I feel useless..

A lot of my friend's are depressed and suicidal. Which by being around them made me the same.

Now there's nothing wrong with my friends. We're all like one big family. We treat each other well and support one another.

But I always try my best to comfort and encourage them at first. But it's been so long that by now I've lost my hope, I've lost the spark I once had.

Now whenever I help them, I tell them it'll be okay but I just feel like I'm talking out of my ass. What I say never helps anyway.

So if I can't help my friends or even myself and I struggle to make people happy

What's my purpose?

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  • It sucks to see your friends call apart around you.

    But I think seeing my friends call apart is the only things stopping me from falling with them.

  • I just realized both my 'fall 's autocorrected to call. Oops.

  • It's fine

  • Very true
    None of my friends mean to make me depressed
    I guess I just kinda do it to myself

  • Just stop worrying about other people more than your self so much

  • Find new friends

  • H*** no.
    My friends are fine, I just put too much pressure on myself.

  • Ok my sweetheart it's time to end this actually i thought you are just another attention seeker lukin for something, but you really are a genuine person with real difficulties. I am sorry that i was nasty with you but never have that intention. If you could share your problem i might be able to help if you have forgiven me ,thanks a lot and happiness to you...39 yo pedo guy šŸ˜š

  • Oh honey thank you so much i read your another post you made me laugh so hard i can't even describe, sweetie i really want to take out this anger on me while we are in bed .so, put that pink flower in my mouth....yummy ....awwww don't cry and please give up drugs most importantly bye hun.....

  • Give up drugs šŸ˜…šŸ˜…šŸ˜…šŸ˜…

  • You know what, I don't f****** care anymore.
    Believe whatever fake bullshit you want. You're just a troll trying to ruin other people's day.

    I sincerely hope you get hit by a car.

  • Don't hope. Be the driver of that car.

  • Of all the losers on this comment section, I like YOU. :)

  • No you are not 15 as the way you describe you are stressed sounds like
    You're carrying burden of all the world on your shoulders.

    Secondly,you are some grown up adult with f****** teenage drama trying to exaggerate things. I was never a pedo,neither will be. Yes ,i need Jesus but he doesn't need me . Are we done here , oh yes i still want to f*** you whatever you say. Yum yum

  • Oh how would you know I'm not under 15 if you don't know me??? People under that age get depressive thoughts too j******.

  • Your purpose is to enjoy your life, help others along the way if you can and if it won't negatively affect you (volunteering, etc.), and chill.

  • Thanks man, you're the first person to actually help me out

  • Lemme lick your p ussy and suck all the stress

  • Hahaha high five brother!!

  • I rather not get sexually assaulted by some disgusting fourty year old f*****, thanks.

  • I am only 39 not 40 lol...and you said u r useless then why not become handy for some one like me. Bitchh

  • I'm under the age of 15 you Damn w****.
    F*** off.
    You do realize that's literal pedophilia right?
    You need Jesus.

    And you know what.
    I don't feel useless anymore.
    Because my friends make sure to let me know that I'm the world to them, that they care about me.
    Maybe you should get off the internet and find a therapist instead of verbally sexual assaulting children because it's obvious you have issues.

  • F*** off pedo.

  • Stfu little nerd

  • Go get hit by a car f***** c***.

  • Kiss my ass dirty little s** toy

  • I'm lesbain so yeah no thanks
    Go use someone else as a toy.

  • When life is a punishment for people like us šŸ˜„

  • Yeah

  • Your purpose is to be an oxygen thief.
    Now unless you want to don't want to change that,
    Get off your fat a-rse and put the computer down,and join the forces

  • Yeah, no thanks.

  • Good choice - don't join the murderers known as the forces.

  • Awww,poor little fluffy bunny man,boo boo,don't join the forces blah blah.
    Toughen up princess.šŸ‘Š

  • I'm not planning on it

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