Husband is crazy

My husband and I have been married 16 years, have two wonderful kids, and are happy.

We were in bed watching television, and the show that was on was Celebrity Wife Swap. We both enjoy the show, but out of the blue my husband asked if I would be into living with his best friend for a week. He wanted to ask his friend if he could send over his wife as my replacement during that time. He said his friend would likely be into it.

It took me about two seconds to say "Are you f-ing kidding?!?!". Reality television is one thing, but reality reality is another. I'm really hurt by this, and don't know why he would even suggest something this stupid.

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  • He wants to get hold of her creamy sniffy panties m.mmm.mmmmmmm

  • First and foremost you need to ask if he intends for there to be s** involved or if the show concept is what he is after.
    Second, there is nothing wrong with swinging provided everyone is on the same page.
    And third, I know from experience. I married my first wife and took a new job shortly afterwards. I met a guy at my new job and we hit it of straight away. He too was married and all 4 of us would hang out together. Then we noticed that I was spending more time with his wife and he was spending more time with my wife. When it got to the point where he and I would leave work and go to the other ones house because we enjoyed spending more time with the opposite wife, we all knew there was a problem. We all sat down and came to a conclusion that we needed to swap wives. My wife moved in with him and his wife in with me. We lived like this for a year and then decided to make it permanent. We divorced each other and then had a double wedding where we married the opposite wife. We are still friends and now hang out more than we had.

  • My husband and I like that show too, but no, no one gets laid on it--we think. Your husband is being really aberrant, and tell him to be more respectful of your marriage. We think the show is fun, by the way.

  • His motives are messed up. He doesn't want to a swap like in the show to see what it's like running the household differently, he just wants to f*** his friend's wife. Tell him to pull his mind out of the gutter.

  • Is there a couple you would love to swap with? Honestly there has got to be a sexy couple you know. Nothing wrong with flirting with the idea for dirty talk

  • EVERY time my wife sees a show like that she makes positive comments about it. My wife has already selected coupled in her mind that she'd like us to do that with, and more. I find it great pillow talk. I recommend going along with it verbally in the bedroom, but try to keep it there

  • There are no silly question or suggestions, all is worth a thought. I had no choice but to swap husbands with my sister. Coincidentally my husband had to take a business trip to my sister’s city and viceversa during the same week. Of course my husband stayed at my sister’s and her husband stayed at mine. It was fun.

  • Did y’all have s** with them?

  • Your husbands wife is a we bit uptight. Chill out, gawd I'll bet your fun to live with.

  • The explanation for his behavior is EXACTLY what you think it is: it's because he's a man.

  • I am a man and I agree with this assessment.

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