What to do 2

Friday night i was alone at my house and i was smoking bud with some buds and my parents called saying grandma broke her hip and that their taking my brother with them and i have to take care of my sister. i told friends they had to go and after they left i took and e pill and then took my clothes off and sat on the couch and just enjoyed how it felt i lost track of time and fell asleep i woke to find my sister standing above me naked we locked eyes and i stood up and we locked lips and we just started f****** hard too i picked her up and pressed her against the wall and she started moaning and i pulled out and came on the carpet and grabbed my pants and got a condom i turned and she mounted me and started f****** me on the couch she moaning and saying my name and at this point i dont even know whats goin on its just happening. i flip her over and f*** her dog style shes grunting as i go far into her p**** And shoot hard and pass out. i awoke boxers no shirt. she was asleep in bed havent talked about it yet.

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  • Hope she was a virgin with a nice tight hairless p****

  • F****** win!!

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