same thing. Teen and Adolescent are same too! That's for all, read this before you say anything that does not make sense.

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  • 14 is not preteen especially 15 and 13.

  • Calling them kids is creepy

  • ** Robert Esptein

  • ** Jay Giedd, K. Kersting and John Taylor Getto.

  • 18-24 are actually adults. But 13-17 might not be adults but also not children.

  • Https://pjmedia.com/news-and-politics/brian-min/2019/07/08/flashback-kamala-harris-called-18-24-year-olds-stupid-that-is-why-we-put-them-in-dormitories-n67012

  • I think someone calls 18 to 24 year olds "stupid"

  • Used to be under 14 then under 15 now it's under 16. Some says under 17. How many times were they trying to change the teenage or adolescent group?

    14-17? 15-17? 16-17? 17+?

    Correctly it was 13 to 17 years old.

  • ** magical numberism!

  • Oh these ** magical teen numbers like 15, 16 and even 14! Some said 17. What the **? Am I still a preteen? Same thing as magical adult numbers like, 21, 25, and 26.

  • So? What if there is actually someone who isn't neither a child and a adult but you don't really want to hear about that and decided to argue that there is only a child and a adult. Wow change your ** mind you retarded dumbass **. Imagine having a opinion being ignored by someone who is like you. You will never answer to this simple question. I bet you can't answer some question that you can't answer and explain? Huh?

    How about this? I will ask you three more simple questions that you may actually know. What has you taught that anyone who is 13 to 17 are exactly kids and what do you think a someone who is under 18 years of age means?

    Children are indeed minors but I don't honestly think all minors are children.
    Some people who are 50 and older are very immature and likely to fall for everything that is not trusted. You can still act like a child you even if you are ready finished growing. It does not mean you are biologically a child. Learn to know how the human brain actually works.

    And you also call anyone who is 18 years old and older still in fact teenagers? But mostly children labeled by the society? So what does a teenager really means? You knew what was the definition of adolescence, didn't you? That's why many of people who don't actually believe in that **. You are actually the society and you need to stop saying things like that.

  • Even what's really stupid is that all parents calls their infant or toddler "Kid or Child" Referring to under 4s is pretty stupid to call one.

    Childhood isn't the earlier human development period. It is infancy that is.

    And a new different stage has been discovered long time ago. It was neither both a child and a adult but rather a adolescent. How do they know it? I am not sure, but it is common and mostly likely true.

  • That's just the ** hollywood and the media who portrays them as "stupid childish bubbling idiots who thinks some edgy thing makes them look cool and doesn't want to work" While it's sometimes true, but also not all of them are like that

  • There is no kids in high school especially in collage dumbass.

  • Even idiots who likes to call themselves "kids" are actually hurting themselves and shaming themselves.

  • You are the one who take the child and adult only thing too seriously.

  • ** all brain developists!

  • So a teenager doesn't really mean a pronounce age number nickname thing.

  • Why are there people saying that 20-24 are still teenagers? So they knew what a teenager means and they already change the meaning.

  • ** you.

  • Adolescence is a time in life, not a process. It is commonly mistaken for puberty, which is a process involved with adolescence. Adolescence is not found in animals other than humans. In animals apart from humans, biological life stages are considered to only be childhood in the sexually nonmature part of life and adulthood in the sexually mature part of life. Adolescence was created in only humans to describe individuals that do not fit in neither the child category nor the adult category. Examples of some typical characteristics of the child category in organisms include:

  • It seens kinda not unbiased but I will try to find the real meaning.

  • What is the real meaning of adolescence? What does it actually means? That's the definition of puberty not adolescence. Tell me what is the original meaning. Show any evidence or information that the internet could be hiding.

  • Why do you also called literally adults adolescents? Please explain this to me. Why was I taught that 18 was the legal age of adulthood? Wouldn't the age of majority be 25 if it was true? A lot of countries has the 18+ laws and states in the US. So 18-24 years old are still adolescents in fact? Also most other laws on smoking and alcohol were 21 years old's which clearly makes sense why the earliest studies of brain development said early 20s. Also it seen like the brain scans are not actual brain scans and the so-called neuroscientists aren't even neuroscientists at all! That is called pseudoscience.

    Both conservatives and liberals and the whole world labels teenagers and young adults as "Kids or children"

  • They decided to change the meaning of adolescence and teenager. Still trying to found out what is the actual definition of a teenager and a adolescent. I do think adulthood and adolescence might not exist so does childhood too.

    They are just labels.

  • They decided to change the meaning of adolescence and teenager. Still trying to found out what is the actual definition of a teenager and a adolescent. I do not think adulthood and adolescence might not exist so does childhood too.

    They are just labels.

  • Adolescent isn't a transition cycle from a child to a adult. It is actually a different stage between childhood and adulthood. It means not neither
    a child and a adult. Teenager is a another word for adolescent. Same thing
    as a kid that is child and grownup which means adult.

    The correct group of adolescence.

  • That's late blooming and delayed puberty.

  • Some 13 year olds are in high school.

  • So what all 14 years old students are in high school not middle school.

  • The 11-14 thing makes no sense. 14 years olds are not preteens and some of them look like 15 year olds. It should be 11-13 at least. That still don't make sense. Anyone who thinks 13 and 14 years old are preteens are very dumb people.

  • I will show every evidence and prove to you.

  • That's what it matters.

  • I don't think you ever know anything about human development.

  • Acting does not magically turn your age back.

  • I have delayed puberty I think. Cause I still have a bit higher voice and I have really small hands and feet. That does not mean all 14 years old have those. Most 14 years old have deeper voices and are way taller than me. They have bigger hands and feet. Again, that's a different condition and that's just the way we act, think, say, do and listen. That's part of communications.

  • Some people of my age are really that dumb. But me, I'm not like these idiots who are into TikTok and making weird type of language slang thing.

  • Sorry for my grammar. I can't improve my grammar and not very good at sentences but that does not mean all people of my age are bad at making sentences and grammar.

  • The brain age development is incredibly a unproved ageist theory used by so-called neuroscientists to push young people by telling them their brains are still in development and that they can't know or think. I can know and think too! I know everything and I do think! I was able to make well decisions even though I may not be mature enough. Please listen what you just say before you reply.

  • They are well developed and has a normal mind.

  • 13 to 17 years old might be still in brain development but that does not mean you have to call them stupid, unintelligent, dumb, idiot, immature, child and kid. Some of them are really smart and intelligent. Some are them are really nice people and I am a nice person too. That's the stereotype you are talking about and not all teens are like that. Especially kids too!

  • When you are 25 or 35, you don't think that you was very smart. Believe me.

    There is no adult in the world who think he or she was smart at age of 13 or 14. Believe me.

    When I was 14, I was smart. But now decades later I know I was stupid because my brain were not ready yet. They truly will grow to 25 years.

    (Sorry if my english is bad)

  • Your promoting Darwin's theory which is eugenics against races, ethnicities, religions especially gender and age too. Humans are not animals, they are creations or beings. Humans and animals are both different. Well infant and adult only animals existed but it does not count that humans has similarities to animals. Humans do have able to move and are indeed living things . It was originally to claim that black people or people of Africa were primitive inferior apes and that whites are the superior race . Same thing as saying young people are kids and that old people are superior.

  • It does not mean I can't think or do anything. I'm not deaf or blind. I have eyes and have arms and hands. Specially ears. That's called disabled people and its kind of ableist and rude to point at. Its a different condition not like a mutated unhuman infection thing.

  • Guess it makes sense of someone who can't drink under the age of 21. Since it said early 20s that means the age 21 and over. Brain development kind of do make sense but also you can still be childish and immature which is you.

    It has nothing to do with brain development or acting, thinking and doing.

    It has to do with differences, growth and puberty.

  • Please check how the brain and the mind actually works again.

  • Before 2004, it was early 20s.

  • The first mention was from 2004.

  • It said early 20s in the brain studies. Some says 30s and 40s now. So if it was 25 then there will not be any studies that said 30s or 40s are when the brain is finished developed especially late 20s and early 20s.

  • That will make you fetch on.

  • How about you stop pushing that statement to everyone and just keep it to yourself.

  • You make up statements that I didn't even say.

  • Stop comparing 14 years olds to 13 years olds. 14 years olds look more like 15 years olds.

  • Using the same argument does not make you win the argument. You already said that and I had already respond to you. I told you it has been debunked recording to some reddit user. I don't think I'm smart and that's you who is being ignorant and not smart. You didn't even read correctly again and when I'm 25, I would not started believe in this ** and I already know it does not.

    What adult? I was saying adolescent not adult.

    You are still wrong in fact.

    If it was true then we would have a shortest lifespan and probably died earlier instead of the average age to die which is like 70s or 80s. And you would not have repeat the same message you already typed in and maybe you will have show links and information about it.

  • You are actually protecting predators or groomers by using the "Don't developed at brain until 25" to describe young grown man and you are letting them have ** with teenagers and kids. That is very illegal and wrong.

  • 14-19??? The **? 13-19???

  • I saw some pages that believes teens are 13 to 17 and adolescence is 13-17 years old.

  • Was Adolescence originally 13-17 or 14-17?

  • 10 is a ** child and 11,12 year olds are preadolescents.



    This used to happen around the age of 14 but has dropped with improved health and nutrition in much of the developed world to around the age of 10.


  • Just because child and adult are the oldest words. It does not mean there is only childhood and adulthood. In the past, everyone didn't know and the science was kinda outdated and were prove wrong later now.

  • I forgot the word say.

  • I did not adults were stupid, I was saying that the older adults are more immature than young adults. Stop blaming on the youth and using your "so called scientific evidence" to claim that 18-23 years old are still teenagers/adolescents and also trying to label teenagers as kids/children.


  • I saw someone wants to change the age of majority from 18 to 25 in some website.

  • Also some say its 30 now.

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