Why 13-17 years old are adolescents and 18-19 are adults.

You stupid uneducated idiots. Just because they had the teen thing in, their age doesn't mean they are literally teenagers. It does not make you a child if you do things or act like a child, that's just the way you act and the actions. Cause you are biologically an adult or an adolescent if you still act like a child or does kiddie things. You can still act childish after your brain is fully developed. Wow, they used to say your brain is finished developed at 18, then 21 now its MID 20s??? WHAT THE H***?? AREE, THEY ARE CHANGING IT???? I am 14 years old, and I am in high school. I'm a freshman and I consider myself an adolescent/teenager. I think most people are lazy to know the differences and are likely rather older adults or some guy with no brain. I think young adults and teenagers are more mature than older adults honestly. You also need to shut up and know the difference before you say "13-17 YEARS OLDS ARE CHILDREN" and "18 AND 19 ARE STILL TEENAGERS" There isn't only children and adults, why is there such thing as infants, toddlers and 13 to 17 years olds. I think child to adult transition is just a myth and why adolescence is actually a stage. A Child/Kid means anyone who is under 13. And 4-12 years olds are considered children or kids. Adults are indeed 18 and over. A child and a kid are the same thing. Teen and Adolescent are same too! That's for all, read this before you say anything that does not make sense.

25 days

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  • You understand when you are older. Human brain evolve to 25 years old. This has been known for ages. I don' know who has said that brain is ready at 18, they are not.

    I had same kind of thoughts when I was 17. Now when I am over 40, I think I was a naive kid when I was 25. You need perspective.

    Legally adult is not by any mean complitely grown up. You take the toddler/teenager-thing too seriously. It is there just for grouping. But I was too serious when teacher called us boys, not men when we were 18.

    Hilariously now we call still friends girls and boys. The thing is, after certain age you don't want get any older. Life is weird.

    "I think young adults and teenagers are more mature than older adults honestly." - This make no sense and is not true and you will laugh to this after 10 years. But I understand it. It belong to teen years. I had same kind of thoughts.

    "Nobody understand us, we are mature, we know everything better, grown ups are old idiots, our brains runs faster, etc."

    The truth is, the hormones makes us mess at that age. You can not see it until you pass it at 25. The older people are same humans as they were when they were teenagers. They know at older age, that rushing is stupid and you can get hurt. There are better ways. But it looks slow to teenagers eyes, who don't understand it yet.

    Life brings some context that you can not have without experience. Everybody, EVERYBODY knows that when they get experience by age.

    Things what you are talk about becomes irrelevant and pointles when you are old enough. No matter if they seem to be important right now to you.

    When you past 25, you think that all teenage thing was just a fast short part of your life. You live the best part of your life. It sad that teens does not understand it, until it's over.

    (Sorry if my english is bad)

  • Girls are developing way faster than they used to. Hard to tell them just by their bodies when they're wearing thongs and have such confidence at such young ages.

  • If they've developed, they're biologically adults no matter WHERE their mind still is. That's not a legal or mental health issue-- it's a cultural problem.

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