Little sister wants to eat me. Alive. (And I want her to do it.)

For years now my sister Alexis has fantasized about shrinking me down to bite size and swallowing me alive.

We were kids when she first shared this with me. She had written a silly little story in which I woke up less than an inch tall. I somehow wound up in her breakfast oatmeal while I tried desperately to get her attention, all to no avail. She blissfully spooned me into her mouth and swallowed me down. The story ended when she went to the bathroom some time later, and not even aware she had turned me into p***, flushes her own brother down the toilet.

I was probably 13 or 14 when she first shared this with me. She’s about 20 months younger. We didn’t have much adult supervision at the time because we lived with an aunt and her girlfriend. Aunt was a hot mess. Her girlfriend was ok but because we weren’t hers she would tread lightly on enforcing discipline. The four of us shared this tiny 2 bed, 2 bathroom apartment and naturally Alexis and I shared a bedroom. We were often home alone.

Alexis was quirky and a bit of a dork. She was always a bit on the chubby side and got made fun of by other kids due to her weight. I wasn’t all that popular either, and we often turned to each other for survival. When she first shared her story with me I thought it was just innocent silliness from her. I wasn’t crazy about it but a few days later she came to use the bathroom while I was in the tub. This was actually not uncommon. While she pooped she asked me if I liked her story. I said it was creative and silly. She seemed disappointed. When I asked what was wrong she said she was really hoping I would like it more. Then she opened up about how she felt. She shared with me that she very passionately wishes she could really do it. I asked why she wanted to eat people and she answered she didn’t want to eat people, she just wanted to eat me. And that if she had her way, I would at that moment be resting beneath her at the bottom of the toilet bowl.

I had no idea it meant so much to her. She said every time she uses the restroom she imagines it’s me she’s squeezing out of her a***. I found her passion for this strangely arousing though I obviously didn’t like the idea of being her p***. Still I promised to indulge her stories.

Her stories were fantastically weird. They remained mostly innocent for a while. I would mysteriously shrink and she would unwittingly eat me. Then they evolved to she would discover me and sometimes eat me because she could or sometimes I would ask her to do it. In some stories we’d discuss it and agree it would be best for us both. Some of her stories involved bathroom play. Like I said, she was quirky.

As we got a little older her stories evolved further and took on a more sensual element. No actual s**, but in a few stories she inserted me into her a***. And of course they all ended the same basic way: she’d turn me into p***. And again, I found the stories strangely arousing but didn’t fully buy into her fantasy until high school.

When I was in 10th grade I actually found myself on the brink of scoring a date with a really cute and popular girl on my cross country team. My sister was this fat and unpopular freshman. A couple friends of the girl I wanted to date were making fun of her one day and I stood up for her. Next thing I knew the girl I liked no longer liked me. She was actually pretty nice but her friends pursuaded her and she barely knew me. I can’t blame her for believing her friends she had but at the same time I was crushed.

I recall coming home that day and Alexis was there. I remember trying to be tough but at that moment it felt like everything had become so overwhelming. We sat on the couch together and just cried for what must have been over an hour. Finally she said she had to go to the bathroom, and asked if I’d come with her because she wanted to show me something. I agreed to go and she asked me to strip down and lay in the tub. I asked why and she said to just do it so I did. She slid out of her jeans and told me whatever happened not to move. She made me promise not to move. Then she positioned herself over me and by now I had figured out what she was about to do to me. She encouraged me to picture her vision for me: what she wishes my future could be. Then she pooped. I watched as her p*** came out of her and dropped onto my p**** and abdomen. It felt so soft and warm. It smelled bad but I had been in the bathroom with her so many times while she pooped I didn’t even flinch at the smell.

At one point she looked back over her shoulder and asked if I was doing all right. I said I was fine and she said she was almost finished. When she did finish she stood up, stepped out of the tub and turned and looked down at me. She said how much she wishes she could eat me and turn me into p*** as much for my benefit as hers. I asked how I benefited from that and she said if I was her p*** my problems would be over. I wouldn’t have to worry about the cool kids or the popular crowd and the girl I almost got to date. I’d just quietly be able to slip away and leave it all behind. It made so much sense to me! I found myself staring at my sister’s waste laying on my body and was actually envious of it. I started to m*********, smearing it all over myself in the process. My sister sat on the toilet and leaned forward to watch.

We were already close but we grew even closer that night. All these years later my sister is still really quirky and awkward. Her stories aren’t as frequent as they used to be. But I got one earlier today and it was very comforting. You see a couple weeks ago I had a relationship fall off. Right before the holidays this sucked. I told Alexis about it and she said she wished she could help. I know what that meant and I wished it too. Then she sends me a text to check my email and there in my inbox was her latest story about her, me, and my fate, or maybe relief, as I make my way from her mouth, through her belly and intestines, and out her butt.

It was almost like a get well card.


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  • That’s some sick s-h-I-t.

  • I will do it

  • You will do what? Eat me?

  • Do what? Eat me?

  • Please eat her bald p****......

  • Its sad this thread has died

  • Why do you say that?

  • OP, don’t worry about what these others are saying. You and your sister are not the only ones who use that fantasy to cope with challenges. I’m 23f and have fantasized about devouring my tormentors for years. In real life I’d never hurt anyone. It’s amazing how this fantasy can give such relief! I’m not overweight but I’ve never fit in. Style I guess. For as long as I can remeber every time I took a s*** I’d pretend it was one of the popular girls meeting her deserved ending and somehow it made me feel better. Can’t relate to your desire to be on the receiving end of that but I love the general idea you’ve shared here. Thank you for assuring me I’m not alone.

  • Nope,the only 23 you are,is 23 stone! 23 stone of fedora wearing mlp loving neckbeard.

  • Thank you. I appreciate you sharing your fantasy too. It really is awesome to know we’re not alone!

  • Sorry I didn’t reply sooner I sort of forgot about this conversation. Yes it really is nice to know others share this same fantasy. I say this knowing it’ll never happen the way you and your sister fantasize but with all sincerity: I hope you someday end up in her tummy. I hope someday she goes to the bathroom and squeezes you out of her soft chubby ass. And when it happens I hope you enjoy and embrace your new place in the world. :-* to you both!

  • Bet you are overweight and American

  • Actually sounds more Indian

  • Bet you are a dumbass.

    My sister is overweight but I am not. I’m actually in ok shape. Runner.

  • Damn, that's definitely a weird one for sure.

  • Yeah I realize it is. But it’s also comforting in its own way. I’m not all down on life or anything but sometimes it feels like I can only reach my rightful place in this world by taking a one way trip though her body. In her mouth and out her ass.

  • And what part of your moral fibre thinks that this is acceptable in society?
    You are a disturbing man

  • Oh quit being so judgy. It’s just a fantasy. People volunteered by the tens of thousands to leave their families behind to go on a one way trip to Mars. I don’t hear people people being so judgy to them.

  • They should lol.
    Id kill everyone on the spaceship and f*** them all,parading their corpses in front of the screens as I degrade them,with has or whoever it is watches on unable to do anything. Then id just crash it and say "how d'ya like me now,brah!"

  • *With nasa

    Not with has

  • If you feel you’re better off being a piece of your sister’s s*** you’re probably right.

  • I can’t argue with you on that.

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