School bathroom

From the time I was in about second grade, I used to like to goof around with the other boys in the school bathroom. I didn't really see it as being sexual but thinking back we did seem to always get hard from it. I always seemed to know the ones that liked to play, we would pull each others' shirts up or pants down and I loved to pull their shoe and sock off and tickle the bottom of their foot. sometimes we would kiss each other. In sixth grade there was a boy named Tommy, we would line up for music class and be the last two in line, when the line went into class we would duck into the bathroom for some playtime. it went on for a while until the teacher caught on and stayed at the back of the line. Tommy said that when he is tickled he screams, I asked him to scream quietly and he asked me to put my hand over his mouth, he seemed to get very turned on by that and we did it often, we also kissed a lot and I truly feel that he was my first real "boyfriend" he moved away that summer. I wish we had arranged a sleepover!

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  • So do I. Tommy xxx

  • I wish i knew yous back then. we could off had fun.

  • Yes, we would have. I couldn't get enough fun back then. wish it was as easy to find guys to play with now...

  • I am always looking for girls for play, especially 2nd grade or younger

  • Kindergarden or younger, the younger the c*** the better I like it

  • I agree with both of you. Wish we could meet on here!

  • I am 11 and a boy and like boys.

  • Yung boys get me sooooooooo h****

  • Want to get sucked?

  • Yes

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