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I have often wondered what it would be like to be with another girl, Around the time I was 15 or 16 I found myself starting to...Explore my sexual side but at 16 I slept with my then boyfriend and he was a complete control freak who was the only guy I ever dated who would have never went for me being with another girl, All through highschool I had a couple opportunities but never took them, College offered a whole new world of possibilities but again I never went...That far, Kissing, and a bit of touching mostly to tease a guy or whatever but I always chickened out, i was always the one to put a stop to it, I started dating my now husband in my last year of college and he tried to get me to do it a couple times but the craziest thing I ever did was when me and a friend of mine gave him a topless, tandem handy on his 25th birthday and let him play with our b****.
After college we got married and I kissed a few more of my friends, Again just to tease and mess around, We started having kids and despite still hanging out with friends a lot and partying when not pregnant there was not a whole bunch of messing around and to be honest I didn't really think about it much because life was so busy but now it seems like things are...Different, Still busy but in a different way and I have found myself with a bit more free time since all the kids are in school now and on occasion I have found myself alone, Aroused and watching girl/girl stuff which has made me start thinking about it again but never have I ever told my husband about my...Curious nature regarding it.
Oddly enough this past new years I had an opportunity and decided to capitalize on it. My husband and I were out with friends and having a great time, A girl I kind of know a little came up and started talking to me, So...I am 40 and I know for a fact she is 27 but we end up in the same circles a bit since we have kids in the same age group, My youngest and her oldest, She is a bit of an obvious wild child, Tattoos, Piercings and that kind of stuff but very attractive, Even my husband has been caught checking her out from time to time.
Everyone was pretty drunk and no one noticed our conversation except my husband, She leaned in and whispered in my ear "I want to take you home". I was of course caught off guard and my husband noticed, I looked at her and said "Uhhh, Like to...Uhhh, drink more?" and she giggled then whispered in my ear "I want to have s** with you", I made an obvious shocked reaction and quickly looked around but no one was even paying attention except my husband, I looked at her and don't even know what I said or if I even got a whole word out between my stuttering but she put her hand on my leg and whispered "It can be our little secret", I continued to stutter and explained that I was there with my husband and she bit her lip saying "Mmmm, Yeah, That is a bit more complicated", She looked down then looked up at me with her big, Green eyes and said "I don't do guys anymore", I said "Oh good god no...I don't want you to do my husband, I just mean that...I don't know...What do I...I don't think so".
I tried to sluff it off but she kept flirting and soon my husband was siting beside me listening in and when she got up and went to the washroom he said "She's trying to pick you up", I said "No s***, She flat out said she wants to take me home", Instantly his eyebrows perked up and he said "Oh?", I just looked at him and he was about to say something but stopped and she sat back down beside me, She leaned over in front of me and said to my husband "So...Did you guys talk at all?", He looked at me and I laughed saying "Uh, Not really", My husband said "Talk about what?" as if he didn't know and she said "I was asking her if she wanted to come over to my place but she said she didn't think you would approve", My husband said "oh, I approve" and she said "Um, I don't think you quite understand...Um, I was hoping maybe just she could come over", To my surprise my husband said "Video tape it and she can spend the weekend".
I punched my husband in the arm and the two of them laughed, She looked at me and raised her eyebrows, I looked at my husband and he looked at me, She said "I'll go pay the tab" and walked away leaving us to talk for a minute. My husband said "Is she serious?", I said "I think so" and he said "Are you going to go?", I was panicked and nervous as I looked around to see if any of our other friends were still there and a couple of them were I looked at my husband and said "F***, I don't, I have never, WTF", He laughed and said "Go for it, When are you ever going to get this chance again". She returned and said "Well?", I looked over my shoulder at our friends and she said "I'll grab a cab and meet you outside", She left and a minute later I looked at my husband and he said "Go" and I did.
A short cab ride with lots of heavy petting and we were at her place, We went inside and were all over each other, She stopped and said "Oh wait, Give me your phone", I unlocked it and she set it up on the night table then ravaged me, I can't believe I went through with it but it was amazing, I went all in on the whole experience and then next morning after probably the most relaxed sleep I have ever had i woke up to a beautiful woman holding me and we had s** again before I left, Before leaving we talked for a bit and she told me she will never say a word to anyone and will never bring it up to me, She said she will never contact me about it and will never chase me to do it again but that she would love it if I decided I wanted to call her sometime.
I caught a cab home and walked in the door, My husband greeted me with a cup of coffee and never said a word about it all day, that night we crawled into bed and he was obviously bursting with anticipation of me saying something, Anything and finally I kissed him and said "Hi", He said "Hi" and I almost choked on the words but had been planning what to say all day, I said "Want to watch ****** sit on my face", He swallowed hard and said "You taped it?", I nodded and he said "If you are ok with me seeing it". That night he got off three times and told me I am the most amazing, Beautiful woman he has ever met, I told him I was worried about what he would think of me after having done it and he said he only has more respect for the fact I was willing to make such a huge step and try a whole new experience, Little does he know I have wanted to for most of my life.


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  • You’ve been gay your entire life.. ok

  • A lot of women are flexible. Sounds like she had a great time!

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