In bed

It was late one night when I was spendin' the night with two women. One of them had a young
daughter, I didn't mind sleepin' on
the couch but the two women both
insisted that I sleep with them. It
was almost eleven o'clock when
both women had my pants down in bed and the brunette on my
right was playin' with my b*lls and
the blonde on my left was playin'
with my d*k. The little girl came in the bedroom and looked at all three of us for a minute. She walked over to the bed and lifted the covers and looked for a minute and she had the most surprised look on her face. She pulled the covers back and the two women didn't seem to notice her standin'
there. They began to play with my
d*ck and b*lls a little quicker with
every few minutes. After almost thirty minutes my d*ck was hard
and the brunette quit playin' with
my b*lls and grabbed my d*ck and
started j*ckin' me off. I saw the girl
look at me like she didn't know what was goin' on. She looked at
my d*ck for a few minutes and she
looked at me again. After almost another thirty minutes I was c*ming. The girl was lookin' at my
d*ck when I finished. She looked for a minute after I finished. She
looked like she understood what was goin' on in the bedroom.



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  • Did you know that the ae character
    is æ which sounds like an I when it
    is pronounced. True. So to who-
    ever misspelled please learn your
    correct spelling. I believe that the
    word is "pedo" and not "paedo"
    you can't spell. Please go back to
    school dummy.

  • If you are reading this, and find it exciting. Take and overdose, because you are a paedo

  • What if both women told the girl to
    get on the bed and s*ck your d*ck
    and b*lls for an hour after you
    e*********? she might have if she
    wanted to. She would probably
    s*ck your d*ck too hard. She would
    stop s*ckin' your d*ck and when
    she would go to s*ck your b*lls you
    couldn't e******** anymore. Your
    d*ck wouldn't go down. She would
    stop s*ckin' your b*lls and look at
    your d*ck and see it covered in her
    drool. The two women would slurp
    your d*ck and if there was any
    drool from the little girl on your
    b*lls they would s*ck your b*lls
    anyway until they were dry
    because they like you. Whose s*ck
    would feel better, theirs or the
    little girls?

  • Just the little girl for me the women can watch

  • Total bollocks

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