I broke my boyfriend's nose with my prosthetic mask!

I broke my boyfriend's nose by smashing my "face" into his to try and kiss him. I have a prosthetic mask made from plaster, that I'm meant to wear in public, but I just were it all the time I don't even take it off toe eat or drink, I just lift it and shove the food under and into my mouth. Because of all the lovey-dovey endorphins rushing through my brain I guess I forgot I was wearing it because I jumped up on him and smashed my masks plaster/plastic lips against his. I was expecting our teeth to clash together in a rough, worm, sloppy kiss filled with love and passion! But instead he yelped pain and I felt my mangled nurves in my face start to burn like fire (this is a small exaggeration because I actually know what that feels like) My bf dropped me on the nearest countertop and ran of looking for paper towels. I ended up driving him to the hospital to have him fixed up. On the drive back home he said"dude if you weren't my boyfriend I would brake your nose beond repair for that" I got to reply with "I don't have a note dummy". We laughed it off, and got completely hammered on alcoholic egnoge!!

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  • It's a damn shame prosthetic masks don't somehow come with dictionaries.

  • You're right.

  • Prosthetic mask? Really?

  • Syphilis is a b****, ain't it.

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